Shadow Hack Chapter 63

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[The enemy's DNA has already been collected, it has been scanned and a list of enemy's detailed physical data has been compiled and the information has been placed on the list of hostile targets. Next time when the host encounters this enemy, the system would automatically recognize that person.]

The system ejected another notification informing him that enemy's detailed features had been collected.

Li Yunmu relaxed, the enemy wouldn't be able to run if he thinks that no one would recognize him under the silver crystal armour. The probably wouldn't have expected that from the moment he launched his attack, he had been thoroughly scanned by the system.

The most important thing was still to increase his own strength, as for revenge? Li Yunmu snorted, there was enough time for that in the future!

"Many thanks for the help this time."

Li Yunmu said while returning the war blade back to Ling Shuang. Only then did he discover that this war blade was very different from the series of weapons created by the Alliance and sold in the market. He couldn't help but take another look at it.

"This is flux spirit equipment, all the flux spirit equipment have their own blade spirits. Fluxers use it to have better coordination and it could make them much more formidable."

Ling Shuang took back the war blade but didn't provide much of an explanation.

"En, thanks again, I owe you my life."

Li Yunmu repeated expressed his thanks.

If at that time, Ling Shuang hadn't rushed over and thrown the war blade towards him before the attack of enemy reached him, maybe he wouldn't simply be kneeling here with only the defense of the Admiralty Cover and Copper Body. This had indeed indirectly saved his life.

"Don't mention it, it was your own hard work in the end."

Next, both of them searched for the idiot trio lying unconscious in the remains of the collapsed fort. After careful inquiry, they became aware that initially, the mysterious man had attracted crooked teeth Qiang outside the blue net and had directly taken the control of forts alarm and defensive system. Because of this, the enemy had been able to silently infiltrate the fort.

Li Yunmu kept on silently gazing at the deeply ashamed crooked teeth Qiang and then looked at big Xiong and brother thin who had blank faces. At this moment, he was at the complete loss of words, all of these squad members were pigs, Ling Shuang was the only reliable one.

The enemy clearly didn't want to kill the idiot trio of big Xiong, after all, it wasn't necessary. It would've just pointlessly exaggerated the matter. Otherwise, if he really wanted to kill them, then these three would have been dead long ago.

"I have received serious injuries, so for the next two days, the battle achievement of this battle squad will rely on you all."

Li Yunmu thought of something and seized the opportunity under the pretense of recuperating from injuries.

Big Xiong had really come well prepared, he quickly took out another fortress from his storage badge and absorbed in the previous one. This time, crooked teeth Qiang didn't keep the controls of the defensive system of the fortress on himself. Gradually, the big bear battle squad calmed down as the night pa.s.sed on.

Meanwhile, big Xiong also sent information of the attack to the fluxer guild as soon as possible.

While Li Yunmu and others were gradually calming down and began resting, the Lucky Wind Battle Squad on the far side of Lamu River Zone was also going through a similar chaos.

The sneak attack that happened to them was nearly the same as the big bear battle squad. At this moment, Luo Jin had been critically injured and had lost consciousness during the attack, his current condition was unknown.

In fact, not only the people of Lucky Wind City, the troops of other cities with different rankings had also received successive attacks from mysterious people.

Within one night, great ups and downs happened in the rankings of each city.

When Li Yunmu returned back his own room, several minutes had pa.s.sed after the attack, he had finally restored some of his strength. Since he had already decided that he wouldn't go out tomorrow and would rest, then what followed was obviously the hack system.

The king's stronghold of the dwarf witches was indeed the main headquarters of dwarf witch race. If he could destroy this stronghold, then he would certainly obtain some major treasure as a result.

Other battle squads would not dare to attack the tribe of human-like monsters a.s.sembled in societies, but Li Yunmu was different. With his defensive strength and unkillable shadow, he would be able to exterminate the king's stronghold as long as he has sufficient patience and energy.

That night, Li Yunmu recalled back the shadow and continued attacking the stronghold. Presently, he needed to increase his strength as quickly as possible. Even for revenge, without sufficient strength, he couldn't do anything.

As the shadow sensed its host's summoning, it condensed behind Li Yunmu within a short while. The shadow's thinking was also the same as Li Yunmu. When fighting against an enemy who had silver crystal armour and had cultivated gold flux energy attained at the fourth layer, the shadow wasn't able to do anything except worsening his injuries while he was fleeing. In fact, Li Yunmu also hadn't expected that the shadow could really kill him.

Only if the shadow unleashed the Danger Critical Strike could it have done anything to him, but this critical killing skill couldn't be used so casually.

Sensing the anger in the host's heart, the shadow returned back to the king's stronghold to continue with its hack. The shadow was already full of killing intent right now and it had learned the tactic Li Yunmu had displayed previously and entered the stronghold by hiding in the shadow of the patrol, taking the initiative to attack the green-eyed devil mastiffs.

The battle began in the beast chamber. Finally, at the cost of one life, the shadow had dealt with the main threat posed to it by the stronghold.

Without the threat of these four ba*tards, the shadow resurrected after ten minutes and launched his attack on the stronghold at midnight.

[Ding, your shadow has attacked patrols formed of many dwarf witches, your shadow has launched Violent Blade Critical Leap Strike and had beheaded fifteen dwarf witches in succession, cutting down the captain of the patrol in the final jump strike, collecting one ordinary flux energy crystal.]

[Ding, your shadow had unleashed Charged a.s.sault without turning back and dashed within the group of dwarf witches. It went on a killing spree within the group of poison arrow dwarf witches using Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick repeatedly.]

[Ding, your shadow has been seriously injured after being bombarded by fireb.a.l.l.s by several dwarf wizards.]

[Ding, your shadow has been besieged from all sides and had unleashed Critical Danger Strike, killing seven dwarf wizards, your shadow pounced on the guards formed of blade dwarf witches who killed your shadow. Your shadow is now dead.]

After another ten minutes, the resurrected shadow launched a violent attack on the stronghold again. Without the green-eyed devil mastiffs, the shadow, which had ten flux points open in its body, crazily killed many dwarf wizards, the injuries it suffered became lesser and lesser with time.

During the second resurrection, the time it could survive for grew longer and longer. Li Yunmu kept earning a large number of experience points and ability points at all times.

Staking its life the second time, the shadow killed an unknown but extremely large number of dwarf witches during the second half of the night. These included first layer dwarf wizards who had reached Grade Ten and second layer great dwarf wizards. Using the Charged a.s.sault repeatedly, it had forcefully killed countless enemies.

The harvests this time was huge, far greater compared to last night. It had to be said, using Violent Blade and Wind G.o.d Tornado Kick after opening the flux points in his hands and legs, his strength had become extremely sharp. Every time he erupted with blade energy and flux energy, killing the weak dwarf witches who were only at Grade Seven, became increasingly easier and smoother for Li Yunmu with his current strength.

Finally, when the colour of the sky had turned red, suddenly, a special system notification appeared within Li Yunmu's mind:

[Congratulations, you have reached a total of 10,000 experience points today. Presently, the host has the qualifications to create a second shadow, would you like to use your 10,000 experience points to create the second shadow?]

[Yes or No]

Shadow Hack Chapter 63

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