Shadow Hack Chapter 774 - Strange Divine Beast

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Chapter 774: Strange Divine Beast

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The surroundings of the location of the seal were very simple and ordinary. Snowflakes, which filled the entire sky, were slowly drifting down, giving the land a dignified appearance.

Li Yunmu arrived at the location of seal, feeling more or less the same as when he had arrived at the location of the fire seal in the Ancient Lands.

The only difference was that there was a warm presence around the fire seal, while Li Yunmu was feeling ice-cold right then.

He had come to the location of the seal alone, without calling for anyone’s help. That way, he could deal with the guardian divine or devil beast freely. If he had brought anyone over, he would have needed to care and worry about their safety.

It would distract him, making him lose focus while dealing with the ancient divine or devil beast.

Li Yunmu took a deep breath and suddenly sensed that it was extremely cold in the cave where the seal was located. A stream of air was pressing toward him.

It didn’t seem to have come from the ice outside, however. Instead, it felt more like a breath of air exhaled by a living organism.

When Li Yunmu sensed the presence of a strange power within it, he noticed it flowing from a divine beast guarding the seal. Its body was completely concealed under the white snowflakes, but from the shape of the body, it appeared to be a lion.

Was it the guardian beast of the water seal? Who would have expected that it would be a snow lion!

The snow lion suddenly broke out of his coc.o.o.n and came out. It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and pounced on Li Yunmu.

Strangely, the snow lion didn’t seem like a living creature, but more like an illusion, and Li Yunmu made a calculated guess.

“Could it be that this isn’t the guardian divine beast of this seal, but just a subst.i.tute?”

Inside his body, the system praised him. [I hadn’t expected that after experiencing so many things, you would finally become intelligent!]

“This really is a subst.i.tute? Then what about the ancient beast who was supposed to guard this seal? Could it be that I don’t need to fight any guardian beast here?”

The system shook its head. [I am also not clear about this, but that snow lion was definitely created by a divine beast. If you believe that just by defeating this snow lion you can open the seal, you’re expecting this to be too simple.]

Li Yunmu couldn’t help but nod after hearing the system’s words. He then began to search for the presence of the guardian divine beast relying on his absolute perception.

Suddenly, he felt a presence quickly approaching him. His eyes went wide, and he quickly said to the system, “Is that what you were talking about?”

A creature resembling a milu 1 appeared in front of them, but its external appearance was quite strange. Li Yunmu couldn’t understand how could such a creature survive in the Land of Ice?

The system suddenly reminded him, [Although I am not very clear about this, you must be extremely careful. Don’t let any accident happen! What you must do is to protect yourself first!]

Li Yunmu nodded. “I understand! But this divine beast seems to be different from the black qilin. Is it possible that this creature is the legendary milu?”

The system was slightly startled. [No, it’s just another illusion created by that divine beast. It isn’t the real divine beast!]

“Repulsive, this guy has really concealed itself deeply!”

Li Yunmu quickly destroyed the snow lion and milu. They turned into a ma.s.s of smoke, but just as the system had said, the seal still didn’t show any signs of opening.

“Where exactly is the divine beast?”

Li Yunmu searched through the ice cave once more, but still couldn’t find any traces of the divine beast.

Finally, it was the system who detected its location. When Li Yunmu looked at the divine beast, he was startled.

“What is that?”

The divine beast’s body was completely covered in ice and its appearance couldn’t be seen. Upon observing it, the system paused for a moment. The divine beast seemed to be attempting to s.h.i.+ft its body and leave the location of the water seal.

“It seems to be trapped!”

Li Yunmu was startled. Trapped by who? Shouldn’t the divine beast supposed to be guarding the seal? How could it be trapped suddenly?

Seeing the suspicious look on Li Yunmu’s face, the system said, [It is simply perfect that it is bound up. We should quickly kill it, and the seal will open up.]

The system’s words startled Li Yunmu. He knew that it was ruthless since the start, but he didn’t expect that it wouldn’t even let a divine beast go. Previously, he had to stake his all to defeat the black qilin, or else the fire seal wouldn’t have opened. But right then, when he arrived at the water seal, he encountered an enemy who could be easily killed, and Li Yunmu was caught somewhat off guard.

“It doesn’t seem like it has any intention of staying here to guard the seal though, so wouldn’t it be better to just let it go?!”

[Release it? As things stand, if we release it, we won’t be able to open that seal!]

Li Yunmu frowned. “Isn’t it that as long as the divine beast leaves, we will have the opportunity to open the seal? Then what’s the problem here?”

The system paused for a moment before saying, [This divine beast is different from other creatures. It seems to have already fused with the Land of Ice. If we release it, its influence may help us eliminate the seal, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.]

The system’s words made Li Yunmu take a deep breath. He suddenly couldn’t bear it, but how many divine beasts had already died in his hands? One more wouldn’t make any difference.

Li Yunmu hardened his heart and took out the G.o.d slaughtering sword.

“I will a.s.sist you in opening the seal, but you mustn’t forget my favour!” he said coldly.

Upon hearing Li Yunmu’s words, the system’s voice also turned ice-cold. [Don’t worry, as long as you can help me return to the Origin World, I won’t treat you unfairly!]

Li Yunmu fiercely stabbed the G.o.d slaughtering sword into the divine beast. It shrieked in powerless anger. Without even having the opportunity to battle against Li Yunmu, it lost its head once he s.h.i.+fted his blade.

The divine beast perished, and its body also gradually disappeared. In front of Li Yunmu’s eyes, it turned into water, and the water seal suddenly began to collapse. Cracks appeared on the frozen ice on which the water seal was lying, following which it completely shattered.

The seal’s gate was opened, and Li Yunmu quickly grabbed it. Underneath it was an unfathomably deep abyss.

After a quick look at it, Li Yunmu began to lose his mind.

Inside his body, the system was constantly speaking to him. [Stabilize yourself, you cannot die! You must help me open all the seals first!]

Shadow Hack Chapter 774 - Strange Divine Beast

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