Shadow Hack Chapter 563 Grievous News

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Frontline G.o.d had died in battle. The Azure Dragon Deity Suit's part was s.n.a.t.c.hed. Li Yunmu was about to launch an attack on everyone.

One after another, three pieces of important news crushed the morale of Earth's allied forces. Even Battle G.o.d who was previously of the opinion of roping in Li Yunmu was trembling with anger at that moment. If not for the complicated situation forcing him to remain in the Seventh Dimension, he would have personally returned to Earth to tear Li Yunmu to shreds!

"I could sense from the start that the young wretch didn't have good intentions. Once his strength increased, he immediately fell out with us and became hostile!"

"If I may suggest, we should put aside the battle in the Seventh Dimension for the time being. In any case, both sides are relatively peaceful right now."

"Stop the battle, then what? Do you plan to return to Earth and personally deal with Li Yunmu?"

"Old monk, what do you mean by these words? How can we deal with outside aggression before settling internal strifes? The threat of Li Yunmu attacking our foundations is much bigger than that Ling Shuang occupying the Seventh Dimension!"

"Haa, aren't you just using this as an excuse to leave the battlefield? When talking about dealing with Li Yunmu, let's first put aside the question of whether you've the guts to even attempt it and talk about whether you've the strength to accomplish it. Even Frontline G.o.d wasn't an opponent for that youngster. And not only was he killed, he even lost the Azure Dragon Deity Suit piece. What about you? You're but a fart in comparison!"

Listening to the bickering powerhouses, Battle Sage Vega felt her headache grow. How did these people even remotely resemble the top powerhouses of humanity? They were just like street vendors and hawkers fighting for their businesses.

Any clear-headed person could see that the matter of Li Yunmu killing Frontline G.o.d to s.n.a.t.c.h the Azure Dragon Deity Suit part was a little fishy. There was also the question of disparity in strength of the two sides. Even if Li Yunmu's strength had made a breakthrough, it still couldn't have increased to the extent that Frontline G.o.d would have been unable to flee or call for help.

Moreover, Li Yunmu wasn't a moron. The piece of Azure Dragon Deity Suit had been brought to him, so it hadn't been necessary for him to seize it by force. He should have known that if Frontline G.o.d died under his hands, then the other top powerhouses which had past grudges with him would definitely create trouble.

Actually, Battle Sage Vega was completely clear about one matter in her heart. If the top powerhouses returned to Earth and left the battlefield in the name of taking care of Li Yunmu, then the next time, they wouldn't be to enter the Seventh Dimension with ease. After all, the power of the factions under these top powerhouses had declined greatly.

Even if Battle Sage Vega was one of the supreme experts of humanity and had guarded the Central Continent for several years, her authority wasn't much when confronted with the numerous top powerhouses. It was weak to the point that it was basically impossible for her to go against the general opinion and s.h.i.+eld Li Yunmu.

Battle Sage who was standing near her looked at her and shrugged, implying that as much as he wanted to help, he could not. Since the matter had reached such a point, he was also forced to make a decision. Regardless of whether the top powerhouses could see through the affair or not, the general consensus of retreating had formed among them. If the Earth's allied forces retreated from the Seventh Dimension, then the person who would benefit the most would undoubtedly be G.o.d Undercurrent and not Li Yunum who had s.n.a.t.c.hed a part of Azure Dragon Deity Suit.

A middle-aged man clad in pitch black clothes and emitting sinister presence stepped forth from his people and said in a profound voice, "Sire Battle G.o.d and lord battle sages, I myself am also inclined toward retreating back to Earth. However, this time's matter is clearly a plot by G.o.d Undercurrent. Naturally, I also don't rule out the possibility that Li Yunmu sees us as a strong opponent that's stuck with G.o.d Undercurrent so he went against the wind."

After speaking this much, the middle aged man slightly raised the corners of his mouth and coldly sneered. "I propose for Sire Battle G.o.d to capture Li Yunmu so we could interrogate him and wouldn't be so anxious to return to Earth. If he is truly being treated unjustly, then that would also be great. By relying on his tyrannical strength, we would definitely be able to make a breakthrough in this battle!"

The middle-aged man had another name—Crow Sage, and he also cultivated secondary flux energy. His strength wasn't greater than that b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage who had perished previously. However, Crow Sage could summon underworld ravens which were the same type of creatures as summoned by the bow previously used by Li Yunmu. Moreover, he could summon a terrifying amount of them with his present strength. Therefore, many people who were more formidable than him were still unwilling to provoke him.

Now, although Crow Sage's words seemed to be currying favor, the terrifying killing intent in his words caused even Battle G.o.d to feel cold. If Li Yunmu was truly brought to this camp, who could ensure his safety with so many top powerhouses ready to attack him?

He could sacrifice Li Yunmu to maintain the offense in the Seventh Dimension or withdraw and see the top powerhouses join hands to deal with Li Yunmu.

A multiple choice answer with identical results appeared in front of Battle Sage Vega and Battle G.o.d. The experts of the remaining three transcending powers didn't express any att.i.tude on this matter, clearly giving the authority to Battle G.o.d.

He lightly licked his lips and fixed his gaze on Crow Sage for a long while before camly replying, "Alright, I will send people to search for Li Yunmu. But before he is captured and brought here, everyone must continue to maintain the offensive. Let me know if someone is secretly creating trouble!"

An expert which could attain the status of Battle G.o.d wasn't simply a fortunate or courageous existence. Back in the day, Battle Sage Vega had personally gone to kill b.e.s.t.i.a.l Sage in order to obtain the Azure Dragon Pearl for Li Yunum to nurture him.

Yet when Battle G.o.d needed the top powerhouses to continue the offensive in the Seventh Dimension, what did one Li Yunmu count as?

Even if he was really being accused wrongly, Battle G.o.d wouldn't hesitate in killing him if one death could stabilize the morality of the military camp and a.s.sist in bringing the humanity together to face the great calamity waiting for them in the near future!

Crow Sage faintly smiled and said, "Since your distinguished self Battle Sage has opened his mouth, we will naturally do as you bid us!"

With a few words, the death of a person was fixed. All the powerhouses including Crow Sage were clever people. They clearly knew that Battle Sage Vega and some others wouldn't let them easily return to Earth, so they chose a roundabout way to trap and kill Li Yunmu. Even in the worst case scenario, they could still gain a little benefit by reducing the number of casualties in the Seventh Dimension to a minimum!

Yet even if Battle G.o.d and the others knew about Crow Sage's scheme, they didn't expose him but rather supported him directly. In fact, Battle G.o.d and other supreme experts didn't even hold any malice toward him since his suggestion would stabilize the allied army.

Shadow Hack Chapter 563 Grievous News

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