Soaring of Galaxia Chapter 713 - Elite Warriors Of The Xuan Yuan Clan

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Chapter 713: Elite Warriors of the Xuan Yuan Clan

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Xin Tianwen revealed a light smile. In between his brows, cold murderous intentions suddenly shot out. The direction his eyes were looking was indeed, where the Qin Clan was located!

The Aspiring Throne Mountain!

If he were not to kick the Qin Clan out of the Aspiring Throne Mountain, he couldn't sit on the seat of the Heavenly Emperor comfortably!

Luo Tongtian rubbed his fists and wiped his palms as if all the blood of his entire body was flaring up. He pressingly asked, "Your majesty, when do you plan to make a move?"

Xin Tianwen said pa.s.sionately, "In three days!"

In three days? At first everyone was amazed, then their heads began playing out the attack. In three days… That would be excellent.

Even if the Qin Clan had gained the Supreme Dao Fruit, they could not make a Supreme Dao warrior in just three days. The Supreme Dao Fruit was not an ordinary spiritual fruit. It would take at least one or two years to refine the fruit in one's system.

After refining it, one must merge with it to consolidate the Supreme Dao Stage. With everything added up together, it would not work without five or seven year's time!

"Tianchen, say something." The Heavenly Emperor shot a glance at Xin Tianchen.

Xin Tianchen nodded with a smile. "Everyone, we've planned to set up a banquet with the motive to murder our guests. We will gather the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates to the Heavenly Emperor Gate and congratulate them on their fine results from the Illusion Heavenly Lake. We will also ask the Qin Clan to bring the Supreme Dao Fruit and let everyone have a look at them. By that time, during the banquet we will state the old records and accuse the Qin Clan of violating the three laws issued by the Heavenly Emperor together. Everyone will attack them. At the banquet, we will kill off the Qin Clan with joined forces. We will call on the sects to help us wipe out their dwellings!"

Yan Guinan laughed. "This move was called pulling the snake from its hole. Excellent strategy! This way, we can catch the Qin Clan off guard and certainly we can take them once and for all."

"But, what if the Qin Clan sees through this strategy and does not come?" Lei Yue asked.

"Not come?" Xin Tianchen laughed. "That's even better. It means they are guilty and since they refuse the summoning from the Heavenly Emperor, that's another crime. We would have more excuses to send out a punitive expedition!"

Everyone roared with laughter. It would be absolutely safe to set up this strategy.

Xin Tianchen narrowed his eyes into a line and he said coldly, "Everyone, you've already witnessed that monstrous Qin Wushuang. This child was the champion. If we let him grow with such speed, one couldn't imagine where he'd go! Therefore, his majesty has promised that after we have seized the Supreme Dao Fruit, the one that kills Qin Wushuang will receive a Supreme Dao Fruit as a reward!"

Everyone displayed a joyful expression. Especially Luo Tongtian, for his eyes flickered with light. Kill Qin Wushuang? Get a Supreme Dao Fruit as a reward?

Luo Tongtian had secretly vowed that he must kill Qin Wushuang and get this Supreme Dao Fruit! Only by getting the Supreme Dao Fruit, the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect would have one more Supreme Dao elite warrior. The sect would truly be qualified to stand in the same rank as the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates and could live at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain!

"Go prepare yourselves. In three days, the Heavenly Emperor Gate will issue the Heavenly Emperor Summoning!" Xin Tianchen announced. "All three of you return and make some preparations. You will send your elite warriors to standby. Although we will be sending the punitive force in the name of the Heavenly Emperor, certainly it will be us lot to be the main force. The other powerhouses would for sure only exert their efforts and their people. Especially for the Yun Clan, it's a question of whether they will even step out. Remember, everything must be done in secret. With this plan, you must not reveal any flaws!"

"Not dare to step out? We will target them next!" Lei Ming hooted.

The Heavenly Emperor glared at him and shot out a cold light.

Lei Yue immediately berated him, "Second, do not speak nonsense."

Lei Ming revealed an embarra.s.sed smile and would not dare to say anything further. They were instantly disbanded and returned to prepare their forces.

After those five had gone, Xin Tianchen said to the Heavenly Emperor with a smile, "Your majesty, all the preparations are almost done. When are you going to contact the Xuan Yuan Clan?"

Xin Tianwen said lightly, "I will tend to this on my own. Tianchen, for the Illusion Heavenly Lake trip, your leaders.h.i.+p was a failure. This time, it's your time to make it up. Tianwen, Tianchong, you must a.s.sist Tianchen. Since we are going to make a move, it must be direct and efficient. We must not let the Qin Clan have any possibility of turning this around!"

"Yes, your majesty. We will certainly surround the Qin Clan to be impenetrable and make it impossible for them to escape!"

Xin Tianwen revealed a light smile. "The Qin Clan has come from ancient traditions, it's with great difficulty to destroy the roots and branches at the same time. You will make a list and order the highest officials of the Qin Clan by danger potential. As long as these important people are killed, it will not be too severe even if the other loose people were to escape. Of course, if you can kill them all, that would be best. However, you must not let loose those important figures!"

"Important figures, your majesty, could you please give an example?" Xin Tianwen asked.

"Three Chiefs, do they count as important figures? And those twelve Honored Warriors! A portion of Elders and core disciples. Especially Qin Taichong and Qin Wushuang, do they count as important figures?"

Xin Tianchen smiled apologetically. "Certainly that Qin Wushuang is the most important of all."

"And the other core disciples, you must watch them closely," Xin Tianwen said coldly. "For the younger ones, if they escape, they would possess greater plasticity and a greater misfortune in the future. Older disciples are rather worthless, they will be easier to deal with."

"Yes, yes, Qin Wushuang and Qin Taichong… Also Qin Zhining, Qin Shaohong, all of them must die!" Xin Tianchen said viciously.

