Soaring of Galaxia Chapter 860 - Heavenly Emperor Mountain Pageant

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Chapter 860: Heavenly Emperor Mountain Pageant

The pageant at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain occurs every five hundred years. In the past, they would verify the Heavenly Emperor Mountain and then start the selection for other sects.

This time, the Xuan Yuan Clan adopted an original approach and implemented a completely different method.

This pageant would be formed by two sections. The first section was the challenge to those not part of the Heavenly Emperor Gate.

The second section was the compet.i.tion for a seat at the Heavenly Emperor Gate.

In the first section, all the exterior powerhouses outside the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates that possessed the power above second-tier could sign up.

Of course, in fact it was impossible for second-tier powerhouses to partic.i.p.ate. Everyone knew that those powerhouses did not have Supreme Dao elite warriors.

Those who were qualified to challenge were in fact, those first-tier powerhouses. There were four of these powerhouses outside the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates.

Currently, a few extra ones also emerged, like the Floating Snow House who were initially at the peak of the second-tier powerhouses and possessed similar strength to the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect. These were powerhouses that could rank in the top twenty.

Besides a dozen first-tier powerhouses, it would be these powerhouses close to the second-tier level.

Currently, the Floating Snow House had their own Supreme Dao elite warriors and also had their own divine beast as a guardian. As their strength developed according with the situation, they were already a hot topic in competing for the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates.

Therefore, the challenge in the first section was going to be more lively than the second section due to the large number of partic.i.p.ating sects. The second section will be targeted at those competing for the Heavenly Emperor Gate.

In the Heavenly Emperor Gate compet.i.tion, the sect that becomes the Heavenly Emperor will have one opportunity to banish the other sect. Usually, the sect who wins the seat will choose to banish their main opponent.

Of course, this opportunity was usually not used.

It was because when you have the qualification to banish someone, you must also possess the strength and courage to do so.

For example, when the Qin Clan lost the Heavenly Emperor seat, the Xin Clan intended to banish the Qin Clan. However, not one of the sects that supported the Xin Clan dared to challenge the Qin Clan, nor were they qualified. Therefore, the Qin Clan still sits well on the seat of the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates.

The principle was that the thin dead camel was bigger than the horse. Although the Qin Clan was inferior to the Xin Clan, they still had their foundation. Ordinary sects truly would not dare to fight them. Just in case that under a raging temper, the Qin Clan might launch murderous attacks on the arena. No one dared to touch them for fear of bad luck.

Although the Xin Clan was depressed, they were left without a choice. They could only keep watching the Qin Clan sit well among the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates.

Naturally, only the Xuan Yuan Clan was qualified to organize the Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant. For this matter, there would be a person in charge. It will be hosted by the totem elite warrior, Xuan Yuan Ba, of the Xuan Yuan Mound.

Initially at the Illusion Heavenly Lake, this Xuan Yuan Ba also led his team. He was the main figure in charge of secular matters inside the Xuan Yuan totem clan.

As soon as the notice about the Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant was posted, the powerhouses across the entire Xuan Yuan Mound almost flared up. Finally, the five hundred year pageant opened its curtains again.

Considering the grat.i.tude and grudges held by the Qin and Xin Clan for these past dozen years, there will be more to see at this Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant. Not to mention, there will also be that mysterious Yun Clan.

When the post went out, the registration time-line also came out.

Indeed as everyone expected, the degree of partic.i.p.ation was tremendous. The amount of partic.i.p.ating powerhouses also surpa.s.sed the previous years.

Six exterior powerhouses signed up to partic.i.p.ate in the challenge!

These six powerhouses were the Floating Snow House, Great Second Gate, Misty Sword Sect, Flowing Sound Valley, Hundred Sword Sect, and Vase Mound House.

Clearly, these six powerhouses had the shadow of three supporting powerhouses. Exactly as Qin Wushuang said, without major powerhouses such as the Qin, Yun, and Xin Clan, it was utterly impossible to win amongst the contest for the number of competing spots.

The powerhouses getting challenged were rather interesting.

The Floating Snow House challenged the Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa. The Misty Sword Sect and Flowing Sound Valley challenged the Sound of Thunder Sect. The Great Second Gate was never in a good relations.h.i.+p with the Mysterious Reform Gate. With this opportunity, naturally they would be challenging the Mysterious Reform Gate.

The Qin Clan once roped in the Great Second Gate, yet they did not hold a resolute mind. Currently, in between the decisions, this Great Second Gate did not choose the Qin Clan, but chose the other two major powerhouses.

Per Qin Wushuang's estimation, the Great Second Gate would certainly not choose the Xin Clan. Then, naturally the supporter behind the Great Second Gate must be the Yun Clan.

Qin Wushuang overlooked this aspect which caused the Yun Clan to climb up first.

As for the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound House, they challenge the Thousand Feather Sect and Hundred Lane House. The Xin Clan supported this Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound House. This time, Xin Tianwen spent a fortune to let them challenge the Thousand Feather Sect and Hundred Lane House. Clearly, Xin Tianwen intended to settle an old debt.

Although the Hundred Lane House and Thousand Feather Sect was well aware of it, they were helpless. Despite how they could not afford to offend the Qin Clan, in the end they still offended the Xin Clan.

Of course, their resentment to the Xin Clan from the bottom of their heart intensified.

Xin Tianwen was playing a good scheme. Once the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound House won, with the Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect, four of the direct trusted aides would obey the Heavenly Emperor Gate amongst the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates. Even if the Qin and Yun Clan stayed, the Xin Clan would still oversee the entire situation and possess the decisive advantage.

