Isekai Tensei No Boukensha Volume 1 Chapter 15

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Chapter 1 – 15

Betrayal and A Call for Help

Kukuri Village was faced with the worst situation in all its recorded history. A terribly heavy feeling had loomed over the village the past few days. The cause: the number of goblins appearing from the forest.

Had they been ordinary goblins, there would be no problem at all. But these were no ordinary goblins, they had changed into horrible zombies.

In this world, when beings like monsters or humans have troubles or even desires lingering after they died, they sometimes change into zombies. Otherwise, those called Necromancers, the ones who have a special power to intentionally raise the dead, may curse their corpses. They then become zombies, and act as familiars to the one who raised them. The zombie goblins were of the latter type.

They moved as if they were observing. If one was noticed, it would retreat while the others stayed still. It really seemed like their movements were being controlled, that they were reporting to someone they understood to be higher ranked than themselves.

This had been going on, seemingly day after day. Because of this, several soldiers had tried to follow them but only 1 out of the 3 that left ended up returning. According to him over a thousand zombies had gathered, and after a few days they would probably advance upon the village.

Two days before this report, as well as immediately after it, discussions took place between the representatives of the soldiers and of the village. The next day it was decided to evacuate with only those things that could be carried by hand.

Starting immediately, we will let messengers, the injured, the elderly etc. ride with village or military horse drawn carriages. Soldiers, and those able to fight, will escort them to the nearest city, where they will await aid from Hausto Frontier Earldom. Preparations should be prepared for early morning of the following day. In other words, plan to evacuate by the time the sun rises.

However, something unexpected happened.

The horse drawn carriages had vanished. Those belonging to the military and the village alike had vanished. The confused villagers headed up to where the troops had been stationed, but it was completely deserted.

The soldiers had stolen all the carriages. Making a bad situation worse, as soon as the villagers seemed ready to evacuate, the soldiers had gathered outside the opposite side entrance to the forest and just up and left. The soldier that had been on lookout was killed.

The villagers were left dumbfounded. The soldiers, requested by the king himself to aid the Frontier Region's preparations, had used the villagers as if they were bait, and all of them had run away. It was simply unprecedented.

Even worse, from within the now terrible forest, the dreadful voices of the zombies cried out almost immediately. It was too early. Likely the time the soldier predicted was intentionally wrong, in order to ensure their own safety.

Immediately, father made a decision.

“Take refuge inside the soldier's garrison right away! Those who can, bring along anything that can serve as a weapon! Also look for food from every house! Hurry! Only by being prepared for the siege will everyone survive! I also need 2 or 3 people to serve as messengers, going to the city the soldiers are headed to via another route!”

Father barked out directions. He didn't have a t.i.tle like the village chief or anything but, among the villagers who were previously adventurers he was by far the most accomplished, as he had partied with the king himself. Everyone sprung into motion upon hearing his words.

Along with gramps and mother, I used magic to create both a wall and a moat. Mark and several other hunters kept a watchful eye on the enemy's movements.

Within 30 minutes of evacuation and gathering supplies the first group of zombies had appeared.

There were around 200 goblin, orc etc. zombies. As they drew near, they were showered with arrows. Yet still some kept coming. Those villagers who had previously fought as soldiers or swordsmen struck at them next.

“Tenma, come here!”

My father called and I headed toward him.

“What is it Dad?”

“Tenma, I need you to act as a messenger and fly. Fly to the city where the soldiers are headed!”

A great commotion was taking place all around as he spoke.

Right now, I'm one of the strongest defenders in terms of attack power.

“Dad, I can't! If I leave now, our strength will drastically fall!”

I said but he interrupted,

“I chose you not because you are my son, but because you're the only one who has the ability to do it!”

Father explained that if I used Flying magic, I should reach the city in less than half a day. He wanted me to get there earlier than the soldiers, to notify the city of the current situation and call for help.

Everyone around nodded and was in agreement.

Father took a card out from his pocket and handed it to me.

“This is my guild card from when I was still an adventurer. If you go to the Guild with this, they'll hear you out.”

