Shadow Hack Chapter 659 - Where did the System Go?

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Chapter 659: Where did the System Go?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Scandinavia was completely peaceful at that moment. After the marriage, the newlyweds were being intimate all the time. Whether it was because of the newly found pleasures of being married or Li Yunmu’s personal charm, Brunhilda became completely infatuated with him.

When Li Yunmu remembered the supplements provided by the system, he was still in trepidation from the trauma. Brunhilda was much more formidable compared to his imagination. If she had forced him to go a few more times, he would have collapsed from exhaustion.

However, the people in the vicinity of Asgard’s rainbow bridge were still unaware that the Heavenly G.o.ds Council was coming. When they arrived, another fierce battle would begin.

Before the Heavenly G.o.ds Council arrived, someone else came to find Li Yunmu.

He was quite baffled by that. He had just become a member of Scandinavia, so how could someone already come to talk to him?

Still, Li Yunmu came out of Asgard. When he neared the rainbow bridge, he would be able to make out whether the other person was mortal or G.o.d!

Li Yunmu saw that the person before him was clad in a black cape and directed a slight smile at him.

“Li Yunmu, you have become a celebrity in the Origin World. I heard that you almost flipped over the entire Heavenly G.o.ds Council by yourself. This is why I have come to propose a collaboration with you!”

“Collaboration? You’re from Underworld Serpent! Your evil intentions seem to still be alive!”

“I know the resentment and grudges between Scandinavia and Heavenly G.o.ds Council. Our Underworld Serpent has occupied the Whale City for longer than anyone can imagine. If you could effectively restrain the Heavenly G.o.ds Council, I would certainly become the new master of Whale City.”

The black-cloaked man man lifted his masked face up. “I will give you some unfortunate news—the battle between Scandinavia and Heavenly G.o.ds Council is about to start again. If you don’t warn Odin about it, I fear that those people from Heavenly G.o.ds Council will destroy the rainbow bridge.”

“You, what do you want to collaborate about?”

Li Yunmu was skeptical regarding the words of the person from Underworld Serpent. Although he knew that the majority of people from Underworld Serpent weren’t good people, he also couldn’t go about killing everyone.

“Since you want to collaborate, you should show me a little bit of sincerity from your side,” he said calmly.

The masked man smiled at him. “Don’t tell me that the information I gave you just a moment ago wasn’t enough? For the longest time, our Underworld Serpent has been an enemy of Scandinavia. But this time, we intend to stand on your side.”

“Are you trying to scare me? I won’t be intimidated by you!”

Li Yunmu didn’t have any good opinion about the people of Underworld Serpent.

But the next instant, a fierce sound echoed from the rainbow bridge not far from them!


With it, the entire rainbow bridge shuddered. This startled Li Yunmu.

What exactly was going on? The Heavenly G.o.ds Council’s malicious intentions still hadn’t died? Last time, he might have been somewhat lenient, but they were forcing him to injure them severely.

While on the other side, the masked man from Underworld Serpent continued to talk to him. “Is this enough sincerity from our side? You cannot decline collaborating with Underworld Serpent, can you?”

Li Yunmu was completely against collaborating with an unstable and mysterious organization like Underworld Serpent. He would rather battle with Heavenly G.o.ds Council again, but he felt somewhat irritated that every time he wanted to reveal his ability, his body seemed to go out of his control.

Could it be because of the Dark State, which Brunhilda had mentioned to him? But he was still unable to completely control it and needed to slowly fumble with it step by step.

At that moment, he could see the situation on the other side of the rainbow bridge with his own eyes, so how could he just sit by idly and watch? He was also a member of Scandinavia!

But what baffled him slightly was that the system had entered dormancy once more. It was truly wretched!

The person from Underworld Serpent noticed that Li Yunmu had taken notice of the rainbow bridge’s situation and said, “So what do you think? Have you thought it over? Do you want to collaborate with Underworld Serpent? We can a.s.sist you in removing it from your body, so in the future, you can be your true self. Not only that, we would help you become an ancient G.o.d.”

Li Yunmu began to laugh. Everything he had was because of the system, and he wasn’t a person who forgot favors!

“Get lost as far as possible!” he said with a sneer.

Scandinavians protecting the rainbow bridge had been blown extremely far away by the force of impact. Li Yunmu saw the armored guardians at the gate of Asgard even spit a mouthful a blood.

Li Yunmu’s heart shook, and he immediately rushed toward Asgard’s gate!

“You-you will certainly regret not collaborating with us!” Underground Serpent’s person yelled loudly.

But Li Yunmu completely ignored him. Those people were up to no good. Who knew what exactly they were scheming?

He, Li Yunmu, wouldn’t casually agree with Underworld Serpent!

In the Origin World, dangers lurked everywhere. It wasn’t as simple as he had imagined once; he couldn’t casually cooperate with anyone. At least, he needed to wait until the system awakened to discuss the proposal with it first.

But at the critical juncture, not a trace of the system could be seen. Who knows whether it was still dreaming about Brunhilda from last night?

Li Yunmu quickly supported up the guardian G.o.d of rainbow bridge. His gaze then fell upon the direction of the rainbow bridge. Almost all G.o.ds of Heavenly G.o.ds Council were present there, and there were also many new faces with them.

When Zeus saw Li Yunmu, astonishment appeared on his face.

“You all… be careful! This is that youngster who defeated our Heavenly G.o.ds Council last time!” he said to Hera and the three fantasy G.o.ds standing by his side.

The three fantasy G.o.ds followed Zeus’ gaze and looked at Li Yunmu. He looked quite ordinary, but based on the divine energy coming from him, they knew that he wasn’t a mortal as Zeus had told them! The guy was already a half G.o.d and had been conferred a t.i.tle by Scandinavia!

Scandinavia was thrown into unrest because of the destruction of the rainbow bridge. Countless ancient G.o.ds rushed out from Asgard, and Odin descended with Thor and Valkyrie Brunhilda.

When he saw Zeus once more, Odin was unable to restrain his anger. “Thou still want to set yourself against my Scandinavia, then don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Last time, Odin had lost his divine staff. But when Li Yunmu defeated Zeus, he seized it back.

At that moment, he struck the divine staff into the ice with a majestic expression!

Shadow Hack Chapter 659 - Where did the System Go?

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