Soaring of Galaxia 891 Visit From The Stargaze Palace

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The refinement of the Mustard Cave Dwelling greatly increased the safety level of the Qin Clan. As a result, Qin Wushuang had more a.s.surance to be in solitary training.

Even if that Golden Crow were to raid the Heavenly Emperor Mountain blindly, Qin Wushuang had enough cards to deal with it. Just this Mustard Cave Dwelling was not something the Golden Crow was capable of breaching.

Although the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage was powerful, under the current rules of the Tian Xuan Land, it was impossible to break the restraints of the Genuine Supreme Dao and to enter the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage.

One step back, even if the Golden Crow could enter the Heavenly Supreme Dao Stage, this Mustard Cave Dwelling would also keep refining and have stronger defensive power. Ordinary Heavenly Supreme Dao warriors would not have any chance to break through it.

As for the situation at the eastern sea, Qin Wushuang was not in a rush to get involved. Since Senior Brother Li Buyi already went to the eastern sea, he believed that he must have a set of regulations and would not allow that Golden Crow to act unbridled.

As time slipped away, another few years pa.s.sed in a flash. At this moment, it was fifteen years that Qin Wushuang had sat as Heavenly Emperor.

Finally, the Tian Xuan Land welcomed the pageant which occurs every few thousand years: the opening of the G.o.d Discarding Door!

Any form of gathering hosted by the totem powerhouses was incomparable to the opportunities inside the G.o.d Discarding Door!

In these years, Qin Wushuang did not achieve a significant increase of his strength, yet he reaped some harvest. Now, he was already at the Fourth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage.

In fifteen years of time, not only did he break through the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage, he also trained to the Fourth Calamity of the Genuine Supreme Dao Stage in a short period of time. This was definitely an exceptional accomplishment.

In the Upright Morality Hall, everyone still followed the old rules. Only those above the rank of core disciples were qualified to attend.

In these dozen years of development, the Qin Clan could be said as having entered the golden era. Elite warriors also emerged in rapid growth inside the clan. Although no new Supreme Dao elite warriors had yet appeared, there were many that entered the Exquisite Mysterious Boundary Stage.

These Exquisite Mysterious Boundary elite warriors were all preparing for the Supreme Dao Stage. Now, the Qin Clan had a comprehensive cultivation method.

This caused the development of the Qin Clan to appear methodically arranged.

Qin Wushuang felt extremely gratified as he looked at this heartening situation. He looked across the entire scene and said leisurely, "Everyone, from your expressions, I see the future for the Qin Clan. It's excellent. In these dozen years, everyone must have worked really hard. I hope you will keep it up. Now, the clan is vigorously developing. We must seize this opportunity to pull the distance between us and the other sects, and plunge ahead."

In fact, not to mention Qin Wushuang, even ordinary Qin disciples had their horizons widened. They no longer put themselves in the same position to compete with other sects.

They wanted to take it up a notch.

Currently, all disciples of the Qin Clan knew that they had a prodigy as their Head Chief, a powerful backbone.

"Head Chief, only six months until the opening of the G.o.d Discarding Door. Now, everyone is restless and awaiting for the starry commanding order. Since we are the Heavenly Emperor Gate, we should have many spots, right?"

Qin Wushuang said with an irresolute voice, "No need to worry about this, I will take care of it. Just train hard and no one will take our spots."

The entire Qin Clan trusted this young Head Chief extremely. No one would doubt his words.

Initially, when Qin Wushuang confronted Xuan Yuan Yang, this paramount totem elite warrior head on, everyone saw how he stood his ground with their own eyes. The entire Qin Clan was proud of him.

Since ancient times, not many dared to provoke the totem clan. Since such a young chief with a vigorous style appeared in the clan, it was their fortune.

"Head Chief, last time you asked me to reform the higher-ups of the Qin Clan, after much thinking, I have an initial plan, please look it over." Now, Qin Chongyang was still the general manager for the secular affairs of the clan. He was acting as the internal butler of the clan.

After Qin Wushuang looked through it for a moment, he had an appreciative smile. He nodded. "Good, this is a good proposal. In our clan, the higher officials needs to have an explicit distribution of roles. The three Head Chiefs, five junior chiefs, the Grand Elder, Honored Warrior Hall, Elder Hall, Guardian Hall, the Ascending Dragon Slope of the core disciples had meticulous distinction, but the distribution of roles was not explicit enough."

Qin Yunran nodded. "Yes, in the past, the clan still overly emphasized individual training. We lacked an overall plan for the entire clan."

Of course, this was related to history. In the past, Head Chief Qin Xiaotian concentrated on training to prepare for the Heavenly Emperor compet.i.tion. He didn't have much time to go over these secular affairs.

In terms of Qin Yunran's relatively coa.r.s.e personality, perhaps he could offer some suggestions for such constructive problems, but it will be too much to ask him to have an overall train of thought.

Qin Chongyang did, however, have talent with this aspect. Yet after all, he was only a Third Chief. Without the permission from Head Chief, it was inappropriate for him to act overly tyrannical for some matters.

Most importantly, the Qin Clan in the past was suppressed by the Xin Clan. Despite having a vigorous style, they still lacked confidence and an overall bearing. Plus, the number of Supreme Dao elite warriors in the clan was matchless to what they had now. They also did not possess the condition to divide roles explicitly.