Along with that advice, he gave me some food and a small amount of water.

I quickly used Flying magic and took off. In my head, I confirmed the location of the city, as I had seen it just yesterday on a map.

After flying for around an hour, I saw the soldiers who had run away taking a rest. They hadn't noticed me.

25 of them. For how big the garrison was, it seems a comparatively small number. They must be pretty careless, as some of them are drinking sake. Even still, as there's no time to deal with them, I decided to ignore them. For now.

Around 6 hours later, the city came into view. Russel City, touted as Hausto Frontier Earldom's second largest city.

I saw a large gate right in front. The gatekeeper noticed my approach and gestured for me to stop. However, I ignored the gatekeeper's request, and using Flying magic kept flying into the town. Right after that, I searched while flying, and finally located the guild hall.

“I have an urgent request from Ricardo of Kukuri village! Could anyone please help me?”

When I flew up and suddenly called out, I surprised a bunch of people, then one of the men approached.

“Shaddup, kid! Go home and suck on yer mom's teet!” he yelled and grabbed at me.

I was impatient and threw the man without going easy on him.

The man went flying with my basic shoulder throw, hit the floor and then bounced, rolling to the wall. At the same time, 5 soldiers rushed out of a nearby door.

“There's been a report that an unauthorized intruder has entered the city and is trying to enter the Guild Hall! Surrender yourself at once!”

Right when the guards had found me and approached to arrest me,

“What's all the commotion? It's quite noisy out here.”

said a voice that carried quite well, echoing out from inside the guild's interior.

I investigated with Appraisal.

Name … Yuri Filland Forester
Age … 200
Race … Elf
t.i.tle … Russel City Guild Leader
HP … 14,000
MP … 17,500
Strength … B-
Defense …
Speed … B+
Magic …
Mind …
Growth … B
Luck … A
Skills … Archery 8 – Water Magic 8 – Wind Magic 8 – Magical Manipulation 7 – Sensory Enhancement 7 – Earth Magic 6 – Light Magic 6 – Throwing Technique 6 – Night Vision 5 – Trapping 5 – Unarmed Combat 5 – Swordsmans.h.i.+p 5 – Magical Power Enhancement 5 – Concealment 5 – Recovery Enhancement 5 – Abnormal Status Resistance 4
Gift … Divine Protection from the Forest

It was the first time I had seen an elf, but more importantly I noticed that he was the Guild Leader.

“Are you the Yuri, the Guild Leader?”

Ignoring the guards, I spoke to him.

“Yes, I am but… who might you be?”

“I apologize for not introducing myself sooner. I am Tenma, the son of Ricardo of Kukuri Village. My father entrusted me with a message for the Guild Leader.”

I mixed in a lie as I spoke.

“From Ricardo, you say? Do you have anything to show as proof?”

It seems to have worked. I handed him my father's card.

“This certainly is Ricardo's card. I will hear you out, please come this way.”

The Guild Leader tried to guide me to the interior of the guild but,

“Wait a minute, Guild Leader! This guy is suspected of trespa.s.sing! Please hand him over to us.”

The guard yelled toward us, but the Guild Leader replied calmly,

“That's quite troubling, isn't it? However, within the guild a special kind of extra territorial law exists. While he's physically in here, he is within my jurisdiction. There is no need to hand him over.” he explained.

Stopping their conversation there, I said,

“Guild Leader, there's not much time, so please let me explain right away. There is also a reason the guards must listen too.”

“I understand. Please tell me that reason, as well.”

Receiving the Guild Leader's okay, I started telling them about the state of Kukuri village.

There were around 20 people total listening including the Guild Leader but excluding the various guild staff and the guards who had come to arrest me. The adventurers there were all paying attention to me.

I told them many things, like when the swarm of zombies had first been discovered the soldiers had used the villagers as bait, and escaped by themselves. I told them how they were headed to this city, and that my father and the others had holed up in the soldiers' garrison and were awaiting aid.

Especially while explaining the bits concerning 『requested by the king himself』 and 『the soldiers meant to aid The Hausto Frontier Earldom』, I didn't forget to emphasize that despite these special designations, they used the villagers as bait so they could save their own hides.

