Shadow Hack Chapter 53

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Li Yunmu controlled the shadow and sneaked back into the vicinity of the king's mountain stronghold. However, he didn't follow the shadow's strategy of stealthily raiding the patrols.

Rather, he silently walked within the darkness of the night, hiding and easily silencing a blade dwarf witch guard holding a torch.

After obtaining the torch, he spilled a large amount of kerosene from the kerosene pot that was lying by the side along the entire outer periphery of the king's stronghold and lit it on fire.

In an instant, flames rose up from king's stronghold, startling a large number of dwarf witches who began to cry with anxiousness.

Since Li Yunmu had started it, he was ready to finish whatever happens.

Availing himself of the opportunity with the attention of most of the dwarf witches attracted to the flames at the outer periphery rather than himself, he easily infiltrated deep inside the king's stronghold.

The matter became more and more interesting, shua, he began to burn everything.

As long as Li Yunmu got near any building in the stronghold, they would begin to burn one by one. In a short while, the whole king's stronghold turned red because everything was burning.

All the dwarf witches of the king's stronghold, without exception, were in chaos.

Li Yunmu surveyed everything once and discovered that because of the fire, countless dwarf witches were like blinded houseflies and were frantically trying to put out the fire while shouting anxiously. And as for those majestic dwarf wizards, they were s.h.i.+vering with fear while running outside the stronghold in their ripped clothes, showing their reddened skin.

Not only did they not have their magic staff, they also didn't have any kind of protection. Seeing this, Li Yunmu's eyes instantly s.h.i.+ned.

Ahh, dwarf witch race's wizards, usually, during the daytime when Li Yunmu would be attacking small dwarf witch tribes with big bear battle squads, they might not necessarily encounter even one in ten small tribes. But now, with the king grade stronghold going up in flames, these thin dwarf wizards were like chickens, hastily running to save their lives without caring for anything else, leaving their flux energy crystals undefended.

"Nice opportunity, killing one would be breaking even, killing two would be profit, killing three would simply be making a killing."

"Charged a.s.sault.....Leap Strike."

Next instant, Li Yunmu didn't hide any longer and immediately rushed towards the nearest dwarf wizard from the shadows, unleas.h.i.+ng Charged a.s.sault.

A distance of ten something meters was covered in the blink of an eye. When this second layer black crystal wizard sensed something was wrong and turned its head to look back, Li Yunmu had already covered several meters and jumped as high as he could, launching a strike on him.

"Ka cha….."

Like a sharp blade cutting through the cloth, the weak-bodied formidable black crystal dwarf wizard was cut into two pieces by Li Yunmu using Charged a.s.sault and Leap Strike.

Usually, a second layer black crystal great dwarf wizard was extremely terrifying. If it was placed within a group of dwarf witches, then it was simply like a human artillery, continuously launching blazing fireb.a.l.l.s.

Even if Luo Jin's battle squad had been here, they could only run with their tails between their legs. But at this moment, Li Yunmu launched a sneak attack on the nearby target and cut it into two with one strike.

If you want something then obtain it by hook or by crook.

[Ding, you have collected a black flux energy crystal.]

"Very good."

Li Yunmu dug out the black crystal. Then with a loud shout, feeling the thrill, he jumped towards the second dwarf wizard.

Violent Blade, one strike, two strikes, three strikes, opponent dead.

He got another black crystal, making his total earnings 300,000 dimensional coins in the blink of an eye. Even if the black crystals become stable after half a day, they still sell for 100,000 coins.

Thinking about this, Li Yunmu seemed to have gone crazy and instantly went on a killing spree within the crowd of dwarf wizards.

Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, first strike…...second strike…...seventh strike....fifteenth strike, launching Violent Blade among the defenseless group of dwarf wizards that was unprepared to retaliate, was like squas.h.i.+ng melons.

He killed one with each strike, with the flux energy exploding through his legs, he leaped in the air and chopped downwards.

Occasionally, he would also use Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick to kick those few dwarf wizards who managed to respond into the sky and send them to their deaths.

After falling back on the ground, he unleashed another Charged a.s.sault and instantly crossed several meters to catch up with the group of dwarf wizards running around and frantically used Cricket Cut Kick, connecting more than ten Cricket Cut Kicks successively within their group and fully using the third level Insect Step to move swiftly among the group.

After a short moment's battle, ten defenseless, unprepared and fragile dwarf wizards have been killed by Li Yunmu's thundering Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike and Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick, while another seven or eight fleeing dwarf wizards had their legs completely destroyed by the Cricket Cut Kick and laid there helplessly, waiting to be slaughtered.

While Li Yunmu was going on his killing spree, he had killed twenty dwarf wizards and obtained a pile of black crystals. At this moment, the other dwarf witches who had been frantically trying to extinguish the fire managed to react. Without caring for the blazing flames, they were trying their utmost to rush over towards Li Yunmu from all directions.

Li Yunmu didn't hesitate and unleashed his Escaping Danger Skill, flux energy burst out from the leg sea point in his both legs and soon, a long shadow could be seen running towards the outside.

Escaping Danger Skill increased his speed by 50% in an instant.

Adding another 10% from Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick and the sudden increase in flux energy in his both legs, every forward step was swift made it seem as if a rocket jet had been attached behind his legs, his speed increased even more due to the battle soldier equipment.

Li Yunmu's speed at this moment was unprecedented, he burst out with the fastest movement speed ever since he became a fluxer. Almost instantly, he had already rushed to the high walls of the stronghold, cutting through the encirclement of countless dwarf witches surrounding him.

When his speed increased to its peak because of Escaping Danger Skill, he continued with his mad rush and unleashed Charged a.s.sault and Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike, the first fifteen strikes killed any dwarf witches who tried to obstruct his path. Anyone who blocked his path was chopped into two and while launching the Critical Leap Strike, he fiercely jumped over the wall of the stronghold.

He immediately broke away from all the dwarf witches, madly rus.h.i.+ng back the whole journey. Even if the dwarf witches had released the ten green-eyed devil mastiffs, they also wouldn't be able to keep up with the shadow speed after repeatedly accelerating. They could do nothing other than gaze helplessly at the vanis.h.i.+ng black silhouette.

It had to be said that presently, Li Yunmu was far more formidable compared to yesterday's shadow. Not only had he opened the two leg sea points, he had also obtained the unique ability from the Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick as well as was displaying the power of Escaping Danger and Charged a.s.sault, these foundation skills to their peak.

Using successive foundation skills with seamless connection, he quickly disappeared before the dwarf witches could do anything.

When Li Yunmu had fled more than ten miles away, he stopped. Drawing support from the darkness, he hid himself in the shadow of a large tree and remained motionless.


His consciousness rushed back to his own body, leaving the shadow. Then, he opened his storage badge, where he could clearly see a pile of energy crystals glittering with black light.

"21 first grade ordinary flux energy crystals and 7 second-grade black flux energy crystals….."

These were his earnings from tonight's battle. Seeing these, Li Yunmu's breath became heavy.

Shadow Hack Chapter 53

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