Shadow Hack Chapter 78: Blown To Smithereens

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Chapter 78: Blown To Smithereens

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

"Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist….."

Hou Wu’s presence suddenly became fiercer as he rushed towards Li Yunmu, launching his explosive first. At this instant, the main target of the fist, Li Yunmu, even sensed that this explosive fist seemed like an underworld tiger ready to pounce on him with its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth wide open, with wave after wave of tiger’s thunderous roars piercing his ears.

The extreme shaking of the eardrum gave people the sensation as if they have gone deaf.

Sure enough, Hou Wu wasn’t arrogant without reason. This Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist was certainly a B Grade level punching skill. Even among B Grade skills, it would be top tier.

This person wasn’t using weapons from starts as this fist skill was his true killing technique. When he took the initiative to say that he wouldn’t be using weapons, it seemed as if it was just a courtesy comparison contest but in reality, he was just planning a sneak attack.

With his nimble intuition, Li Yunmu could clearly sense that Hou Wu’s fist was filled with killing intent rather than his desire to have a comparison contest with a fellow student of the courtyard.

This person was extremely sinister!

The opponent had neither used weapons nor congealed weapons in battle not just to make him and others careless, but to also get rid of his most reliable Violent Blade Skill.

This Hou Wu wasn’t simple. Although he seems to be the straightforward and violent type at first, with his deep scheming and plans, how could he be so simple?

The opponent’s Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist was extremely fierce, but who was Li Yunmu? He was someone who had come out alive after experiencing the Eight Fiery Dragon Claws of a half-step golden crystal fluxer. How could he lose now when facing a half-step Black Crystal Flux Disciple?

"Good, come!"

Li Yunmu was aroused by opponent’s intentions. Since he couldn’t conceal his strength, then he wouldn’t conceal it anymore. If the opponent wants a battle, then he would fight. Since you have schemed to abolish my Violent Blade Skill, then I, your father, would do as you desire.

"Break for me."

Within a split second, Li Yunmu, who had decided to not to hide his true strength, surged with flux energy from the twelve flux points that formed a cycle, as a layer of flux energy protective cover appeared on his body.

Using the flux energy protective cover as a s.h.i.+eld, his Admiralty Cover also appeared, increasing his defense to the pinnacle.

"Iron Body."

Instantly, Li Yunmu unleashed his iron body and similarly charged forward without the slightest intention of dodging and punched heavily.

Two fierce punches heavily collided.

Ordinary crystal flux energy versus black crystal flux energy, fist against fist!

Everyone could clearly see Hou Wu launching an explosive punch transformed into an underworld tiger and Li Yunmu, who had suddenly erupted out with flux energy, launching an ash gray coloured punch. Both the heavy explosive punches collided together.


The two fist carrying terrifying flux energy knocked heavily against each other. Instantly, shockwaves visible to the naked eye erupted out from the center of the two people.

The figure of a person was sent flying out rapidly like an artillery sh.e.l.l from the center of the explosion. Once they saw who it was, everyone standing at the scene was shocked. Hou Wu lost?

A Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist erupting with black crystal flux energy had surprisingly been broken by a punch from an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple? Have they gone blind?

"Thud thud thud thud....."

On the contrary, Li Yunmu was forced to move back eight steps, with every step leaving a depression in the ground. However, after stabilizing himself, Li Yunmu seemed completely fine.

Unrivalled defense!

That’s right. With such formidable and unrivaled defense, even if the gap between them was of one whole layer, even if the enemy had used a B Grade killing technique, by relying on Admiralty Cover, flux energy protective cover, and Iron Body, Li Yunmu was able to endure the strike.

Even the final remaining amount of power which had pa.s.sed through his defense had been absorbed by his heavenly world instantly. The reason why he was forced to retreat eight steps was purely due to the recoil from the fist.

"How is it possible?"

"I cannot believe it! It is absolutely impossible! How can you endure my Devil Tiger Thunder Prison Fist without receiving any damage?"

Hou Wu, who was blown away more than ten meters, crawled back up but his condition was extremely unsightly. All the clothes on his right arm had turned into tatters, from the flux energy shockwaves during the clash of punches moments ago.

If Li Yunmu had any fist skills, then with that punch a moment ago, Hou Wu would have been seriously injured. But even then, Hou Wu’s right arm wasn’t looking too good at this moment. His fist had already swollen and the bone inside was hurting badly.

What kind of body refining skill has this guy trained in, to make his body was so hard?