Currently, as the Qin Clan had entered a flouris.h.i.+ng period and showcased full growth, naturally they needed a detailed plan. Relating to his own thoughts, plus some on the spot performance, Qin Chongyang made an extremely detailed plan.

Now, Qin Lianshan was also holding the position as an Elder. Although he had yet to reach the level of Exquisite Mysterious Boundary in terms of strength, he already surpa.s.sed the ordinary elders.

With his special ident.i.ty, despite for holding the Elder position, he was no less than those Honored Warriors. He also enjoyed the treatment of Honored Warrior.

And Da Xi Ming was at the Peak of the Common Mysterious Stage, that was close to the Supreme Dao Stage. As a student their master, despite having the position as an external Honored Warrior in the clan, he had great authority for delivering his own opinion.

The entire Qin Clan was full of vitality.

Those Qin ancestors who were blocked by Zhi Tong were all released because of Qin Wushuang. However, these ancestors were old and many of them did not hold outstanding power. On the contrary, a few from the younger generation showed good talent. They could be said as cousins generations apart from Qin Wushuang. Qin Lianshan stepped out and let them stay to train at the Aspiring Throne Mountain.

The rest of them went to the Plain Field Qin Clan to enjoy their retired life.

The Plain Field Qin Clan was Qin Yu, Qin Wushuang's ancestor's hometown, and his current family. The current head was Qin Yu's brother, Qin Yi. Of course, they would not refuse this proposal.

The current Plain Field Qin Clan was immensely proud. It was because the current Head Chief of the clan, the current Heavenly Emperor, was of their bloodline.

Just this point alone was enough to make the Plain Field Qin Clan feel proud for a few thousand of years. Ever since Qin Wushuang became the Head Chief, he had yet to return to the clan. However, Qin Lianshan returned many times. Those surrounding branches of the Qin Clan never fully believed how the Plain Field Qin Clan was the ancestral hometown of the current Heavenly Emperor. Since Qin Lianshan returned to verify this, and with the return of the Eastwood Qin disciples, it served as evidence.

Instantly, it allowed the status of the Plain Field Qin Clan to change with the overall trend. They became the most famous Qin branch in the surrounding ten thousand miles. Not to mention their sworn enemy Scarlet Water Qin Clan, even the most powerful branches must look up at them.

Naturally, this was all because of Qin Wushuang.

Just when the Upright Morality Hall discussed relative matters about the G.o.d Discarding Door harmoniously, suddenly, disciples from out the door reported that the Stargaze Palace of the human countries were seeking an audience.

As soon as Qin Wushuang heard the words "Stargaze Palace," his eyes instantly lit up.

The Stargaze Palace was the first place where Qin Wushuang began to ascend with his training.

Although Qin Wushuang was putting more emphasis on the Qin Clan, the experiences he had at the Stargaze Palace kept an important position in his heart.

It could be said that the position the Stargaze Palace held in Qin Wushuang's heart was no lesser than the branches of the Qin Clan.

"Ha ha, everyone, the Stargaze Palace was the first platform for my martial arts training. All the teachers cared about me very much. Especially my teacher, Tan Zhongchi, he treated me as his own. Once a teacher, he will always be like my father."

"In spite of riches of honor, a Head Chief never forgets his roots. This is anecdote pa.s.sed on with approbation."

"Yes, the Stargaze Palace cultivated such an exceptional Head Chief for the Qin Clan, there is no reason for us not to respect them."

When Qin Wushuang heard everyone saying this, he felt warm-hearted. "Come with me to welcome them."

Everyone nodded and agreed. Qin Lianshan had a good impression of the Stargaze Palace. In fact, the Stargaze Palace helped to solve the numerous crisis faced by the Eastwood Qin Clan. Long ago, during the battle at the Green Jade Mountain, when the outside world thought Qin Wushuang was dead, the Martial Saint of the enemy country wanted to rob the Eastwood Qin Clan. Tan Zhongchi was the one that galloped for thousands of miles to a.s.sist them. Qin Lianshan always remembered this favor closely. When he heard someone of the Stargaze Palace came, he was also feeling extremely excited inwardly.

This time, the Stargaze Palace came lively. From the five Palace Masters to Advanced disciples, more than one hundred people had come. Although these disciples were far less than those in the Qin Clan, it would not influence them from receiving the highest treatment.

When the Head Chief had yet to be accomplished, the Qin Clan had not sheltered him, but the Stargaze Palace did. Just this point was enough.

When Qin Wushuang saw that his teacher, Tan Zhongchi, still appeared tall and straight, despite for some white hair on his two temples, his expression appeared extremely full. Clearly, he was in a good mood.

"Ha ha, Wushuang, good kid, you really made it. Me and the Head Palace Master kept saying along the way, we both knew you were a genius, yet we still didn't expect you to ascend this high, or this quickly!"

Tan Zhongchi laughed heartily and did not feel any barrier due to Qin Wushuang's honorable position. In his eyes, he was still that exceptional disciple, the one that strived for the light and made him feel proud.

When Qin Wushuang saw Tan Zhongchi, he remembered the days he spent at the Stargaze Palace. Thinking back on how his teacher went out to welcome him personally and went to seek the Extreme Dark Old Man, he felt endlessly comforted.

He already decided that regardless of their requests, he would agree to anything!

Soaring of Galaxia 891 Visit From The Stargaze Palace

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