Shadow Hack Chapter 74

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If ordinary dimensional stone could only open a delivery channel and root dimensional stone could produce even more ordinary dimensional stone; then origin dimensional stone could open up an empty world belonging just to him.

Li Yunmu hadn't taken out this origin dimensional stone, but just hearing about this made his heart beat faster. 

Fortunately, following the death of the dwarf witch clan chief, the beings of the Fifth Dimension had stopped descending. The whole s.p.a.ce affected by the dimensional field spell had once again stabilized.

When the Big Bear Battle Squad had finally returned back to the cloud castle, a hint of white colour could be seen in the sky. However, right now, the people from every city of the cloud castle were extremely busy.

The people from every city's great courtyards had come out to receive the battle squads who were able to rush back, but there were still many battle squads that hadn't returned back and contact had been lost with them.

This time's rookie training had the highest number of casualty in the history of training exercises!

Li Yunmu, who returned back to the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard with the support of senior Tang An and others, had never expected that this would happen. If he had known earlier that the Great Spell of Dimensional Field would lead to so many casualties, then he certainly wouldn't have gone to provoke the king's stronghold.

But if all of this hadn't happened, then the origin dimensional stone wouldn't have fallen in his hands. At this moment, Li Yunmu could only think of an ancient proverb:

"Many must labour for one to succeed!"

Only the strong would survive and the weaker ones would be eliminated. That's why he must try harder.

After returning back to the Lucky Wind Great Courtyard, everyone returned back to their homes. Regardless of the turbulent atmosphere on the outside, presently, everything was peaceful for him.

"What about the Lucky Wind Battle Squad? Also, how are the other two battle squads? What is their present situation?"

While eating the hot food provided by the courtyard, Li Yunmu couldn't help but ask.

"Lucky Wind Battle Squad was still fortunate, they had been near the boundary of the river basin region. Since the great spell had been stopped, they must be rus.h.i.+ng back. However, Luo Jin had also been attacked, similar to you."

Senior Tang An looked at Li Yunmu with a strange expression.

Previously, he used to think that this junior of his was a complete r.e.t.a.r.d. Who could have known that his battle instincts were so formidable that because of him, the Lucky Wind City had reached 80th position.

Furthermore, he had heard that Li Yunmu had also suffered a sneak attack by a half step Gold Crystal Flux Disciple, the result…... Presently, Luo Jin was still seriously injured but this guy seemed to be completely healthy?

"Then what about Liu Noujie, senior, is she alright?"

Li Yunmu wasn't concerned about Luo Jin's situation, he only cared about people who had shown consideration to him.

"She's alright, she is very good. It is tacit regulation in this world that people with deep background cannot be attacked, you can put your heart at ease."

A female senior standing by senior Tang An's side said in a teasing tone.

"That's good. Now, I only hope that Li Zi, Zhang Ying, and their groups are also alright."

Li Yunmu nodded without saying much and continued to consume mouthfuls of the food.

After returning back to the steel castle, Ling Shuang had been transferred back to FengHua City. Originally, a common fluxer didn't have the power and authority to transfer frequently between competing cities. But who was Ling Shuang? Behind her was her master, Lord Battle Sage. Therefore, she could come and go with confidence.

With great difficulty, he returned back to his residence in the Maple Forest Courtyard. After entering his small cabin, he immediately closed the door as he was unable to endure any longer.

First, Li Yunmu requested the system to scan his current surroundings. After discovering that there wasn't any surveillance, he immediately took out the origin dimensionality stone from his storage badge.

When he held the dimensional stone in his hand for the first time, he could immediately sense the special energy fluctuations coming from this stone.

Next instant, his consciousness immediately sensed an empty s.p.a.ce, the empty world only for his personal use.

The area occupied by this s.p.a.ce world wasn't very large, the land extended only to a few square meters. It couldn't even be compared to his small bedroom. However, it was enough, more than enough.

"System, I want to offer sacrificial refining to this origin dimensional stone."

Without wasting any time, Li Yunmu immediately summoned the system.

According to the ancient book in the library, there was a method to refine the origin dimensional stone and turn it into his own by binding himself as the master of this empty world. This method was extremely complex and with his present financial resources and background, he simply won't be able to bear the costs.

However, he remembered that the system's previous notification about whether he wanted to bind the origin dimension stone. Now that there was finally no one around him, he immediately wanted to bind this precious treasure and become its master. Only then would he be able to prevent other people from detecting the special energy fluctuations emitted by the stone.

At the same time, Li Yunmu himself would also formally become the master of this world. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that as long as he completely refines this origin dimensional stone, then in this empty s.p.a.ce of the origin dimensional world, he would be a G.o.d.

Within the empty world of the origin dimensional stone, no one would be able to do anything to him, even if it was a supreme fluxer came personally.

[Ding. Confirm again whether the host wishes to refine this origin dimensional stone. The cost of refining this origin dimensional stone would be 30,000 experience points.]

"Is it really so high?"

[Yes. Furthermore, this is under the circ.u.mstance that the origin dimensional stone owned by the host isn't very large, so do you confirm?]

"Yes, I cannot hesitate, do it immediately."

Li Yunmu loudly rejoiced. Fortunately, after he had condensed his second shadow, his acc.u.mulation rate of experience points had more than doubled.

Furthermore, after killing wizard tree monsters, which granted him triple experience points, his earnings shot through the roof. In addition, he had also received 10,000 experience points after killing the dwarf witch clan chief which brought the total number of experience points he had to 56,000, which were more than sufficient for the job at hand.

However, because of this, the distance to his goal of congealing the third shadow would once again increase. But there was no comparison between the origin dimensional stone and the third shadow. Not to mention the fact that his congealing of the third shadow would only be delayed, so there wasn't any need to hesitate.

Following the reconfirmation, he held the origin dimensional stone in his both hands and a warm current immediately bubbled forth from inside his body, rus.h.i.+ng to the origin dimensionality stone.

Meanwhile, the progress bar for the refining appeared within his consciousness sea, 1%, 7%, 32%, 47%, 76%, 100%.

Li Yunmu continued to pour energy for full 1.5 hours. Just when he was completely exhausted, the refining progress bar finally reached 100%.


The origin dimensionality stone thoroughly integrated with Li Yunmu's body. Suddenly, a huge tremor seemed to have pa.s.sed through Li Yunmu's surroundings, his whole body instantly lost all energy.

When his consciousness was restored again, he discovered that the region where he was present now was completely different.

In this s.p.a.ce, the ground spread only to 3 sq.m. A dark empty s.p.a.ce was spread everywhere around him. If he was someone who feared heights, then he would've certainly fainted from shock.

"Beautiful heavenly world!"

However, Li Yunmu wasn't someone who was afraid of heights. He instead opened his eyes, widely inspecting the gloomy heavens that covered his surroundings.

The dimensional world. Sure enough, this was his own dimensional world. The elders had called it as the heart's world, but this heart's world could also be enlarged. It required only one thing to expand and that was dimensional crystals. In other words, the flux energy crystals.

Next instant, Li Yunmu took out a second layer stable black flux energy crystal and lightly released it from his hand, allowing it to fall on the ground.

Instantly, the small ground which originally only extended to 3 sq.m. seemed to spread quickly as if it had absorbed a large amount of fertilizer. After a long while, the original 3 sq.m. ground had already extended to 4 sq.m.

Shadow Hack Chapter 74

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