Furthermore, he had also received backlash from his own fist. When Li Yunmu had launched his punch just now, it wasn’t that powerful but the damage reflection property of Admiralty Cover was sufficient to bring the opponent to tears. It must be known that this fist contained the power from the supreme skill that Hou Wu had.

Similarly, after upgrading to the tenth layer, iron body not only increased the defense of his body, but when he launched the punch with his full strength, his fist was like a brick congealed of iron. Other than that, Li Yunmu’s punch was only an ordinary punch filled with flux energy erupting from the twelve flux points in his body. Furthermore, with the 50% increase in damage the iron fist had gained from Charged a.s.sault made it unbearable!

If Hou Wu had the protection of his crystal armour, he wouldn’t be reduced to such pitiful state. Unfortunately, he had fallen into his own trap.

"Nothing is impossible. Since you have challenged me to a fight, you must pay the price."

Being challenged to an all-out battle instantly, Li Yunmu didn’t have the feeling of mercy.

Originally, he appeared to be harmless to everyone. Naturally, to those who stood on his side. But since Hou Wu had tried to find trouble for him many times now, then Li Yunmu mustn’t be blamed for acting ruthlessly.

Since you dare to act against me, then you must pay the price.


Li Yunmu stamped on the ground and his figure charged forward like a wild beast. Since you have used your fist against me, I will also use my fist, to blow you to smithereens.

"Eat my fist."

"Courting death, you dare."

"Why wouldn’t I dare!"

Li Yunmu didn’t waste any words and launched a heavy fist towards him.

Bang bang bang bang...within a blink of an eye, both of them had traded more than ten fists. No one had antic.i.p.ated that Li Yunmu would turn out to be so ferocious.

Subconsciously, he had already started to integrate the world power of his heavenly world. By this time, the origin dimensional stone had completely merged with his body. His body was the heavenly world and the heavenly world was his body.

One fist after another bombarded Hou Wu. Every fist, apart from being indestructible, was also filled with flux energy erupting from Li Yunmu’s whole body. Finally, they also contained a trace of world energy integrated with them, which made his fists increasingly heavier and increasingly more savage.

In front of strength, all schemes were useless. This Hou Wu had used a pretense of martial compet.i.tion to scheme to kill him? That made him an enemy! Towards enemies, Li Yunmu only had one opinion, they must all be blown to smithereens!

[Ding, your battle intent had soared, you have gained an initial understanding of using world energy.]

[Ding, because you have been acc.u.mulating experience regarding fist technique for a long time, you have also successfully a.s.similated the heavenly world’s energy into it. You have comprehended the World Killing Fist. World Killing Fist is a fatal fist technique in which the mighty power of the world had been blended, including the world’s sealing energy as well as the world’s crus.h.i.+ng energy. Currently, your World Killing Fist is at the first layer.]

With both of them repeatedly colliding with each other, Li Yunmu, who initially didn’t have any understanding of fist techniques, had finally gained enlightenment. Because of this, Li Yunmu’s confidence instantly soared.

"You puny person, World Killing Fist, blow him for me."


At this instant, the Heavens seemed to have opened a new door for Li Yunmu. Li Yunmu only felt as if boundless energy was surging through the empty world somewhere in his body. Covered with the boost in flux energy, a heavy fist was launched.

Seeing this fist with unprecedented power, everyone felt as if this one fist covered their entire field of view. At this moment, all of them felt that the only thing that in the whole universe was this fist.

One fist to seal off the world and to blow away their world. The s.p.a.ce around the fist seemed to crumble layer after layer. The main target of the fist, Hou Wu had the sensation as Li Yunmu had when he faced the Eight Blazing Claws killing move. He felt like he was a housefly trapped within amber, unable to make the slightest of movements.


A heavily m.u.f.fled sound echoed. It was the sound of Li Yunmu’s fist striking Hou Wu’s chest just when everyone around was about to lose their minds. But Hou Wu wasn’t sent flying away. In fact, he didn’t even retreat a single step. His entire person seemed to have been firmly fixed to the same location. However, his complexion had turned deathly pale and blood sprayed from his mouth.

Just when everyone was thinking that it was over, suddenly….a series of ‘bang bang pop pop’ sounds echoed. After the fist was completed, only now did Hou Wu’s body begin to violently fall apart.

That’s right, this one fist was enough to blow him to small pieces. Among the newly joined fluxers of Lucky Wind City, after the descent of the Great Spell of Dimensional Field, another person had died again.

Shadow Hack Chapter 78: Blown To Smithereens

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