Shadow Hack Chapter 47

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"Awesome, this is just too G.o.dly!"

He was completely surprised. Seeing that the after being upgraded to the fifth level, the hack machine would surprisingly have the function of programming scripts, Li Yunmu almost started to cry. If he had known this earlier, then why would he be so worried.

Next, he looked at the present shadow hack machine. 100 s.p.a.ce elements were required to upgrade its intelligence level to the first level. Seeing this, he directly used up 100 s.p.a.ce elements without any hesitation to upgrade the system to the first grade in intelligence.

Upgrading to second-grade intelligence required 200 s.p.a.ce elements. Since his remaining s.p.a.ce elements weren't sufficient, he had to drop the idea for the time being. However, the results of this time's upgrade came quickly. Within an instant, a golden light erupted from the computer and a pearl-sized golden halo suddenly sliced open the computer screen and entered Li Yunmu's glabella 1 .

[Congratulations host, the system has been upgraded to the first layer of intelligence. From this moment onwards, the main system will directly project an image of the hack machine within the host's consciousness sea.]

"Done already?" Li Yunmu couldn't believe that it would so simple, done just like this?

[Yes, done, just that simple. It is all thanks to the host's consciousness sea breaking new ground yesterday, otherwise, the main system also wouldn't be able to project controls within the host's mind.]

A smiley face appeared within Li Yunmu's consciousness sea. The system with a first-grade intelligence was indeed much more formidable compared to the original one, which depended on rigid inflexible procedures of the host computer. Moreover, its manifestation had also become much more flexible. Seeing this, Li Yunmu's mood immediately became good, these 100 s.p.a.ce elements were well spent.

Additionally, the system's solutions to settle Li Yunmu's problems also made his heartthrob. If he could really pa.s.s off the shadow as his summoned monster through a flux cultivation battle skill, then even if he uses it in front of outsiders, it would be considered normal. But the only problem was whether the fluxers in the world really have such a monster summoning flux cultivation battle skill.

At this moment, Li Yunmu slowly opened his eyes. Even when he had crammed knowledge at the Great Courtyard of Lucky Wind City, he had never found anything regarding any such monster summoning flux cultivation battle skill.

However, his knowledge was very limited so was there really no such thing? For the time being, Li Yunmu didn't have any definite answers in his mind.

After mulling for a long time, Li Yunmu arrived in front of Ling Shuang's door and lightly knocked.

"My G.o.d, it's already so late at night, Yunmu, you are trying to sneakily enter the room of the G.o.ddess? Am I interfering something which shouldn't be known to others?"

There wasn't any activity in Ling Shuang's room, but crooked teeth Qiang's wretched voice echoed from behind him.

"My G.o.d shut up, I just came here to ask for a little advice from her."

Li Yunmu unpleasantly explained to the unwanted guest, clearly, this guy had been waiting outside Ling Shuang's door, but was now instead bitten by him.

"Interfering what? You."

Before long, Ling Shuang's door opened, her hair was wet. At this moment, Ling Shuang wasn't covered by the crystal armour, only a thin night cloth covered her body, revealing her seductive figure.

Li Yunmu was still ok but crooked teeth Qiang behind him was just gaping at her unblinkingly. He had never expected that this seemingly cold and thin stature female had such impressive figure. Seeing this, Li Yunmu was completely stunned for a moment.

But after the affair with Lin Li not long ago, the present Li Yunmu didn't have the mind to indulge in any such affair for the time being. Presently, he had only come to ask Ling Shuang about the problems he was facing.

"I have something to ask you about."

Li Yunmu replied with a straight face.

"Come inside."


After asking Li Yunmu to come in, Ling Shuang closed the door, giving the cold shoulder to crooked teeth Qiang who was trying to sneak in with him.

"This is not fair."

Crooked teeth Qiang's grieving voice came from outside.

"What do you want to ask."

After asking Li Yunmu to come in, she asked him after calmly sitting on the bed.

"I want to know, is there some kind of flux cultivation battle skill for summoning dimensional monsters?"

Li Yunmu asked after thinking over and over again.

"Why are you suddenly asking about this?"

Ling Shuang was slightly astonished.

"Hai, just curious, so can you tell me the truth? If it is some secret which cannot be revealed, that's fine."

"I can tell you, the thing you wanted to ask is related to secondary flux energy."

Ling Shuang thought for a while and said while folding her arms.

"Secondary flux energy? What kind of energy is this secondary flux energy? How is it different from dark flux energy?"

After hearing an answer, he was immediately pleased beyond expectations.

There was actually has this kind of energy? Although it wasn't some flux cultivation battle skill, as long as he had this energy, it was feasible!

However, what kind of monster was this secondary flux energy? Clearly, his shallow background made him completely ignorant regarding higher types of energies.

"Secondary flux energy, its full name is second dimension flux energy. Fluxers that possess this kind of secondary flux energy can summon all types of life forms life forms from other dimensions. However, among the fluxers of the alliance, there are not many who can accomplish this. They are even rarer compared to dark fluxers."

Ling Shuang was actively explaining when she suddenly asked without any warning:

"Could it be that you have awakened secondary flux energy?"

It has to be said that if this girl had asked this sudden probing question before he had opened his celestial flux point in the brain, then he would have been overwhelmed and maybe subconsciously blurt out his reasons. Now, however, after he had filled more than half of the celestial point, he was able to react in time. Li Yunmu only laughed slightly but didn't say anything.

"Secondary flux energy isn't innately awakened. Among the many Flux Disciples who enter the dimensional world for the first time and come in contact with the other dimension's energy, very few of them may produce secondary flux energy. Their consciousness sea can establish vague connections with another dimension s.p.a.ce and if they have some fortunate coincidence, they can even summon some kind of life form from inside."

Ling Shuang continued to explain without showing any concern about Li Yunmu's response.

"What? According to what you said, we all have a chance to suddenly awaken secondary flux energy?"

Within an instant, Li Yunmu's heart began to beat faster.

If what Ling Shuang had said was true, then if he could suddenly summon the shadow and use the shadow to a.s.sist him in battle, then it shouldn't raise suspicion from other people.

In this way, he could establish himself a fluxer with secondary flux energy.

Instantly, Li Yunmu felt that this secondary flux energy could provide a good opportunity to resolve the problem of revealing the shadow in front of others.

"Your theory is correct, we all are newly awakened fluxers and have also entered the fifth dimension for the first time. Therefore, during this time, if someone among us awakens secondary flux energy then it wouldn't be the least bit strange. Naturally, this is only theory, after all, those who can actually awaken the secondary flux energy are very few."

Ling Shuang meaningfully glanced at Li Yunmu.

the smooth part of the forehead above and between the eyebrows.

Shadow Hack Chapter 47

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