Shadow Hack Chapter 676 Young Lady An's Plan

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The Land of Ice had turned crimson. Although it were G.o.ds that had been battling, they weren't much different from humans besides being a little more formidable.

As a half G.o.d, Li Yunmu could also be considered to have barely achieved victory over Mahoraga by ultimately relying on his self healing.

The ancient G.o.ds s.h.i.+va, Vishnu, Asura, Garuda and the others were beaten back by Heavenly G.o.ds Council and Scandinavian G.o.d Council. They had thoroughly crushed Underworld Serpent's plan.

When the woman from Underworld Serpent heard about the miserable defeat of the Eight, she angrily stood up and ruthlessly slapped the armrest of her throne.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I thought we agreed that I will help you create a phantom of Lord Brahma and you all will a.s.sist me in defeating the Heavenly G.o.ds Council and Scandinavian G.o.d Council? How will our Underworld Serpent be able to trust you in the future?" she shouted furiously.

s.h.i.+va was silent for a moment before indifferently saying, "I hope you will give us another chance. We greatly underestimated the enemy, but we won't repeat our mistake next time!"

"Next time? They already know our plan. Do you take them for fools? Your Eight are heavily injured and cannot be used by our Underworld Serpent anymore."

"Miss An, you—"

Miss An coldly snorted and said, "In the eyes of Underworld Serpent, you are only allowed to succeed. If you lose, you are tras.h.!.+ And we don't have any sympathy for tras.h.!.+"

Coldness flickered in s.h.i.+va's eyes, and the other members of Eight looked at Underworld Serpent's leader Miss An without their previous respect.

"What? You still want to play with our Underworld Serpent with your injured army? Do you really think that Underworld Serpent is a pushover? If you Eight weren't injured, we would naturally be afraid of you, but not in your present condition! You all are just a group of dogs without any fangs!"

Miss An's words were filled with ridicule, causing s.h.i.+va to clench his fists tightly. Other G.o.ds of the Eight were waiting for his command. As long as he gave the order, the entire Underworld Serpent might be turned into a tomb.

"Miss An, I hope that you remember propriety!"

Miss An burst out laughing. "Propriety? Rather than asking for a.s.sistance from garbage like you, I would be better off trying to seduce that half G.o.d!"

"Miss An, we will leave then. After a month, if your Underworld Serpent isn't annihilated, then I, G.o.d s.h.i.+va, will leave the Origin World!"

"What? Are you threatening me? Hmph, go ahead. If I become scared of even people like, I will consider myself to have lost!"

When the Eight gradually departed under s.h.i.+va's command, Miss An's smile slowly vanished.

Another member of Underworld Serpent, Lie Feng, stepped to her side. "Miss An, we have completely offended the Eight. After today, how can we continue to exist in the Origin World?"

Miss An snorted. "What are you afraid of? I have my own ways to deal with garbage like them!"

She suddenly thought of the moment when Li Yunmu had looked into her eyes. She could tell that his heart had been moved by her appearance. With that being the case, she would be best off taking the initiative to attack. If she could obtain his protection, why would she have to fear the Eight? In fact, all the ancient G.o.ds of the Origin World wouldn't be able to pose any threat to her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That person called Li Yunmu, he should still be in Scandinavia? Seems like I will have to personally make a trip to find him."

Lie Feng was slightly startled and asked, "Find him? Can he a.s.sist our Underworld Serpent in avoiding this crisis?"

Miss An crossed her arms in front of her chest. "You withdraw first! I, naturally, have my reasons to find him. You don't need to be concerned about it!"

Lie Feng turned silent for a moment. "Miss An, you mustn't act foolishly!"

Miss An sneered at him. "I am acting foolishly? I said I have a plan. None of you can stop me!"

Hearing Miss An's domineering words, all the members of Underworld Serpent chose to shut their mouths. If they continued to talk, she would truly get angry and none of them would have a good ending.

It was better to honestly obey her orders.

"Hmph, I don't care what exactly he has in his body. I will definitely obtain the secret genetic code! Even if the Eight truly want to annihilate me, I will still use Li Yunmu to block that bullet!"


In Asgard, Odin and Zeus had received heavy injuries after the battle. The leaders of the two G.o.d clans had turned hostility into friends.h.i.+p after experiencing the battle and shook hands.

"This time, your Heavenly G.o.ds Council greatly contributed in helping us defeat the Eight. My Scandinavia will definitely etch it in our hearts and won't forget this favor."

Zeus waved his hand at him. "Our luck was good this time in defeating the Eight. If Lord Brahma had truly awakened, I fear that even if we had joined hands, we wouldn't have been his opponent.

"But I have a small request. I don't know whether you will be willing or not?"

Odin looked at Zeus and narrowed his eyes. The white-haired old man before him was quite crafty. Odin didn't think that he would raise any excessive request, so he was 70% confident that Zeus' request would be related to establis.h.i.+ng relations with Li Yunmu.

The youth's abilities had astonished everyone. Not only had he defeated the ancient G.o.ds at Zeus' side, he had also battled and overpowered one of the Eight, Mahoraga.

A person who could accomplish such a feat as a half G.o.d would become the target of every G.o.d clan. But as it happened, Li Yunmu had already joined Scandinavia.

It was Scandinavia's fortune, and Odin wouldn't hand over this sort of luck to anyone else. As long as Zeus didn't request for Li Yunmu to join Heavenly G.o.ds Council, he would consider any other request.

Odin also wasn't a petty person. After all, everyone had joined hands to drive away the Eight from the Land of Ice. Otherwise, Scandinavia would have been in a desperate situation!

"If I could accomplish it, I would definitely not s.h.i.+rk back!"

Zeus nodded, and his gaze fell on Li Yunmu. "Scandinavia has such a formidable G.o.d, so it will certainly be peaceful. But our Olympus has lost some of our G.o.ds," he said politely.

Noticing how disheartened Zeus looked, Odin knitted his brows. "We are G.o.ds and all of us are responsible for protecting a part of the world. As the leader of Olympus, how could you feel so disheartened?"

Zeus was silent for a moment. He then pulled Athena's hand and slowly brought her in front of Odin.

"My request is very simple. I might be wronging your daughter, but I also want to marry my daughter to Li Yunmu. But I can guarantee that she will only be a concubine. You daughter can be the wife!" he said calmly.

Shadow Hack Chapter 676 Young Lady An's Plan

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