Shadow Hack Chapter 572 Unyielding Underworld Serpen

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After a person's strength increased, their senses would also become more formidable. For example, at that moment Li Yunmu like needles were being stabbed into his body. When the killing intent which was close to materializing came close, his body automatically gave him a warning.


Li Yunmu turned his head around in confusion and saw a person holding an épée walking toward him. That person was Ling Shuang.

Upon seeing her, Li Yunmu breathed a deep sigh of relief. Fortunately, G.o.d Undercurrent hadn't commanded Ling Shuang to strom the allied army. Otherwise, even if Li Yunmu had been at his peak state, he might not have been able to protect her from the magnificent army!

G.o.d Undercurrent turned his head and shot a glance at Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang who were getting closer with each pa.s.sing moment, and the corners of his mouth curved up.

He was an ancient G.o.d level existence which had obtained a great fortune and opportunity when he found the remnants of human cultivation civilization before the Dark Age. It was what had allowed him to achieve his heroic deeds.

When he clashed with Li Yunmu last time, it was only on spiritual level. Although he still wasn't sure about the method the youth had used to grasp and expel the divine power from his brain, he was certain that Li Yunmu did not have some great destiny. Moreover, it would definitely not be something which belonged to the Dark Ages!

G.o.d Undercurrent naturally didn't hope that Ling Shuang could capture Li Yunmu, and he also hadn't delivered her to him out of kindness. He wanted to personally witness whether Li Yunmu could use the same method to free Ling Shuang from the bindings of his secret technique!

Tap, tap, tap.

Ling Shuang continued walking at a stable pace, coming closer to Li Yunmu.

Her steps, which seemed neither fast nor slow, weren't influenced in the slightest by the allied army. With each one, the might emitting from her body became more tyrannical. The blockade of fluxers belonging to the allied forces took the initiative to yield before her despite her taking only a dozen steps!

This was the unique secret technique created by Sword Sage. It used the body to nourish the sword, transforming the person into a blade. With each step, Ling Shuang got one step closer to human-sword unity. This could only work when the disparity between the strength of the two sides was large; otherwise, the end would timely obstruct it or would become a deceased soul under her sword!

Even after Ling Shuang took more than twenty steps, the distance between her and Li Yunmu was still extremely large. Given his understanding of the woman, if she didn't have complete a.s.surance of her success, she would not unleash her secret technique.

In other words, there could only be two explanations. First, Ling Shuang was trying to force him to come and break her secret technique. When the two sides clashed, it would be the exact moment when her strength would be at its highest. Second, the distance between Ling Shuang's original location and Li Yunmu's location was the optimum distance required for her to reach her top strength.

Twenty-seventh step!

There were still fifty-seven steps between Li Yunmu and Ling Shuang. At this moment, he saw an armor formed of threads of sword energy covering her. Although its defense couldn't compare to his Admiralty Cover, its attack power was extremely frightening!

Under Li Yunmu's gaze, more than ten nirvana flux masters gritted their teeth and pounced on Ling Shuang to stop her from getting close to him. But they couldn't even reach her before their bodies were torn to pieces by the terrifying sword armor!

A flux sage tightly holding his hammer stepped forward to block Ling Shuan's path. While doing so, he roared toward Li Yunmu who was behind him.

"Li Yunmu, you go first. I will stop this little girly for you. You continue to attack! Regardless of whether you destroy the defensive weapons or kill the enemy, you must change this situation!"

Although an ordinary flux sage wasn't worth more than a fart in Li Yunmu's eyes, such a person still had some position in the allied army. Ling Shuang's sword energy had already reached a terrifying level that made even Li Yunmu feel some apprehensions, so what could be said about an ordinary flux sage?

Clearly, he was ready to give up his life to give Li Yunmu more time!

"I truly hadn't expected that one day, I, Li Yunmu would also be given this sort of treatment."

The corner of Li Yunmu's mouth lifted up, and a self-mocking smile appeared on his face.

Outside the impregnable pa.s.s, Battle G.o.d was still closely watching G.o.d Undercurrent who was standing atop the wall. Both sides didn't dare act blindly because if they exposed even the smallest flaw, they would be immediately crushed. Whichever side did it, it would have huge repercussions on Earth's future!


Li Yunmu had barely retreated when he suddenly narrowed his eyes and unleashed Ghostly Evasion, turning his body into a black ray of light that fled into the distance.

In a split second, an elegant youth with feminine features slowly rose from the ground where Li Yunmu had been standing a moment ago. "I was still discovered? This youngster is really like a rabbit, running around, ha ha," he spat out.

The feminine youth was wearing a black and golden gown with broad sleeves which had a small windmill at his waist. He was casually playing with a dagger, which was pitch black like ink, in his right hand.

After rus.h.i.+ng two hundred meters away, Li Yunmu stabilized his body and stopped. He couldn't help crying out in shock.

"Underworld Serpent? You actually dispatched a battle sage to hunt me down! Seems like your organization has finally decided to kill me! Ha ha!"

The feminine youth rolled his eyes and said in bright voice, "Ancient G.o.d Undercurrent, if you and I can join hands today to kill this traitor Li Yunmu, my Underworld Serpent will guarantee that the entire Seventh Dimension will belong to you. Unless you take the initiative to leave, no other person will take a share of the pie!"

The feminine youth was an dispatched by Underworld Serpent. Anyone with cultivation and combat strength in battle sage realm was considered a supreme powerhouse, but compared to Earth's six supreme transcending experts, he was lacking quite a lot. Therefore, he had been tailing Li Yunmu for such a long time, not daring to attack hastily!

When Li Yunmu and Frontline G.o.d clashed with each other, he was secretly and got quite a surprise. Although Frontline G.o.d was considered among the six supreme transcending experts, he wasn't worth mentioning when compared to the other five.

However, when Li Yunmu and Battle G.o.d traded blows and came out equal, the feminine youth finally became serious. He was at the edge of the battlefield, yet he couldn't find any way to break their sword techniques even after thinking about all possibilities.

With great difficulty, he waited for Li Yunmu, who was already injured, to exhaust all his strength.
When he saw his target focus his full attention on the female figure moving closer to him step by step, he took the chance to him. But he hadn't taken into account Li Yunmu's advance judgement and thus failed.

Once that happened, he didn't continue fighting but instead threw an olive branch toward Ancient G.o.d Undercurrent!

Given G.o.d Undercurrent's situation, it was extremely unlikely that he would refuse the a.s.sistance of an organization like the Underground Serpent!

Shadow Hack Chapter 572 Unyielding Underworld Serpen

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