Shadow Hack Chapter 89: Li Sect’s Disciple

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Chapter 89: Li Sect’s Disciple

Translator: Mercurial Editor: TheRealSeal

The Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique didn’t have any obvious weakness but also didn’t have a formidable offense. However, it was extremely fast and rapid as the battle skills being used continuously without any pause. So once this technique was used on an enemy and it locks down on him, the opponent wouldn’t even have the chance to think anything else other than trying to resist. This would reveal the hole in the enemy’s defense.

And once Li Yunmu exploits the weakness, the opponent would certainly be killed very quickly by the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique. While under the attack of this technique, the opponent would find it very hard to even breath. After this battle, the opponent had left behind 31 s.p.a.ce elements for Li Yunmu.

"Very Good."

As the strength of the opponent continued to increase, the s.p.a.ce elements earned by Li Yunmu also soared.

On Li Feng’s side, the situation was the same. Compared to Li Yun, who was trying to practice the Swiftly Flowing Overkill Technique that requires a lot of effort, Li Feng’s battle strategy was direct and efficient. When Li Yunmu returned to check on Li Feng, it had already won six fights and was battling in the seventh fight.

The strength of its successive opponents was also quickly increasing. Its seventh opponent was a silver grade fluxer that had opened four flux points. This battle had been going on for several minutes but Li Feng still hadn’t won.

Finally, after more than ten minutes had pa.s.sed, Li Feng finally found an opportunity to get rid of the opponent. From this, it was clear that between the shadow that used battle instinct and the shadow using intelligence and strategy, the latter shadow held absolute advantage.

Eighth battle, Li Feng’s opponent this time had opened eight silver grade flux points. This battle was a bitter struggle for both sides. Li Feng couldn’t get any advantage over the opponent for a long time. However, the opponent also didn’t have any advantage over Li Feng.

Actually, even if the system had removed Iron Body defensive battle skill, by relying on the Admiralty Cover, which had reached eighteenth layer, as well as the battle armour, Li Feng’s defense couldn’t be broken by the enemy. Just when Li Feng revealed his terrifying defense, some spectators, who had randomly decided to watch, made a video of the battle and posted in on the official forum of Cloud City Warzone.

Within a short time, more and more spectators lined up to watch Li Feng’s battle. The spectator area, which only had ten people or so at the start, quickly had more than a hundred. It then rose again to several hundred and before long, the number of spectators had crossed a thousand.

This was something which Li Yunmu hadn’t expected. The main reason behind it was that the video filmed earlier had already become one of the top ten most watched videos on the official forum. Its t.i.tle was <>.

This t.i.tle instantly grabbed the attention of many people, who couldn’t help but watch it out of curiosity. Once they saw it, they couldn’t help but gasp one after another: Mysterious and powerful Li Clan has appeared.

Li Feng’s performance was outstanding and there was no need to talk about his strength. He had defeated a third layer silver crystal fluxer with a first layer cultivation. Furthermore, he also used the terrifying Violent Blade, which allowed him to win, and also possessed an extremely formidable defense.

"Holy sh*t, is there really some terrifying Li Sect? Apart from Li Yun and Li Feng, there was also that Li Yunmu of Lucky Wind City who has the same surname, Li. How can they all use the same set of skills?"

"Ha ha, I believe that they may all be the same person as all three of them have the same surname and use the same set of battle skills."

"Have you been hit by a donkey in your head? All three of them are online together. Li Yun and Li Feng are battling while Li Yunmu is watching at Li Feng’s spectator zone.

"c.r.a.p, they are not the same. All these three have come together. They are possibly the disciple some ancient and hidden sect."

Within a short while, someone surmised the mysterious power behind them. They also guessed that their starting point was very high. Hence, the theory of there being a sect was quite believable.

It was a fact that the most powerful sects were all terrifying ent.i.ties which conceal themselves extremely well. Furthermore, their disciples usually start training earlier than other people. But even then, the sect where Li Yun and them had learned skills like Violent Blade was just too terrifying.

"Yes, birds of same feather flock together. I also believe that this Li Sect should be a sect which has hidden itself from the world for countless years. Just based on the power of the skills used by Li Yun and Li Feng, it can be clearly seen that the strength of this sect is very terrifying."

"My family name is also Li, I beg the Li Sect to take me in as a disciple. My request isn’t high, I don’t hope to learn skills like Violent Blade. I will be fully content with learning that strange footwork skill...."



Soon after Li Feng’s descend, among the people gathered in the Cloud City Warzone spectator area, a lot of wild rumors started to spread. These rumors were gradually mixed together to form a new fact, that a secret sect was showing itself to the world.

Many people surnamed Li, immediately began to get on their knees and beg to become a disciple of the Li Sect. They were more than happy to even learn Violent Blade without hoping for anything more.

Naturally, if they could learn Violent Blade, Insect Step, and even the terrifying defensive skill, that would simply be awesome!

Their reaction was quite obvious. After all, they had seen Li Yun. Who else could defeat five of the top ten most powerful with a cultivation at the ordinary crystal layer? Furthermore, even if Li Yun’s innate talent was unique and one among a million, then what about this other newcomer Li Feng?

Could there be a coincidence that Li Feng was also one among a million? No one could believe this. Furthermore, not to speak of these two, many people had even realized that apart from Li Yun and the recently appeared Li Feng, there was still another disciple of the Li Sect, and that was Li Yunmu.

However, since Li Yunmu doesn’t usually enter the dimensional battlefield under his ident.i.ty and didn’t have much of a record here, thus, not many people knew of him. But as long as they were familiar with the situation of the training compet.i.tion this year, all of them knew that the main reason why Lucky Wind City had stormed into the top fifty was precisely because of Li Yunmu going on a killing spree using Violent Blade.

Thus, within a short time, the legend of a secret sect hidden from the world came to be. Surprisingly, the more this spread, the more real it became and the more the truth was blurred.

There was a common saying, one person can embark on a journey, three can kill a tiger. When a rumor continuously spreads among more and more people, it gradually becomes the truth and the people who hear it later only hear definite facts full of a.s.surance and not the initial guesses.

Within a short while, more and more spectators came to watch the battles of Li Yun and Li Feng. Everyone wanted to take a look at the formidable battle prowess of people of the legendary Li Sect.

However, when these new people looked at Li Yun and Li Feng’s battle, they were completely astonished when they saw a first layer fluxer defeat a third layer silver crystal fluxer.

The terrifying Violent Blade, the strange Insect Step, the unbreakable defensive cultivation method. Each and everything they saw left all the spectators astonished. No wonder everyone was talking about this legend that a hidden sect had appeared in the world.

Given the present situation, apart from a hidden sect, who else could produce two such terrifying newcomers like these two?

When Li Yunmu saw an increasingly greater number people coming to watch the battles of Li Yun and Li Feng, he couldn’t help but feel wonderful. However, he didn’t lose his mind. He calmed himself down, thinking that these people were here because of Li Yun’s popularity and weren't because of him.

Soon, Li Feng, who didn’t have any followers, started gaining more and more of followers. Within a short while, the number of Li Feng’s followers had crossed the required threshold for charging a fee to watch the battles.

Ha ha, those who do not take advantage of the opportunity to earn a profit are stupid. Li Yunmu wasn’t afraid that this action would drive away those who had just recently become followers. After all, this world followed the principle of flux energy being supreme. As long as one was powerful, he didn’t have to worry about people not coming over to watch.

Shadow Hack Chapter 89: Li Sect’s Disciple

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