Only, he also expected that the Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect would get challenged without a question. Therefore, Xin Tianwen was not being stingy as he took care of those two extra sects.

He and Saber Beard each got three scrolls of the sealed beast souls from the Heavenly Fire Southern Border. He lent one to both the Hundred Sword Sect and Vase Mound House. For the remaining sealed beast soul, it would be used as capital for the Heavenly Emperor Gate to prepare for the war.

This way, the Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa and Sound of Thunder Sect would not get their share of a sealed beast soul. Without a choice, Xin Tianwen could only borrow two from Saber Beard, despite his reputation.

The divine beast Saber Beard was in fact, incredibly generous as he lent all three scrolls to Xin Tianwen.

Currently, Xin Tianwen had exhausted his thoughts and ingenuity for the situation at the Heavenly Emperor Mountain. He no longer had anymore energy to think for others. He also never questioned anything else.

With the three sealed beast soul scrolls from Saber Beard, it could be said that Xin Tianwen was a tiger with wings. Not only does the Sound of Thunder Sect and Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa have one, Xin Tianwen also had one extra. It could be said that he was well prepared.

These sealed beast souls all had a minimum level of the Fourth Calamity Transformation Supreme Dao Stage. This strength made Xin Tianwen feel he was totally able to grasp the victory.

When the result of the number of exterior powerhouses challenging the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gate was tallied, five powerhouses were to be challenged. In other words, besides the traditional three major giants, the Qin, Yun, and Xin Clan, all other Heavenly Emperor Mountain sects were challenged.

The Sound of Thunder Sect was the most depressed, for they were challenged by the Misty Sword Sect and Flowing Sound Valley at the same time. Certainly, the degree of the fierce battle to compete for this spot would be the highest.

There was not the slightest suspense for the Heavenly Emperor seat compet.i.tion. The three major sects had been in a tangle for tens and thousands of years. Every five hundred years, it would be a scorched battle. Victory was difficult to be determined until the final moment.

The Qin, Yun, and Xin Clan, naturally these three major powerhouses wrote down their registration form for the first time and awaited the inspection from the Xuan Yuan Clan.

This Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant was extremely open-minded. Any sect could seek help from another. For example, they could borrow weapons, equipment, or even personnel.

Yet in ordinary circ.u.mstances, it was rare for one to lend their personnel. It was because each person could only appear once at the pageant. For example, if the elite warrior of the Xin Clan was lent to the Heavenly Punis.h.i.+ng Villa, then when it was your turn, the person that was lent out was not qualified to fight for the Xin Clan again.

In between Forbidden Spiritual Zones, the principle was that it was forbidden to lend personnel to each other. However, you could lend out your equipment and weapons, just not your people.

Therefore, lending talent would usually occur between the sects and freelance martial artists. If some sects did not possess great power, they could borrow the power of a strong freelance martial artist. As long as they bestowed him with the t.i.tle of "Elder," it would not be a problem.

Of course, it was difficult to find a powerful freelance martial artist. In this world, only one freelance martial artist amongst a billion could become a Supreme Dao elite warrior.

Therefore, whenever such pageant arrived, the probability of the appearance of a divine beast was the highest. As long as a divine beast did not come from a foreign powerhouse, it would be recognized for the major sects to invite them with their own skills.

It's needless to talk about something like the sealed beast souls. Initially, they did not have intelligence. Honestly, they were just puppets for combat and not comparable to equipment.

After the registration was tallied, the Heavenly Emperor Mountain pageant already entered the most nerve wracking moment: the final three months of preparation.

These three months would allow each powerhouse to make their final preparations and work. There will be one more chance to register the day before the compet.i.tion. This registration opportunity would verify the contestant list.

Once this contestant list was verified, it would be impossible to make any changes.

Therefore, these three months would be the final period for preparation for all sects. Everyone would showcase their skills. Regarding what kind of helpers they could get or what kind of defying weapons they had, it will depend on the hard work of these three months.

With the approach of the pageant, Qin Wushuang was calm. In the final three months, it would be the crucial period for him to welcome the Seventh Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage.

Qin Wushuang was not worried at all for pa.s.sing the Seventh Calamity. With the Genuine Supreme Dao Ninth Calamity weapon accompanying him, this Supreme Dao Calamity was simply the level of a few drops of rain.

Others would worry about the arrival of a Supreme Dao Calamity, but he was concerned it would come too late!

Unfortunately, time was still too tight. If he were to get another twenty years, Qin Wushuang had full a.s.surance to attract the Eighth or even the Ninth Calamity.

As long as he pa.s.sed the Ninth Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage, he would enter the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage. Then, he would be qualified to explore the final Seventh Loop of the Seven Deadly Arrays Formation.

Up to this point, Qin Wushuang exerted all of his efforts towards that direction.

He knew that the Heavenly Emperor battle was a battle for glory. It will be an honorable expedition to fight for the honor of his clan. To him, the fight for Heavenly Emperor was nothing!

How could being the ruler of the Heavenly Emperor Mountain satisfy Qin Wushuang's gigantic appet.i.te?

On this day, the Qin Clan welcomed two uninvited guests. They stood nervously outside the mountain gate. Even Qin Chongyang was surprised at the arrival of these two. They were Luo Baiyu of the Thousand Feather Sect and Bai Liguang of the Hundred Lane House. They were the number one leaders of these two powerhouses!

Soaring of Galaxia Chapter 860 - Heavenly Emperor Mountain Pageant

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