Shadow Hack 650 The Final Tes

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When Lin Yuerou took the initiative to bear all responsibility, the Illusion G.o.d could detect a hint of resoluteness in her gaze. Wasn't this the reason she was able to receive everyone's respect in Lucky Wind City so quickly?

"City lord! It doesn't matter! We believe you!"

The supreme transcending level experts entrusted everything to Lin Yuerou. They had experienced all sorts of life or death battles in the mythical realm and were like locusts tied to one rope. Regardless of whatever the conclusion was, they were all delighted to share it.

"City lord, you don't need to feel pressured! It really doesn't matter. You just need to focus your attention on clearing the mythical realm without caring about us!"

Upon hearing the words of all the supreme transcending level experts, Lin Yuerou suddenly felt quite uncomfortable. Her gaze flickered left and right. With everyone trusting her to this extent, she naturally couldn't fail to live up to their expectations.

"Girl, I am sorry to inform you, but only one person can enter the fifth layer, so only you can enter the fifth layer as the representative of your people. If you cannot pa.s.s it, then I will keep all of you in the mythical realm as servants! This has been a regulation for a long time."

Lin Yuerou was a very responsible person. The Illusion G.o.d could see that, but the mythical realm had its own rules, and he definitely couldn't break them.

Lin Yuerou took a deep breath after hearing that. Since the Illusion G.o.d had said so much, what could she say to counter it? If he said that only one person could enter, then she would become everyone's hope to leave the mythical realm.

"Alright! But I still request that if I don't clear the mythical realm that you only penalize me. I will agree to any of your requests, but I want you to release them!"

After hearing Lin Yuerou still speaking in their support, the supreme transcending level experts were extremely moved. Apart from Li Yunmu, no one had treated them so well.

The Illusion G.o.d saw Lin Yuerou persistence and couldn't help but exclaim, "Girl, why are you bothering with them? If you remain inside the mythical realm, I will naturally be very excited, but I would still hate to part with such fine servants."

"If you aren't willing then I won't enter the fifth layer! In any case, since I have already cleared the first four layers, then even if I don't continue to the fifth layer, you cannot regard this as me leaving the mythical realm midway. You cannot keep us trapped here as servants!"Lin Yuerou indifferently said/

The Illusion G.o.d sighed and said while waving his hand, "Alright, alright! If you really care so much about them, I will agree with you. But you also said just now that you would agree to any of my requests."

The malicious gaze of the Illusion G.o.d aimed at Lin Yuerou sent an involuntarily quiver up her body. The Illusion G.o.d was so old… He-he shouldn't have any unique desires, right?

Lin Yuerou suddenly began to slightly regret promising the old man a request. But her words had always been worth nine sacred tripods. Since she had already said it, she would naturally follow through.

She promptly said, "Senior, I still haven't charged into the fifth layer. Don't you think that it is a little premature to make your request?"

The Illusion G.o.d began to laugh heartily and said, "You are quite right. Then I invite you to enter the fifth layer. The first four layers weren't difficult, but the fifth one contains the essence of this mythical realm. Even this old man was unable to clear the fifth layer, which is the reason I became the Illusion G.o.d.

"Girl, if you can clear the fifth layer, then this old man will kowtow to you. In the future, if you want anything from me, I will definitely appear. Naturally, I will also send you off with a gift!"

Based on the Illusion G.o.d's excited appearance, Lin Yuerou didn't know whether he hoped for her to not clear the fifth layer or to clear it...

In the end, she nodded and said, "Begin! I am already prepared, so senior, do not disappoint me!"

The Illusion G.o.d waved his hands,and Lin Yuerou disappeared from the fourth realm. This caused the supreme transcending level experts who had come with her to become nervous. If their city lord truly couldn't clear the fifth layer, she would be eternally trapped in the mythical realm.

Then who would Lucky Wind City rely upon to protect itself? Without Lin Yuerou, it would be in a perilous situation.

If Ling Shuang had been around, it would still have been alright. But unfortunately, that stubborn woman had chosen to pursue her own goal in the end.

The Illusion G.o.d couldn't help but mutter while playing chess with himself, "I hope that this girl won't disappoint me! Otherwise, she will be the same as me, playing chess here alone! But seeing her performance in the last four layers, she shouldn't disappoint me."

Lin Yuerou gradually opened her eyes and found herself in a place which resembled the first layer. Endless darkness covered the entire region like a sealed black s.p.a.ce.

She faintly knitted her eyebrows and couldn't help but speak out:

"Don't tell me that this is the fifth layer which Illusion G.o.d was speaking about? But there's nothing in here!"

She constantly enquired:

"Senior, is this the fifth layer?"

But she didn't obtain any reply. She seemed to have been transported to a sealed s.p.a.ce. The first four layers had tested a specific virtue, but in the fifth layer, apart from the endless darkness, there was nothing around. Could it be a hint?

Lin Yuerou tested the same method which she had used to clear the first layer and tried to illuminate the dark s.p.a.ce. But after testing it a few times, she gave up on that idea.

That was because there was absolutely no relation between the first layer and the fifth layer. For the time being, she still couldn't understand what exactly was the significance of the dark s.p.a.ce.

Lin Yuerou pondered about the few clues provided by the Illusion G.o.d. He had said that he was unable to clear the fifth layer, which meant that it didn't have any flaws. It was a perfect mythical realm.

But Lin Yuerou did not believe that the world had any perfect stuff. In her mind, all ent.i.ties possessed weak points and flaws.

"There is certainly a way to escape this place!" Lin Yuerou cheered herself in her heart.

Then, she began to carefully investigate the surrounding environment. The endless darkness was like an abyss whose end couldn't be seen.

Lin Yuerou felt like she was looking at the center of it. When she was gazing at the abyss, the abyss was also gazing at her.

The feeling she had was that everything seemed to have been swallowed by the darkness.

And she felt a hint of fear toward it, like she was being completely stifled by it. Perhaps this was the reason why humans disliked darkness.

Shadow Hack 650 The Final Tes

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