Shadow Hack Chapter 570 Two Choices

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The cyan long spear was dancing in a semicircle, sweeping away the fluxers in front of it.

However, when Li Yunmu looked around, even he couldn't help but feel helpless. The number of flux energy cultivating lifeforms concentrated here were enormous. Even if he had been in his peak state, let alone now, it would have been impossible for him to suppress the whole wall by himself.

"Ha… Hah…"

Li Yunmu began to gasp. He stabbed the cyan long spear into the ground while narrowing his eyes slightly.

By then, his whole body was washed in blood. Countless flux energy cultivating lifeforms had been ambushed, blown away, and crushed to death by him. They almost filled half of the wall with blood and corpses.

Although Li Yunmu had stopped his ma.s.sacre, the baleful air coming from his body remained terrifying. The group of fluxers guarding the wall gradually stopped their advance. Dimensional beasts frequently pretended to be weak and heavily injured to lure humans or other dimensional beasts close to them. They would then explode with power and kill their target!

When Ling Shuang received the command, she could not use G.o.d Undercurrent's words to relay it. Therefore, the soldiers only received the command to obstruct Li Yunmu from continuously destroying the defensive siege weapons on the impregnable pa.s.s so as to avoid the allied forces from reaching them.

Yet the crazy killer had stopped by himself, so who would dare to provoke him?

G.o.d Undercurrent looked toward the five supreme experts standing in the air beyond the wall in contempt and loudly said, "Li Yunmu, you can see for yourself the kind of people you are a.s.sisting. Don't tell me that you still cannot make out what they are waiting for? Even I can feel that joining hands with this sort of people is not worth it!"

Li Yunmu's hands clenched tightly around the spearl, and he once more began to walk toward G.o.d Undercurrent. Step by step, he got closer with a deadpan expression and a completely calm gaze.


When G.o.d Undercurrent appeared in front of Li Yunmu, he exploded with an extremely terrifying presence.

Two pairs of indifferent pupils looked at each other, and Li Yunmu took the lead to open his mouth first.

"You made so many of your subordinates throw their lives only because you weren't certain that you could kill me in a blink of an eye. Since you finally appeared in front of me, do you finally have the confidence?"

"Ha, haha, hahahahahah!"

Hearing his words, G.o.d Undercurrent suddenly began to laugh madly.

The five supreme experts standing beyond the wall felt a sense of crisis rise up. Before they could react though, G.o.d Undercurrent's presence rose sharply once more. It showed up that even if the five of them joined hands to suppress him, they still wouldn't be able keep him in check.

"Have any of you ever thought about why I spent so much time and effort to create an impregnable pa.s.s capable of suppressing strength before you attacked me? Don't tell me that you truly believed that I was afraid of you? Regardless of how powerful you are, you are still ordinary people! And I would be afraid of you six?"

G.o.d Undercurrent's voice was filled with contempt. Even if Li Yunmu heard himself being considered as equal with the other battle sages, he felt quite unhappy.

"The history of human civilization is longer than you all imagine. Before Dark Ages, there was the age of science and technology. Before that, the humanity had once reached the peak, which was the true peak of the civilization! In that age, people possessed strength comparable to lower deities!"

Once he said that, a deranged expression appeared on G.o.d Undercurrent's face, and he sneered at them. "What do you think of my ten directional devil refining great spell? Speaking of which, I still have a favorable opinion of you all. If not for so many youngsters dying here, how would I have been able to restore my strength so easily?"


Li Yunmu sneered coldly, but there was no change in his expression. With a cold gaze, he rushed forward while collecting his strength.

G.o.d Undercurrent's presence became increasingly more terrifying, reaching the peak of battle sage realm. He could now draw a.s.sistance from the energy and baleful aura gathered in the ten directional devil refining spell to terrify people.

If the allied forces had truly retreated because of G.o.d Undercurrent's shout, then the next time, they would definitely not gather in the Seventh Dimension once more. After G.o.d Undercurrent regained his combat strength, him attacking and invading Earth would be an inevitable matter!

A cold light blossomed at Sword Sage's waist. His blade wasn't long, only three foot in length. The tip of the sword was emitting dense cold air, which seemed to greatly lower the temperature of the surroundings. Clearly, his sword was an extraordinary weapon.

Sword Sage tightly gripped the hilt of his sword and used flux energy to spread his voice. "Everyone, we cannot retreat from today's battle. Either we break through this pa.s.s or we fall back and wait for G.o.d Undercurrent to come find us one by one."

"Forward is death and retreat is also death, so why should this old man care about living a few more days?

"Let's stake it all. When this old man came today, he didn't expect to return alive. But even if he dies, he must prevent that b.a.s.t.a.r.d from harming Earth!"

"Old monster, why speak so much nonsense? If you want to attack, then attack. All of us have a brain in our heads, so you think we'd get scared to death?"

Following Sword Sage's words, the group of disciples from transcending powers agreed as if G.o.d Undercurrent wasn't worth a fart in their eyes.

The people under some of the top powerhouses had started to think about retreating, but with the disciples from transcending powers rising up, an inexplicable heroic fire lit up their hearts. As long as even a single one of them was standing, G.o.d Undercurrent's side shouldn't even think about catching a breath!

"Good, good good!"

G.o.d Undercurrent was furious enough to say 'good' three times in one breath.

"You're all taking a quick road to your own destruction, so don't blame me. Hear me, the target is the allied forces! Unleash all the defensive weapons without holding back and let them experience the difference in strength!" he bellowed.

Before he was even finished, G.o.d Undercurrent looked at Li Yunmu and grinned. "Li Yunmu, I greatly admire you. Therefore, I will not kill you.

"Instead, I give you two choices: either you obediently become my subordinate and enjoy the glory, splendor, wealth, and rank in the future, or you give up your body to me and I will protect your close relatives and friends in the upcoming calamity!"

Since the start, G.o.d Undercurrent firmly believed that Li Yunmu's flesh was a physical body with the best endowments in the present age.Barbarian Niu's speed of absorption of Ten directional devil refining spell's energy was extremely slow. If he had Li Yunmu's body, his strength wouldn't have stopped advancing past the peak of battle sage realm.

After rising in the air, Battle G.o.d suddenly issued a low-voiced order. "We cannot allow this person to win. Even if his strength is suppressed right now, he is still stronger than me in my peak state. But perhaps the five of us when allied with Li Yunmu might have the strength to battle against him!"

Shadow Hack Chapter 570 Two Choices

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