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"One second layer black crystal can roughly expand the land by 1 sq.m."

Li Yunmu seemed to mumble after some thinking. 1 sq.m. probably wasn't the exact number, it was only his rough estimate. It should be a little more than 1 sq.m., but the disparity shouldn't be large.

Soon, he took out an ordinary crystal and dropped it on the ground. Next instant, the land increased again but this time the increase was very small, roughly ⅕ or ⅙ the increase of the second layer black crystal.

So that's how it was!

A second layer black crystal could produce approximately five times more energy compared to a first layer ordinary crystal. If Li Yunmu uses flux crystals to increase the land in the origin dimensional stone' s.p.a.ce, the conversion would more or less be according to the same rate.

After making his decision, Li Yunmu didn't hesitate any longer and took out a pile of ordinary crystal to throw on the ground.

This pile of ordinary crystals had 378 crystals which were acc.u.mulated after ma.s.sacring the wizard tree monsters. Previously, he had needed 200 crystals to congeal his crystal armour, but now, he didn't require them since he had obtained the twelve coloured rainbow king flux crystal to congeal his armour. So, what other place than here to use these flux energy crystals.

As soon as the 378 first layer crystals were thrown on the ground, the land under his feet immediately began to fiercely expand. Only after a few minutes did this enlargement of the land come to a stop.

Li Yunmu glanced at it once and couldn't control himself. Awesome, good, this was too good!

The piece of land which previously spread over only a few sq.m. had now expanded to 70 sq. m. after the pile of ordinary crystal were thrown down. The sensation of satisfaction he received from watching a world quickly expand had bewitched him.

Soon, he again took out 46 second layer black crystals and threw them on the ground. The land under his feet increased again, reaching an area of 110 sq. m. The average diameter had already exceeded 10m.

"This is my world. Could this be considered as my personal heaven?"

Li Yunmu walked to the edge of the land and looked downwards. There was only an endless void underneath and a dark sky covered his surroundings. This whole heavenly world was extremely infatuating for him.

As long as he had sufficient flux crystals, Li Yunmu could expand the area even more. This was the reason why the origin dimensional stone could make even the beings at the pinnacle go mad.

He could only dare to think....he had now created his own heavenly world. As long as he allows it absorb even more stable flux energy crystals, the heavenly world would continue to expand and become even more stable. When the time comes, he could even form his own kingdom and create a human society in here.

According to rumors, the genuine residence of the ancient and powerful clans wasn't on the real Earth, rather, all of their clansmen lived in the heavenly world opened by the clan. This was one of the deep reserves of an ancient clan. This was also the reason why they weren't constrained by the powers controlling the continents.

Because they have their own heaven, no one could do anything to them.

Naturally, Li Yunmu's desire of establis.h.i.+ng a sufficiently large world with his present strength was just a pipe dream, because it was just impossible to reach that point just by relying on his strength and resources alone.

However, as long as he continues to use the shadow hack and congeal more shadows, accompanied by the increase in his strength and the increase in the amount of flux energy crystals he obtains, this might not just remain as a dream. As for the present, he could only stop the expansion here.

After throwing away all the first layer and second layer flux crystals on him, Li Yunmu didn't remain in the world much longer and returned back to reality with a thought.

[Ding, because you have successfully refined the origin dimensional stone, a new type of energy is born inside your body. The system has cla.s.sified this energy as World Energy.]

[Ding, because your present heaven is too small, your world energy can only be used pa.s.sively absorb the external attack damage. As your world grows bigger, its ability to absorb the external attack damage will also increase. Based on the present size of your world, your world energy can absorb 70% attack damage from a first layer Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple. Continue to work hard.]

When Li Yunmu received this notification from the system, he wasn't surprised as he had learned in the library that according to general beliefs, when someone refined the origin dimensional stone, he could use the world energy of the world he opened.

People had known about the existence of world energy a long time ago. But the powerful beings who had established their own heavens were simply too few. Everything that ordinary people had heard was just legends among legends, they couldn't even think of personally seeing it.

He was also perfectly satisfied learning that his small world could absorb 70% attack damage from an Ordinary Crystal Flux Disciple.

With his triple layered defense combined into one and the heavenly world which could absorb external damage, presently, Li Yunmu could be considered as having the highest defensive power among fluxers with same cultivation base.

Now, even if he just remained standing on the spot, a Black Crystal Flux Disciple might not necessarily be able to penetrate his defense with one attack. After reaching this stage, his present defense could be said to be unparalleled among his peers.

Just as he finished sorting the earnings he had obtained from dwarf witch king, a hubbub of noise came from outside.

Li Yunmu immediately put the work of going through the earnings to one side and opened the door to take a look. Li Zi's Lucky Star Battle Squad had returned.

The lucky star from their name hadn't really brought much luck to them. From the thirteen people which were in her battle squad, only eight had returned alive while the rest five had lost their lives under the hands of the Fifth Dimensional beings.

"Ok, you shouldn't blame yourself. You were able to lead the seven others back to the castle which could already be considered good enough."

One senior sister patted her shoulders to console her.

Within a short while, Zhang Ying's Phoenix Battle Squad composed of five people also returned. Because the strength of this all women battle squad was relatively mediocre and Zhang Ying understood that clearly, they hadn't gone far from the steel castle. Thus, the all-women battle squad led by her had been extremely fortunate.

They had rushed to the vicinity of the steel castle as soon as the great spell descended. The reason why they hadn't entered the steel castle was that they encountered a Fifth Dimensional being on their way to the castle, so they had to take a roundabout route to advance towards the steel castle so as to avoid it. Overall, it could be said that the phoenix battle squad had been more scared than hurt and hadn't lost any of their members.

Naturally, they also didn't have great profits!

When the people of lucky star battle squad, phoenix battle squad and the idiot trio from the big bear battle squad met with each other, everyone was surprised to discover that the battle squad considered as the weakest in the Lucky Wind City had surprisingly matured the most.

Even crooked teeth Qiang, who had the weakest cultivation among the squad, had opened all the four flux points his legs. His speed had been boosted greatly!

Li Daxiong also wasn't lacking. His share in the profits was even higher than crooked teeth Qiang. He had opened three points in chest and stomach as well as the two flux points in his right arm, gaining a new level of respect in everyone's eyes after ten days!

Within ten days, Li Daxiong had opened total five main flux points. The difference between his current strength compared to before was like the difference between heaven and earth!

And there wasn't any need to talk about brother thin. With his high-grade innate talent and Ling Shuang's share going entirely to him, he was the person who had advanced most after Li Yunmu. Within ten days, he had opened all the flux points in his legs and hands well as the celestial point, for a total of nine flux points.

If the great spell hadn't descended, then he would have certainly congealed his crystal armour within the month while training at this pace. But even if he had only opened nine flux points in ten days, he still attracted the envy from people of the phoenix and lucky star battle squads.

Having a good elder sister was really too great!

"Then what about you Li Yunmu."

Zhang Ying was an amiable person. Usually, apart from Liu Noujie, she was the only one who conversed normally with Li Yunmu. Although they hadn't talked much, because of their little acquaintance, she walked to Li Yunmu and asked.

Instantly, Zhang Ying's action attracted the attention of others. Especially the members of the battle squad led by Li Zi, who were wis.h.i.+ng to ask him but needed a scapegoat.

Shadow Hack Chapter 75

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