Shadow Hack 765 Forming Demonic Energy

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f.u.xi and Nuwa's eyes filled with endless astonishment. How could they not know what that black light represented? It was surprisingly… vile energy !

Vile energy kept spreading out while Li Yunmu's strength was increasing. If it continued, then destroying the Primordial G.o.d World would become as easy as turning a hand for him.

"He... How much vile energy does he have in his body?"

Vile energy was somewhat different from devil energy. It was also not the same as demonic energy or fiend energy. They were all slightly different from one another.

Demonic energy represented evil, vile energy represented killing intent, devil energy represented a sort of spirit energy, while fiend energy was the symbol of calamity.

Three types of dark energy had gathered in Li Yunmu's body all of a sudden, and they constantly fought within him. Even if they were suppressed, he still couldn't control them, which resulted in his energy growing chaotic and finally taking the form of demonic energy!

Demonic energy was the most terrifying one because it represented the combination of the three types of energy.

If even one of them existed in an ordinary person's body, it would already be considered as terrifying. But in Li Yunmu's body, three types of energies were gathered together, causing the formation of the fourth type of energy.

After seeing that, how could f.u.xi and Nuwa not be astonished?

Li Yunmu had absorbed a great amount of fiend energy previously because of the influence of Fiend Origin. Although Fiend Origin was suppressed by the system, fiend energy still remained in Li Yunmu's body.

As for devil energy, when he went into the Devil G.o.d Well and fell to the devil path, then entered the Devil World and absorbed its world tree's power, he had been corroded by it!

Although Ling Youren had removed the devil energy from his body temporarily, she was unable to completely eradicate it. 

Vile energy entered him when he defeated the black qilin. It had sent a dark saint pill into his body, which turned Li Yunmu extremely vile.

The three types of energies converged and formed the terrifying demonic energy!

"Ha ha!"

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on Li Yunmu's lips, and f.u.xi and Nuwa's complexion turned deathly pale. They hadn't expected that they would be defeated by him in the end.

Li Yunmu looked at f.u.xi and Nuwa and said, "Henceforth, the Primordial G.o.d World will vanish from the Ancient Lands, and you two will go to h.e.l.l together! Since you have decided that my existence is an absolute evil, I will send you off as this so-called absolute evil!"

Before his words could even fade away, Li Yunmu shook fiercely, and the demonic energy suddenly entered the golden silhouette of the enormous sword. It swiftly grew larger, and the entire Primordial G.o.d World was suddenly covered in darkness.

After Li Yunmu fused the devil punis.h.i.+ng and G.o.d slaughtering swords, he bombarded the entire Primordial G.o.d World with the power of the enormous sword. Soon, the Primordial G.o.d World was tottering on the verge of collapse as if the heavens had fallen and earth rendered.

Li Yunmu grabbed the enormous black and golden sword, and an enormous explosion shook the entire Primordial G.o.d World. The ground cracked as if it had experienced a heavenly calamity, and everything crumbled soon after!

When the heavens and earth collapsed, f.u.xi and Nuwa were buried in the Primordial G.o.d World. Until their final moments, they didn't believe that it would really be their end.

Fire G.o.d and River G.o.d, who were in the Ancient Lands, were stupefied by the sound of an explosion of the Primordial G.o.d World collapsing.

The Primordial G.o.d World, on which the G.o.ds relied for survival, had been destroyed? Who could have done it? Were it the devils?

River G.o.d and Fire G.o.d rushed to the opening of the Primordial G.o.d World only to discover that f.u.xi and Nuwa's presence had thoroughly vanished from the ruins of the collapsed Primordial G.o.d World.

"Who was it? Emperor f.u.xi, Empress Nuwa!"

The two G.o.ds shouted again and again, but f.u.xi and Nuwa had been buried in the ruins. Instead of them, from the smoke filled region, an unfamiliar silhouette gradually appeared in front of Fire G.o.d and River G.o.d, which made them frown.

Soon though, they recognized the face in front of them. It belonged to the criminal!

"Mortal, what exactly happened in the Primordial G.o.d World? Did f.u.xi and Nuwa have to face the invasion of the devils?"

Li Yunmu was about to say something else when he heard their words and suddenly turned around to look at the ruins. His lips curled upwards upon seeing the wreckage.

"Yes! The devils invaded!"

Fire G.o.d and River G.o.d's gazes instantly became solemn. "Then what about f.u.xi and Nuwa?"


Fire G.o.d Zhurong and River G.o.d Gonggong were stunned. They couldn't help but shake their heads in disbelief. "How can f.u.xi and Nuwa be dead? We G.o.ds cannot die, mortal!"

Li Yunmu smiled. "I killed them myself!"

Li Yunmu's words caused Zhurong and Gonggong's expressions to change instantly. What was the mortal saying? He killed f.u.xi and Nuwa? How was that possible?

They didn't believe him at all. How could he kill a G.o.d?

Two swords were flying behind Li Yunmu. With a 'sou' sound, they stabbed Fire G.o.d and River G.o.d.

A sinister smile appeared on Li Yunmu's lips. "Your Ancient Land's seal has been destroyed, and the battle between G.o.ds and devils has been finished. Your constant patrol of the Ancient Lands has become meaningless, so it would be better if you went to h.e.l.l like f.u.xi and Nuwa!"

Li Yunmu's gaze was gloomy and cold. Surrounded by vile energy and filled with demonic presence, he slowly walked out of the Primordial G.o.d World.

Once outside, he took out Yuan Biyao and Ling Youren from the ancient secret methods. When they saw the world in front of their eyes, their eyes filled with astonishment.

Yuan Biyao especially didn't dare to believe what she was seeing. Li Yunmu had surprisingly destroyed the entire Primordial G.o.d World on his own? How did he do it?

f.u.xi and Nuwa were unpardonable criminals whose crimes couldn't be erased in Yuan Biyao's eyes, so she did not worry about them anymore. They had been trying to eliminate the devils completely, not even willing to spare a devil spirit who had awakened just recently.

Previously, because of f.u.xi and Nuwa's kindness toward her, she had been obedient, but when they revealed their true faces, she didn't feel guilty anymore.

Li Yunmu suddenly revealed a demonic smile. Unable to bear to look at Yuan Biyao and Ling Youren, he walked forwardd through the Ancient Lands.

"We should try to find that Priest Spirit Void now and see what his plans are? Li Yunmu, don't walk so fast, wait for us!" Yuan Biyao said.

"Li Ying, many thanks for saving me!"

Li Yunmu coldly turned around and said to Ling Youren, "Don't bother to act cute in front of me! I am not Li Ying. My name is Li Yunmu! I killed the Li Ying you speak of, stupid girl!"

Shadow Hack 765 Forming Demonic Energy

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