Shadow Hack Chapter 936 - Decisive Kill

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Chapter 936: Decisive Kill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The hall was completely silent. Even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard clearly. There wasn’t the least bit of liveliness to be found.

Yan Tian looked at the newly promoted yin son of heaven being silent and began to panic in his heart. Although his position was very high in the night pearl small world, he was just a manager appointed by the Alliance. He was only a small fish in the Alliance of beyond the heavens. Moreover, he was a rogue cultivator without an enormous power backing him, so Yin Qi was an existence he couldn’t afford to offend. Not right then at the least.

In the silence, time seemed to have slowed down. Yan Tian, a true immortal, felt his heart grow heavier and heavier, and large beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

“Yan Tian, what do you still want to investigate? Haven’t you already handed over the G.o.d ruins left behind by G.o.d father to Leng Family’s young master?

“Oh right, you are only a rogue cultivator without any foundation, who depended upon the support of the Alliance to become the manager of this small world, so naturally you want to continue crawling up. You wanted to curry favor with Leng Family’s young master, and to make him your backer was indeed a correct choice. That is all normal, but you should know that there are some people that you cannot offend,” Yin Qi said while absent-mindedly playing with the ring on his hand.

After hearing that, Yan Tian’s face turned deathly pale. He was just thinking that the G.o.d ruins which he gave out could not be the G.o.d ruins created by Yin Emperor. After all, if he did give away the G.o.d ruins created by Yin Emperor to Leng Yan, it would thoroughly offend Yin Qi, which would be a huge problem.

Leng Yan knelt down on the ground and anxiously said, “Please forgive me, yin son of heaven. At that time, when I gifted the G.o.d ruins to Young Master Leng, I didn’t know that it was created by Yin Emperor for your distinguished self. Otherwise, even if I had ten thousand times more courage, I wouldn’t dare to touch it!”

Yin Qi looked at Yan Tian, who was a true immortal like him, being so fl.u.s.tered and apologising with a s.h.i.+vering body, and he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Authority certainly had its benefits. Previously, even if he was Yin Hong’s brother, he still would have needed to be respectful to Yan Tian.

But right then, when the majority of true immortals saw him, they were the ones who needed to be respectful. It was all because he had become the young master of Yin Manor.

Yan Tian, who was kneeling on the ground without daring to move, felt somewhat bitter. The reason why he had gifted the G.o.d ruins to Leng Yan was because he wanted to advance by another step in the Alliance and obtain even more resources to become a golden immortal. Yet who would have known that the G.o.d ruins he chose would surprisingly be the one created by Yin Emperor.

Back then, the Origin World was not sealed, and Yin Emperor was an emperor monarch with the cultivation of a great golden immortal who a normal member of the Alliance. But right now, Yin Emperor had become a quasi sage with whom few people could contend.

If Yin Qi killed Yan Tian, the Alliance couldn’t possibly find trouble with Yin Manor. Leng Family also wouldn’t stick out and offend the Yin Emperor. At that moment, if Yan Tian wanted to live, he could only acknowledge his mistakes and push his position as low as possible.

“You cannot use not knowing as an excuse, for Yin Manor is also in the Alliance. The G.o.d ruins in the small worlds cannot be entered without using the secret key specific to them. All secret keys are dropped in various corners of the small world and need to be dug out, but you directly handed over the secret key to Leng Yan in order to curry favor with him.”

Yin Qi paused after saying that. He looked at Yan Tian, whose body was s.h.i.+vering, and then continued.

“While it isn’t wrong for a rogue cultivator like you to try and curry favor with a larger power, your problem is your terrible luck. You pa.s.sed on the information of the wrong G.o.d ruins to Leng Yan, so…”

Yan Tian had his head lowered and all he could see was a pair of shoes, but after hearing the pause in the speech, he raised his head to look at Yin Qi’s smiling face as well as the fingertip pointing toward the s.p.a.ce between his eyes.

“My Yin Manor lacks a true immortal ghost, you remedy that problem.”

After he said that, Leng Yan’s eyes turned lifeless, and his body turned into ashes that fell on the ground without any sound. The next moment, an exceptionally formidable soul appeared in the domain surrounding Yin Qi with constant roars.

After a while, the disciples of Yin Manor in the hall began to shout one phrase.

“Formidable yin son of heaven, formidable yin son of heaven!”

“Let’s go, we will go to those G.o.d ruins and see how formidable that ancient G.o.d’s corpse demon is,” Yin Qi languidly said. His figure flickered then, and he moved to the chariot.

The white-faced coachman lowered the curtain, sat down on the board, and used the golden whip toward the two yin phoenixes. They turned into a blur and rose into the air as the disciples of Yin Manor followed one after another.

In the mountain cave, Li Yunmu looked at the corpse demon on the ground with a puzzled expression. According to the system, a new soul was born in Ru Shou’s body, and he didn’t intend to wipe it out. Yet when he tried to pull out the G.o.dhood from the corpse demon’s chest, the corpse demon sat down on the ground in terror like a three-year-old child and… began to wail.

Li Yunmu felt quite awkward. How could anyone say that the person before him was an ancient G.o.d with matchless majesty in his previous life? The corpse demon was surprisingly sitting on the ground and wailing.Visit on our

It was completely out of the ordinary!

Fortunately, Ancient G.o.d Ru Shou had handsome features and was not a muscled man with nine heads. If he had been a muscular man, Li Yunmu would have immediately turned around and left the G.o.d ruins regardless of whether the person had any potential or not.

After a long time, Ancient G.o.d Ru Shou choked down the sobs, and tears stopped flowing out of his eyes. Li Yunmu extended his hand then, and divine light flew out of it to strike Ru Shou. Before he could start crying again, the divine light entered his glabella and produced a spell seal, which made him lose consciousness.

The tortoise spell seal was given to Li Yunmu by Yan Wanqiu. It was one of the lowest level cultivation secrets of Goumang Real World, and it was used when foundation stage cultivators were unable to release their energy or were underwater. After obtaining it, the system had reversed its effects.

In his hands, the new tortoise seal spell could seal the person without injuring their soul, which was what made it the most suitable way to deal with Ancient G.o.d Ru Shou.

Li Yunmu instantly went to Ancient G.o.d Ru Shou’s side, and his left hand pa.s.sed through his chest to take the G.o.dhood hidden within. Once he brought his hand out, the G.o.dhood appeared in the mountain cave. The entire s.p.a.ce seemed to have frozen, and faint golden threads floated in the air.

“Since we have taken out Ru Shou’s G.o.dhood, the metal attributes in the s.p.a.ce have begun to gather around it. It really is powerful. There shouldn’t be any difference between using power of belief and using G.o.dhood to become a G.o.d, but to me, it seems like there’s an enormous difference. G.o.dhood seems much more formidable than power of belief.”

[Your words are correct. Although power of belief can allow a half G.o.d to become a G.o.d, such a G.o.d would be no match for a G.o.d who used G.o.dhood. After all, G.o.dhoods contain laws of grand daos and allow G.o.ds to obtain enlightenment from time to time.

[Those who become G.o.ds using power of belief find it extremely difficult to gain any comprehension from heaven and earth in the future. Thus, the G.o.ds created from power of belief walk the path of refining bloodline ability,] the system explained in Li Yunmu’s mind.

“Then what’s with the rumor in the Origin World that there wasn’t any difference between the two!” Li Yunmu said with suspicion.

Shadow Hack Chapter 936 - Decisive Kill

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