Shadow Hack Chapter 69: Defense Upgrades To Next Level

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Chapter 69: Defense Upgrades To Next Level

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

Being the center of the great spell’s descend, this king's stronghold was instead the most secure location. The blood rain continued to rain down from the blood cloud, spreading all sorts of blood coloured plants everywhere. Even if more beings of the Fifth Dimension descended, they could forget about stepping a foot in this location.

And at this moment, the two shadows faced an unprecedented attack. From the red mud of the ground, a rattan python 1 suddenly drilled out and moved with the speed exceeding a thunderbolt. It tangled around the body of the shadows.

The rattan python's body immediately gave birth to countless sharp thorns which entered the body of the two shadows. However, it didn’t find anything to collect and discovered that these two dark figures don’t seem to have any blood.

The poison injected by it was also ineffective? The rattan python subconsciously tried to retreat back, but at the next instant, it was welcomed by a war blade and an incisive blade energy, chopping it into two parts.

But this only stopped one of the several blood coloured rattan pythons. Immediately, a large number of densely packed rattan python’s drilled out of the ground and wrapped around the bodies of the two shadows like a rice dumpling wrapped in leaves, making them unable to move.

Poison inject ineffective, absorbing blood ineffective, binding…...within the next instant, it also became ineffective.

Because the two shadows were unable to move, they blended themselves into the darkness of the night, causing their bodies to transform into nothingness. They easily shredded these tangling rattan pythons. Following which, they immediately unleashed Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike and started ma.s.sacring these organisms while standing back to back.

With the twelve flux points opened and linked together, each of their strikes was filled with flux power blade energy. This also allowed their battle strength to last longer and multiply without end.

[Ding, your young shadow has unleashed the Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike. The eighteen continuous strikes have killed eighteen rattan python plants. It then jumped high and broke out of the encirclement and fiercely chopped towards a wizard tree monster. Because these blood coloured monsters were transformed by the blood rain wizard, you have obtained triple the amount of experience and ability points. You have harvested a total 432 experience and ability points.]

[Ding, within the darkness, the enormous whip wizard tree, which had been brandis.h.i.+ng its huge tree whip, ruthlessly struck your shadow, causing it to knock against the wizard tree monster. But because shadow two’s defense is extremely strong, the whip wizard tree could only deal an extremely small amount of damage to shadow two...]

[Ding, a group of sword gra.s.s monsters have been enraged and instantly launched countless sharp gra.s.s swords towards the young shadow, causing zero damage to the young shadow.]

[Ding, a group of bush tree monsters has rushed towards the two shadows and started to crazily bite them. But since the defense of the two shadow is extremely high, the biting was ineffective.]

Ineffective… damage…...low damage....ineffective…..too domineering.

At this very instant, Li Yunmu, whose main body was in the thunder G.o.d chariot rus.h.i.+ng away, continued to exclaim again and again. Fortunately, the first dimensional box that dropped contained this G.o.dly damage reduction cultivation method, the Admiralty Cover. It reduced almost half of the incoming damage, thus greatly reducing the damage of terrifying life-threatening attacks.

Now that he had opened all twelve flux points, the flux energy protective cover and battle soldier equipment almost completely nullified the remanent damage. Then when he used the iron body, there was no tree monster in this king grade stronghold which could harm young shadow and shadow two.

These tree monsters like the gra.s.s sword monster and the rattan python that were nourished by the blood rain provided him with triple the experience and ability points, which allowed Li Yunmu’s earnings to swell greatly. The tree monsters had high strength. Almost all of them surpa.s.sed Grade Ten, attaining first layer strength or higher.

With triple the amount of experience and ability points, Li Yunmu’s earnings instantly shot through the roof. The remaining 5,000 ability points which he had quickly rose to 8,000.

Without any hesitation, Li Yunmu immediately upgraded Admiralty Cover by one layer, from seventeenth to eighteenth, hence reducing 48% of the incoming damage. Although the one percent increase seemed extremely little, sometimes, this one percent could make the difference.

Unparalleled defense!

At this moment, after experiencing this crazy battle, Li Yunmu finally understood what the system meant when it previously mentioned--absolute strength, absolute speed, and absolute defense.

Among the above mentioned, as long as he accomplishes only one. In other words, if he becomes unparalleled in any one field, then he would have sufficient strength to destroy the tricks, destroy ten thousand formations with one strike, such that even ten thousand skills couldn’t break his defense.

Although Li Yunmu’s defense right now hadn’t reached that level, towards the countless wizard tree monsters in the king grade stronghold, his defense was almost unbreakable. What was called unparalleled? This was called unparalleled!

If it had been some other battle squad in his place, then even if they had more people and were more powerful, wouldn’t they still be completely useless compared to him?

Because without unparalleled defense, how could they stay here? How could they continue to resist the endless waves of the elite dwarf witch monsters? How could they continue to survive in front of the endless attacks of the wizard tree monsters?

Right now, the shadows had achieved this. Furthermore, with Li Yunmu obtaining 3,000 ability points and instantly upgrading the Admiralty Cover to the eighteenth layer, the shadows had become even stronger.

Unknowingly, while going on a killing spree among the group of wizard transformed tree monsters, they had finally killed their way to the altar at the depths of the king's stronghold. In front of them was an old skinny figure gazing at them from the altar---the third layer great chief wizard of the race, the main boss of the entire dwarf witch race.

"Only third layer?"

Li Yunmu mumbled.

However, he soon discovered that he had greatly underestimated the being in front of him. How could the chief of such a terrifying and populous race only have third layer strength?

The blood cloud in the sky had stopped raining. The bony old figure slowly stood up and silently watched the two shadows who had killed countless dwarf witches while reaching here.

Suddenly, he lifted up the wizard staff in his hand and mumbled a series of strange incantations. Under Li Yunmu’s tight observation, the blood cloud began to compress more and more, before finally transforming into a ball of blood mist which entered the body of the great wizard. Suddenly, the bony old figure started to swell.

1.2m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.7m, 3m…...the silver crystal presence emitted by its body also began to grow more powerful with the increase in his body.

Silver light, golden light, rainbow rays....directly reaching to the matchlessly dazzling twelve coloured rainbow rays. A red coloured thunderbolt roamed around the strong body with twelve coloured rainbow rays.


"Twelve coloured rainbow human type dimensional king ...….. This is the legendary king cla.s.s dimensional beast. According to legends, I can seize its dark flux energy after killing this king cla.s.s dimensional monster."

Li Yunmu was completely shocked and his heart began to jump!

Shadow Hack Chapter 69: Defense Upgrades To Next Level

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