Shadow Hack Chapter 796 - The Seed of Murdering Gods

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Chapter 796: The Seed of Murdering G.o.ds

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After staying silent for ages, the system spoke as if it was jabbed at a wound. Its tone held helplessness.

[How did you guess all that?]

“Just a blind guess. Ever since I learned that you are a True G.o.d and that the master G.o.ds were sealed, I became suspicious. But at that time, you didn’t speak so I could only hide the doubt in my heart.

“After I reached this Lanlou and understood the concept of power of belief, my suspicions became even stronger. Combined with the fact that the first battle between G.o.ds was caused because of the power of belief…” Li Yunmu said with a smile, finally pulling a quick one on the system, that sly fox.

Since it hadn’t explained the reason behind the sealing of master G.o.ds, he was certain that there was some secret hidden there.

The opportunity right then was just perfect to blow up the matter that the system was concealing. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

[No wonder, no wonder, you also sensed it. Your words are correct. At that time, I had created many clans of G.o.ds to protect this land. But after I realized that my thinking was wrong… I wanted to make the living beings of this world more formidable.

[So I created humans. Those who didn’t have the strength to even catch a fowl enshrined and wors.h.i.+ped G.o.ds from birth. Soon after that, the power of belief was discovered and used by G.o.ds. One after another, their strength increased to the next level in a short time.

[But the territory under the control of every G.o.d was limited and the amount of power of belief needed to increase their strength to the next level required larger and larger amounts of power of belief. Because of that, battles broke out between G.o.ds. All of them tried to kill one another to s.n.a.t.c.h more territory.

[Before I went into hibernation, I saw the G.o.ds fighting over the power of belief and felt that the number of powerhouses in the world would increase greatly. But reality proved that my thinking was wrong. By the time I awakened, the entire heaven was dyed red.

[The mortals on the ground were in grief and filled with resentment while the G.o.ds fell continuously. The master G.o.ds of the five regions, however, obtained sufficient power of belief to attain the strength close to that of a True G.o.d.

[After that, they began to make plans against me. From that instant, I knew that the power of belief was poison. As long as anyone used it once, they would forget themselves in it and even lose their seven emotions and six desires. Thus, after sealing the five master G.o.ds, I myself also sunk into hibernation.]

The system explained everything while Li Yunmu kept nodding to himself. What he heard was pretty close to what he was thinking in his heart. There was definitely some secret hidden behind why the system had turned into its current appearance from being the creator True G.o.d.

Most was just as Li Yunmu had thought, though some parts still remained hidden in mystery.

Defending the world? What did that mean? Could there still be a hidden enemy that he did not know about?

When the system was just about to continue speaking, Li Yunmu interrupted it. “Wait a minute, I can pretty much guess what you’re going to say, so no need to waste time on it. I want to ask you instead, what did you mean by defending this world? You still have some irresistible enemy?”

The system was taken by surprise for a moment, then replied with indignation. [Why else do you think I, a grand True G.o.d, am not enjoying a simple life but have instead turned myself into a system?

[Not only is there an enemy, but there is a whole group of them. As for who that enemy is, you don’t have the qualifications to know it for now. Wait until you come to possess the strength of a True G.o.d, then I will tell you everything. Now, don’t try to extract more information from me. You may think that you have forced me to reveal this information, but this is only what I wanted to tell you.]

Li Yunmu touched his nose, inwardly cursing the old fox.

[I have already tried the methods you are trying now. You yourself asked previously about why the position of the mortals in the parallel planes so different compared to the mortals of the five regions, do you remember it?]

Upon hearing those words, Li Yunmu recalled that the two of them were indeed different. Although G.o.ds existed in the Origin World, they were nurtured by heavens. Apart from their formidable heirs, mortals did not have the possibility of becoming a G.o.d, and even the most formidable among them could only reach the level of G.o.ds. And these mortals who reach the level of G.o.ds also share bloodline with ancient G.o.ds.

So the majority of mortals in the five regions were genuinely ordinary people.

Li Yunmu’s home Earth was different from the Origin World, however. After experiencing the Dark Age, humanity discovered the existence of flux energy and the entire world developed quickly, which led to the creation of fluxers under the pressure of flux beasts. As more time elapsed, the cultivation of fluxers rose higher and higher, finally reaching half step G.o.d cultivation.

It could be said that the difference between mortals of the parallel planes and mortals of the Origin World was like a difference between heaven and earth.

If not for the lack of methods to become G.o.ds, it was highly possible that the people of the parallel planes could have produced new G.o.ds.

So it could be said that the G.o.ds of the Origin World had already turned into an obstruction, hindering the possibility of mortals turning into G.o.ds.

“But the mortals of parallel planes are greatly weaker than the mortals of the Origin World. Although there are countless powerhouese on Earth, most of them are trapped at battle sage realm unable to advance forward,” Li Yunmu a.n.a.lysed.

[Yes,] the system agreed. [Do you know that these parallel planes were created by me to destroy the wall between G.o.ds and mortals? But I failed. Even if the mortals of parallel planes attain battle sage realm, they can only be considered as half G.o.ds.

[If they want to advance to G.o.d realm, they need to possess G.o.dhood. Without it , they won’t be able to resist even one attack from a G.o.d, so the end result is still the same.]

When Li Yunmu heard the system’s words, he turned silent. If the battle sages of Earth were pulled into the Origin World, it was only natural that they wouldn’t be able to defeat the G.o.ds. Every G.o.d could control the laws of heaven and earth, so there was no comparison between the two sides.

Not to mention that when battle sages looked at G.o.ds, only reverence appeared in their hearts.

“The pressure isn’t enough so naturally the difference between the two sides cannot be broken through, unless some transformation happens.”

After Li yunmu said that, he paused and then said one word at a time, “If a battle happens between G.o.ds and mortals… As long as one G.o.d falls, mortals will naturally stand up to fight.”

In the open s.p.a.ce, the red-eyed villagers were constantly hitting the blonde G.o.d. They completely disregarded the black mist leaving its body.

Li Yunmu waved his hand, and the blonde G.o.d transformed back into a ball of black mist, which returned to the ground. After seeing that, the villagers recovered their wits and looked at him while gasping for breath.

Compared to just a moment ago, the villagers who had beaten a G.o.d were clearly different.

Li Yunmu looked at the result with a hint of a smile. It was precisely what he wanted to see.

With a look at the villagers dripping with sweat, he flatly said, “G.o.ds are heartless, bringing disaster upon you. Aren’t you all grieved?”

“We are!” the villagers replied loudly in unison while firmly clenching their fists.

“Since you are grieved, what you should do is become formidable, formidable enough to kill G.o.ds.”

After Li Yunmu said that, a few cultivation relaying globes appeared in his hand. With a wave of his hand, they floated over to the open s.p.a.ce between him and the villagers.

“These are the cultivation methods I will impart to you. Each one of you will have one opportunity to comprehend them. Who wants to do so and cultivate to the peak, becoming a half G.o.d?”

The villagers looked at Li Yunmu dumbfounded. A long time pa.s.sed before the crowd suddenly burst out with cheers. One by one, the villagers knelt down on the ground and kowtowed.

Shadow Hack Chapter 796 - The Seed of Murdering Gods

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