Shadow Hack 581 System In Hibernation

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When Li Yunmu heard Ling Shuang's words, he found himself at a loss for words.

Could it be that the third choice, the one which the system wasn't able to tell him at that time, was actually the system itself taking action and then going into hibernation for a period of time?

What concerned its formidable might, Li Yunmu was had no doubts about it. After all, wasn't he able to reach his present stage because he had the system in his hands?

However, given that the system could take over his body and even manage to exterminate an existence like G.o.d Undercurrent, Li Yunmu couldn't help but raise his guard toward the system.

G.o.d Undercurrent had arranged the ten directional devil spell and acc.u.mulated a lot of fiendish energy, but in the end, he just made a wedding dress for Li Yunmu, but was Li Yunmu also making a wedding dress for the system with his accomplishments?

When his strength reached the level at which he could lord over the entire world, would the system erase his soul with a thought and then seize his flesh, becoming the new master of the world?

Just thinking about it caused Li Yunmu to shudder.

But he soon calmed down. The system could easily obliterate Ancient G.o.d Undercurrent from existence, so given its formidable might, how difficult would it be for it to seize a physical body and become the master of the world?

Once Li Yunmu drank a mouthful of the black liquid brought by Ling Shuang, an enormous wave of pure energy coursed through his body. It first circulated through his veins, then the four limbs and the bones.

Li Yunmu was enjoying the warmth when the pure energy seemed to have received the summons of something and crazily poured into his dantian sea. It then disappeared without a trace!

"Seems like this medicine wasn't prepared only for me?"

The emptiness in his body startled Li Yunmu. If he hadn't drank the liquid, he wouldn't have even realized that his body was like a lamp whose oil had almost ran out and couldn't produce any energy for circulation through his body.

At that moment, there was no need to even speak about G.o.d Undercurrent, for even a ordinary flux sage could give him a run for his money!

The pure energy allowed Li Yunmu's body to recover some of its vitality. His flux energy, qi, and blood began to circulate, which resulted in his body beginning to recover at a relatively slow speed.

Li Yunmu didn't know what exactly the system had done after taking control of his body, but based on his body's condition, the system's victory couldn't have been easy. Otherwise, it would not have entered hibernation.

Moreover, the system had always followed something similar to conservation of energy and had required only the experience points, ability points, and s.p.a.ce elements. When had it ever required medication?

The system's energy consumption this time surpa.s.sed Li Yunmu's imagination.

He licked his cracked lips and asked while attentively watching Ling Shuang, "How long has been since the fight with G.o.d Undercurrent?"

Ling Shuang heaved a sigh and replied with a tilted head, "More than half a month has already pa.s.sed. The remaining powerhouses of the Seventh Dimension have shown their willingness to accept you as their master. Now, the number of quasi deity level experts in Lucky Wind City is six!"

Although this wasn't enough to rival the strength of a transcending power with its endless resources and deep background, it would be enough to exterminate any power not s.h.i.+elded by a supreme transcending expert.

This also explained why after Li Yunmu regained consciousness, apart from Ling Shuang who had come to feed him medicine, he didn't hear from any of his other followers. It seemed that not many powers dared to provoke him!

Regardless of whether Li Yunmu was himself or his flesh had been seized by G.o.d Undercurrent, any power from any region of Earth wouldn't dare to take the initiative come for him. As long as Li Yunmu didn't provoke them, they wouldn't dare to provoke him.

It has to be known that the five supreme transcending experts had been heavily injured by G.o.d Undercurrent and were healing in seclusion. Li Yunmu's subordinates had also released the rumor that he killed G.o.d Undercurrent in one strike!

After hearing that, which person with eyes would dare to provoke Li Yunmu and his people?

As for those who had deep grudges with Li Yunmu, they were all hiding. None of them dared to show themselves in public in fear of retaliation from Li Yunmu!

Crow Sage, who considered himself as matchless in the world, might not have perished in battle, but he was hiding in a forbidden zone. He was engaged in bitter cultivation, afraid that Li Yunmu would ferret him out.

This was the change that comes with strength.


A bitter smile appeared on Li Yunmu's face after he took a deep breath, and he mumbled, "Seems like before all the planes merge together, we won't encounter any major inconveniences."

Right then, Li Yunmu could only try to look at the brighter side of the bad things about to happen.

He hoped that before the sixty-six parallel planes merged, the system lying dormant in his body would manage to wake up. Otherwise, Li Yunmu might be able to defend himself, but he would definitely be unable to fight for hegemony of the new land.

After getting a taste of an even greater power, Li Yunmu's ambitions had reached another level. He was no longer willing to be a piece in another person's hand and no longer thought of only protecting himself and his family from the chaotic world.

Flux ancestor had once been the leader of humanity's resistance against a dimensional beast, so was he an evil person?

But in the end, didn't he transform his body into the Tower of Glory and using a sinister method devour the bright stars of humanity to increase the strength of his heavenly world?

It could only be said that he had lost himself under the temptation of endless power. His ambition had taken over his reason, and in order to become a deity, he was willing to sacrifice anything!

But Li Yunmu was confident that he would not degrade to the level of flux ancestor. For him, becoming a deity was only the beginning and not the end!

"I will recuperate for a period of time. Unless some supreme transcending expert personally comes to Lucky Wind City, don't trouble me."

Lu Yunmu patted his belly and looked at Ling Shuang's charming face with a slight smile. "As for other powers, regardless of who comes, ask Blade Overlord and the others to deal with them reasonably!"

As his strength reached a tyrannical level, his words also filled with an indescribable power.

Even Ling Shuang who considered herself as the proud daughter of heaven couldn't help but be startled by Li Yunmu's might. She quickly recovered, however, and with a hint of rarely seen tenderness said, "Alright."Chinese saying. It means that someone else take's the fruit's of your labor (takes your wedding dress)

Shadow Hack 581 System In Hibernation

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