Shadow Hack 577 Finally Taking Action

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"Get lost!"

Li Yunmu lightly licked his lips, and his tyrannical physical energy suddenly surged forth, shaking away the drops of black liquid almost invisible to naked eye from his body. They quickly scattered in the air.

Li Yunmu remained standing in the air with an indifferent expression. It hadn't been hard to notice that his thoughts were the result of G.o.d Undercurrent's little trick, similar to when Frontline G.o.d had perished. G.o.d Undercurrent kept on using such little tricks in plain sight, so Li Yunmu had already become used to them.

But he was unable to control the fury in his heart and had no desire to take action. When G.o.d Undercurrent was closing in on him, neither of the five transcending experts had moved, so now when they were unable to fight back, why should he rescue them? What sort of logic was this?

He was ruthless, but in the end, he wasn't completely inflexible.

He sighed.

The strange smile on G.o.d Undercurrent's face didn't change in the slightest. It seemed that Li Yunmu watching with his arms folded was according to his plans.

The ink-like black liquid which covered G.o.d Undercurrent's right hand truly seemed to come alive. Not only did it crazily swallow the vitality of Earth's five supreme transcending experts, it also frantically gobbled up G.o.d Undercurrent's flesh. It was even doing at a much faster speed. Within a few breaths, G.o.d Undercurrent's whole body was completely covered by the black liquid.

When he became a monster with the black liquid covering him from head to feet, he slowly raised his head. It looked like a black water ball has suddenly developed a mouth and a pair of eyes, creating an extremely strange sight.

As the controller of the ten directional devil spell, G.o.d Undercurrent could control the pace of Li Yunmu swallowing the spell's energy at any time, but after Li Yunmu had plundered roughly 30% of the fiendish energy, he had already reached saturation.

G.o.d Undercurrent, who had been waiting for an opportunity, pulled the rest of the fiendish energy into his body without the slightest hesitation. His power reached the peak, and the five supreme transcending experts of Earth weren't able to resist in the slightest. They were no match for G.o.d Undercurrent who had recovered his strength!

Naturally, using such a terrifying amount of power wasn't without its price. G.o.d Undercurrent suffered the backlash of his former power and became something that had a human shape, but was not human, looked like a ghost, but was not a ghost. Before all of the flesh was consumed by backlash, G.o.d Undercurrent had to find a new body, or he would disappear from the world!

Li Yunmu didn't take action, but this didn't mean that Earth's allied forces also didn't move. Seeing that he was still standing in the air while watching with indifference, the final hope of the top powerhouses to entrust it all to him evaporated. Thereupon, the ordinary flux sages and domain flux sages used all sorts of methods to crazily get close to G.o.d Undercurrent!

However, these powerhouses which stood above the Earth were completely powerless in front of the black liquid and were wrapped up by it in a flash. They were then absorbed until they were nothing more than energy for it. In the end, they were not only unable to rescue the five supreme transcending experts, they had even caused the black liquid to grow!

Sensing their own weakness, the rest didn't continue to rush forward. Instead, the human powerhouses chose to abandon their honor and knelt down toward Li Yunmu, begging for his help.


Li Yunmu felt his breathing stop, somewhat unable to believe the scene in front of his eyes.

He would have been an ordinary person if he hadn't found the Super Shadow Hack System. He would have lived his whole life as an ordinary person, or perhaps even been burdened by the investigation of his father and would have been lowered to the lower cla.s.s.

But right then, an ordinary person like him was standing above the clouds, receiving a sincere kowtow from all the top powerhouses of the world. He couldn't help but panic slightly. Before that, even when facing a life and death battle, he had never lost his cool.


Li Yunmu suddenly took a deep sigh, and Little Qing morphed into a cyan longbow. As he pulled the bowstring, seven black coloured arrows appeared. They were formed of fiendish energy alone. The 20 000 points of fiendish energy could barely congeal seven fiendish energy arrows!

Coupling Blind Shot with Thunder Fiend Soul Hunting Arrow, Li Yunmu confidently shot the seven arrows at G.o.d Undercurrent who was wrapped in black liquid. In his heart, however, he wasn't too certain about his victory, since he had no idea about the damage of his arrows. After all, this was the first time he used them.

However, the situation did not allow Li Yunmu to experiment with them. It has to be known that the opponent was an ancient G.o.d level expert who had beaten the five supreme transcending experts of Earth without the slightest resistance!

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The seven arrows rushed forth with the sound of cleaving through the s.p.a.ce. With the addition of Blind Shot, Li Yunmu didn't need to target. As long as the arrow was shot by him, it would hit the target!

The seven black lights rushed through the air, and the black liquid splashed in the air to obstruct them, but it couldn't even touch the black fiendish energy arrows. They went through it like it wasn't even there. When the seven fiendish energy arrows penetrated the black liquid, they maintained absolute suppression.

G.o.d Undercurrent, who had forced the top powerhouses to kneel in front of him, staggered. The black liquid spreading out from his body was reduced greatly and began to return quickly to protect the main body.

When it did so, numerous corpses of top powerhouses which hadn't yet been absorbed showed up on the ground. A portion of domain flux sages relying on their extremely formidable strength to resist the black liquid were still alive. There was no flesh on their bodies, let alone any imposing manner!

After shooting the seven arrows, Li Yunmu's eyes had turned bloodshot. This time, he didn't have any intention of saving anybody. He only wanted to unleash a crazy ma.s.sacre and vent the negative feeling acc.u.mulated in his heart!

G.o.d Undercurrent also didn't have any intention of continuing to absorb the human powerhouses. The corrosion of his energy wasn't something which he could withstand. Li Yunmu's seven fiendish energy arrows had provoked his ancient G.o.d energy, and its corrosive power had become even stronger!

If he continued in this manner, he couldn't be certain that he would be able to protect his consciousness. At that time, there would be no speaking about seizing Li Yunmu's body. He would turn into an ancient G.o.d level monster which would only how to kill and swallow!

Shadow Hack 577 Finally Taking Action

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