"You can use your information to make it yourself. I will take a trip to the totem clan."

Xin Tianwen left nimbly. In a moment, he had arrived at a secret territory within the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. It was also the secret Xuan Yuan territory in the core of the Xuan Yuan Mound.

This Xuan Yuan secret ground was indeed, the habitat for the Xuan Yuan Clan. It's where the most mysterious beings lived within the Xuan Yuan Mound.

Xin Tianwen did not dare to neglect this. He chanted a few words of spells and pulled a divine talisman to shoot into the sky. In a moment, it had disappeared without a trace.

Not long after, a faintly discernible voice spoke to Xuan Yuan from the secret territory, "Xin Tianwen, what are you doing here?"

"I have come to pay a visit to the honorable senior totem deity."

"Come in."

With a flash, Xin Tianwen had disappeared in the sky. Next, within a secret territory, a complicated stone track lead to the far front in a preposterous way. In the midst of a dense bamboo forest, a simple and elegant courtyard appeared.

Xin Tianwen walked on the little path until he arrived before the door of the courtyard and stopped before the firewood house.

"Tianwen, is meeting Sir Wei." Outisde the door, Xin Tianwen bowed remotely.

In this courtyard was a forthright guy dressed in ordinary clothed garments. With one look, he appeared to be a thick and solid farmer. He was carrying an axe for chopping firewood and stood with an awkward stance.

However, if one were to look carefully, they would feel this person was like that of a painting. For this courtyard, this bamboo forest, and everything else was only like a water painting.

The natural Daoism would integrate with the natural. The source of the Heavenly Dao had come from nature itself.

This person that appeared like a peasant, without a doubt, he was going after the artistic mood of this natural Daoism.

"Anyways, Xin Tianwen, you do not visit a temple without a cause. Today for coming here, what business do you have to disturb my quiet training?" Sir Wei was called Xuan Yuan Wei and was one of the Genuine Supreme Dao elite warriors ranked in the top three! He held an honorable position within the Xuan Yuan Mound!

"Sir Wei, about the trip to the Illusion Heavenly Lake, has Mr. Ba come to inform you of what has happened?" Xin Tianwen tried to sound it out.

Xuan Yuan Wei twisted his brow and said lightly, "I am no longer interested in matters of the outside world. What about that Illusion Heavenly Lake?"

"Sir Wei, I heard that initially, Golden Cicada of the Illusion Heavenly Lake had come to the Xuan Yuan Mound and challenged Sir Yang. He was defeated by Sir Yang, but did not die, he only suffered grave injuries. However, Sir Wei intercepted Golden Cicada and exiled him here for thousands of years…" Xin Tianwen had built up the courage to speak and his heart thumped.

Indeed, flashes of anger shot through the eyes of Xuan Yuan Wei. A divine light shot out from his eyes to sweep directly at Xin Tianwen. He felt his entire body trembling as he started to s.h.i.+ver.

"Sir Wei, please hear me out. I never intended to offend you! Please hear me out!" Before this Sir Wei, Xin Tianwen, the honorable Heavenly Emperor was just like a little cricket who had no power to resist!

"Xin Tianwen, if you do not speak a cause, even if you are the Heavenly Emperor, today I will burn your bones into ashes." Xuan Yuan Wei projected a natural dignity and power. Although these words were not spoken viciously, the power and influence contained within his voice had made Xin Tianwen feel lingering fear.

"Yes yes." Xin Tianwen organized his attire and said carefully, "I do not possess vile intentions. I only wanted to verify those a.s.sumptions. It's because I know that the Graceful Spiritual Bow used by Golden Cicada has reappeared in the world!"

"The Graceful Spiritual Bow appears in the world?" Xuan Yuan Wei's gaze had become stern as he watched Xin Tianwen tenaciously. "Is what you say true?"

"Not a word of a lie!" Xin Tianwen said while he made a solemn vow.

Upon hearing the name of the Graceful Spiritual Bow, the att.i.tude Xuan Yuan Wei held towards Xin Tianwen had clearly softened. However, the fierce and arrogant haughtiness from his eyes had become richer.

He pressed both his hands tightly as a crackling sound came from his bones. Like an enraged lion, the eyes of this Xuan Yuan Wei were bloodshot red.

After a while, he turned to ask, "Xin Tianwen, are you sure? Do you have concrete information?"

Xin Tianwen immediately said, "Initially, I was only suspicious, it's because the background of the Graceful Spiritual Bow was too huge and I would not dare to make my statement. However, as the situation has changed and with the trip to the Illusion Heavenly Lake, I am sure of the person who possesses the Graceful Spiritual Bow!"

"Just who is it?" Xuan Yuan Wei said with a cold sneer.

"It's a young disciple of the Qin Clan! He's not even thirty years old and is almost on the verge of the Supreme Dao Stage. He could kill people that were levels higher than him as if he was picking up gra.s.s. He is using the mysterious divine bow. At first, I did not suspect him of using the Graceful Spiritual Bow. Only until the Illusion Heavenly Lake trip, with the report from my disciples, that Qin Wushuang made it to the tenth island. Just when everyone thought he would die, he rode out on the Thousand Feeler Cloud Chasing Beast and left the island. That Thousand Feeler Cloud Chasing Beast was the spiritual beast sealed by Golden Cicada. Without Golden Cicada breaking the seal, it could not leave the island! Therefore, Qin Wushuang has inherited the Graceful Spiritual Bow from Golden Cicada!"

Xuan Yuan Wei revealed an incredibly unsightly expression. He twitched the corner of his mouth and showed a malevolent face. His entire body shook with rage.

Soaring of Galaxia Chapter 713 - Elite Warriors Of The Xuan Yuan Clan

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