Shadow Hack Chapter 798 - Let You Go

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Chapter 798: Let You Go

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Xiu, who was following behind the fierce tiger, raised his head and looked at the five-colored light which covered the entire sky. Upon seeing it, his heart was completely calm without the slightest hint of excitement. If it had been before, he certainly would have gathered his squad to search for the source of the multicolored light to deal with the person who was being possessed by the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi.

After all, it would have been his only opportunity to become a G.o.d, so there would have been no room for mistakes.

But right then, he stayed by the two ancient G.o.ds. As long as he properly served them, he would be able to attain the cultivation of a G.o.d.

Even if the two ancient G.o.ds were not from Lanlou, he was willing to abandon his family and even Ancient G.o.d Asura. Everyone is just an ant before the G.o.ds—this sentence echoed in his mind at all times.

“Master, once the five-colored lights blossom across half the sky, all the clansmen of the four great clans who are on a mission in Lakshmi City will hurry over here to vie for it.

“When Ancient G.o.d Asura descended, he gave the command that as long as anyone can bring the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi to him, they will get the opportunity to become a G.o.d,” Chen Xiu respectfully said, giving a comprehensive summary of everything he knew.

While holding Brunhilda in his hand, Li Yunmu looked at the five-colored light in the sky.

“In other words, all the descendants of branch families of the four great families of Asura City will come to fight over the person the ancient G.o.d has possessed?”

“Generally speaking, the descendants of the branch families who possess thin bloodline and cannot become G.o.ds, which makes them unimportant in the eyes of the family.

“Normally, the direct descendants who possess extremely pure bloodline and who are supported by family from behind will naturally reach G.o.dhood, so they would not interfere. However, this time is different. The direct disciples will also come to fight over the person possessed by the ancient G.o.d.”

Chen Xiu stopped and looked in the direction of the jungle from which the sound was coming with a frown.

“When Ancient G.o.d Asura came to the city to recuperate, word spread among the four great clans that the ancient G.o.d wanted to unify Lanlou. Lakshmi City is only the beginning, so whoever returns with the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi will naturally be bestowed with great rewards.

“The descendants of branch families are seeking a chance to become G.o.ds, while the direct descendants want a chance to be acknowledged by the ancient G.o.d. If they do well, they will naturally experience a meteoric rise, and even becoming an ancient G.o.d might be a possibility.”

After Chen Xiu finished speaking, he crossed his hands behind his back and respectfully waited for Li Yunmu to speak.

“Asura’s thought process is beautiful, but if he was really allowed to unify Lanlou, no one in the world would be able to stop him,” Li Yunmu said with a smile.

Brunhilda, who lay in his bosom, spoke then with a hint of disdain on her face. “The ethics of Lanlou are truly lacking. This Asura is already an ancient G.o.d, but he still isn’t satisfied and wants to obtain even more power of belief to become a master G.o.d. Isn’t he afraid that once master G.o.ds and True G.o.d return, they will cause trouble for him?”

Li Yunmu smiled, thinking about the system in his brain. “If he really became a master G.o.d, then master G.o.ds and True G.o.d won’t reappear again.

“Chen Xiu, tell me, how many people exactly have been dispatched by Asura City?”

Li Yunmu patted the fierce tiger, indicating for it to sit down.

“After Ancient G.o.d Asura announced the news, Asura City’s four great clans gathered together and discussed it with each other. In the end, they decided that the people dispatched for the mission won’t be differentiated on the basis of direct and branch descendants.

“All of them can lead up to nine subordinates, but there was one condition for everyone: the strength of all those who take the mission and their subordinates cannot be above great flux expert realm.

“In total, the four clans dispatched twenty-four squads, with each clan dispatching six squads. One under a direct descendant, and the others under branch descendants. Naturally, the difference between the strength of direct and branch descendants is enormous.

“The branch line descendants don’t have the support of the clan and can only hire subordinate flux experts through guilds. While the nine subordinates of a direct descendant are branch line descendents.

After hearing this, Li Yunmu nodded and further enquired, “Then your subordinates were hired through a guild?”

“Yes, compared to direct descendants, I spent a large amount of money to hire nine flux experts at the ninth layer as subordinates. My force could be considered in mid-upper tier among other branch family descendants,” Chen Xiu said with some awkwardness. After all, the subordinates he had gathered after spending a large sum of money had all been killed.

“So it’s like this. The five-colored light has clearly appeared though, so why are you still not hurrying to plunder for the qualifications to become a G.o.d?” Li Yunmu asked indifferently as if mentioning an insignificant matter.

Before his words could fade away, Chen Xiu knelt on the ground with his face touching the ground while the face at the back of his head revealed a terrified expression.

“Master, I am already your subordinate so I will naturally not go to fight for the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi and show loyalty for Ancient G.o.d Asura.”

After hearing his words, Li Yunmu didn’t say anything for a long time. While he thought, Chen Xiu’s face remained stuck to the ground with its eyes closed while the face at the back of his head looked at the expressionless Li Yunmu sitting on the fierce tiger through the corner of its eyes. Chen Xiu panicked inside, and subconsciously, his body began to shudder slightly.

When all was said and done, ancient G.o.ds were ancient G.o.ds. Even if they were not releasing their divine might, Li Yunmu put great pressure on Chen Xiu, who didn’t dare breathe loudly, just by not speaking.

What was more, Li Yunmu had seen him murder innocent villagers. Although Chen Xiu had not been killed because of that matter, he was still very scared and on the edge. He was afraid that if any of his actions angered Li Yunmu, he would be killed instantly. Although Chen Xiu had already declared his loyalty, he was still very afraid in his heart.

Perhaps, the ancient G.o.d’s words were to test him out.

If his loyalty was fake and even a hint of abnormality was revealed in his tone, he would instantly vanish in a puff of smoke. But when Chen Xiu recalled his words, he was sure that he had made no mistakes in his reply. It could be said that there were no problems with his loyalty whatsoever.

Yet countless thoughts appeared in his mind.

When Li Yunmu looked at Chen Xiu, his eyes lit up with inner light, and he said, “What I ask of you is to go there! I want you to go and s.n.a.t.c.h the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi. Will you do it for me?”

Chen Xiu heaved a sigh of relief, as if a large stone crus.h.i.+ng his heart had been lifted. It was a relief to know that he was not being punished because of wrong words but sent on a mission. Yet he could not understand what use was the soul of Ancient G.o.d Lakshmi to his master.

But naturally, he would not voice his suspicions. Instead, Chen Xiu immediately said, “If master wishes me to go, then I will go. But if I am by myself, there is almost no chance for me to obtain it. I might even be killed instantly upon showing up.”

Although he was at the ninth layer of great flux expert realm, which could be considered among the highest for the task, the difference between cultivation methods of branch family descendants and direct descendants foreordained that their strength would be different.

Direct descendants cultivated the best techniques and were more powerful, easily able to defeat him with one move. And even among the branch family descendants, Chen Xiu’s strength was only ranked around the middle.

“Will nine subordinates suffice?”

When Li Yunmu spoke, Chen Xiu raised his head and saw nine b.a.l.l.s of black mist flow out of Li Yunmu’s shadow. They took the forms of nine humans, which included six men and three women of different appearances.

The nine of them emitted divine might with grandeur that spread all around.

Chen Xiu looked at the nine people and was just about to speak up when the presence emitted by them changed. From G.o.d realm, they descended to great circle sage flux experts, and after a few more breaths, their cultivation settled at the ninth layer of great flux expert realm.

Shadow Hack Chapter 798 - Let You Go

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