The guards that heard this report about their own colleagues' behavior, became more and more pale the longer they listened.

The others around gave me sympathetic looks and shot glances that seemed quite critical toward the guards.

“If that's the reason then I'd like to offer my aid immediately.” The Guild Leader said with a slightly pained expression.

“Even though I can afford to give some help, I can't immediately arrange a large number of people. Talking to the mayor and gathering food and additional supplies will take at least a day, and even at the fastest, reaching Kukuri Village will take 3 or 4 days.” He said.

I felt frustrated, but thought of an idea just then and explained.

“Here is 500,000 G. Please use it to hire adventurers up to that amount. Then have them set out for Kukuri village immediately. I'll leave the total number of people, food and other supplies up to you.”

I proposed the idea to him.

“I understand. I'll accept it as an urgent quest. You don't need to pay the guild fee this time. Rather, I expect the fee would be a nuisance for this case so, right here, this part, this pay the guild bit. If that's okay with you, sign the contract here.”

I made a contract with the Guild Leader who gave an immediate reply. Transfer the fee to the guild reward column, and put my signature there, it's all set.

“Then, the remuneration is set to be given afterwards. 10,000 G per person, with the right to keep the loot from what they personally defeated. Next, I'll add the text ‘special compensation may be rewarded' and start recruitment.”

With that, the urgent quest was posted.

The ‘special compensation' was probably from Russel City, for the slaying monsters request. If that's the case, I want to partic.i.p.ate and hand over the compensation together with them.

If it hadn't been for my additional funds adding 10,000 G to the remuneration, it could've have turned out badly and first rate adventurers might not have been interested.

“And also, Guild Leader, I have two more favors to ask of you.”

“Oh, and what's that?”

I said to the Guild Leader,

“The first is that I want to head to the village immediately so, when I leave, please make it so I will not be detained.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The Guild Leader said, looking at the guards.

The guards, who might have thought that it would be terrible to make their situation even worse,

“We will report this time as an emergency to our superiors.” They declared while straightening their backs.

“If you would be so kind.”

Said the Guild Leader, who then turned back to me.

“And what would the second favor be?”

“I'd like to show the runaway soldiers one of my magic spells. If they survive, please capture them. In the case of them dying, I ask to be pardoned.” I said with a slight chuckle.

“…I understand, and will allow it. But, I don't think that pardon will be necessary.”

On hearing his reply I looked at him with my head c.o.c.ked to one side, and he laughed gently while saying,

“Those guys have disobeyed orders directly from the king. They fled when they should have s.h.i.+elded those they were meant to protect, so they cannot escape the death penalty. Rather, I think they would be grateful.”

Laughter emerged from the two of us as we talked, even though it seemed those around us were taken aback.

Soon after that I supplied myself with water, food and recovery medicine, and set off flying back toward Kukuri village.

After 5 hours of flying, I found the soldiers. I was careful to fly in a way that wouldn't be noticed, and dropped a powerful Stun spell on them. I used strong earth magic so they wouldn't be able to move their arms or legs freely, then robbed and left them.

I put all their acc.u.mulated items and weapons into the Dimensional Bag and once again set my sights on the village.

Back at the battle with the villagers holed up in garrison, because they do not know that help is on the way, there must be quite a difference in the upper and lower bounds of their morale. Keeping that in mind, I continued to fly to the village in a race against time.

[Author's Note]
What will become of Kukuri Village? They're now caught in a tough situation all because of the s.h.i.+tty soldiers who betrayed Tenma and the others.

I tried to somehow show Tenma's cruel side just a little bit.

A bit of a “Tenma's not some kinda goody two shoes!” kind of feeling.

I hope from here going forward, everyone continues to enjoy reading.

[Note from Translator]
Finally got the new site and domain set up, thanks to the generous donators! I've included a day and night mode, (hoverable) footnotes at the bottom with a return link, a return to top b.u.t.ton and an improved layout. Please let me know if you have any problems with the site down in the comments.

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