Isekai Tensei No Boukensha Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part2

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Chapter 2 – 7 (part 2)

Rock Birds and the Mixed Thieves

On the way back to the city, I had Tanikaze pull a carriage so we could bring the five of them back with us. Well, I called it a carriage, but it's actually more similar to a large wagon with two wheels. There was nothing covering it, so our pa.s.sengers were completely visible to everyone on the way. I had sat them down and tied them all together in one big lump, then gagged them. On top of that, I put signs around each of their necks:

“I tried to steal his prey but, he turned the tables back on me”

“He was able to do it without a word”

“I'm sorry I attacked him”

“I bowled over three men (my friends)”

“I flew through the sky like a bird”

All the signs were written and hung by me, of course. While I went toward the city, I took frequent breaks along the way, and people pa.s.sing by would point and laugh. Some came and asked me what had happened, so I was polite and told them all the details.

Because of the leisurely pace, I reached the city much later than planned. It was probably already past 7.

I explained the situation to the gatekeeper, then went into the city with Tanikaze, and went straight to the Guild. I heard the gatekeeper mutter, ‘again……?'

When I got to the guild, I called out to a staff member who had just come outside, and had them call on Flute-san for me. Right after that, Flute came out. It was about time for her to go home right now however, so she was a little angry.

“I understand the situation. We will first need to deliberate some, concerning Tenmsan and these five individuals. From there, we will decide how to handle this.”

As she said this, the five people started to squirm, like they wanted to say something. Flute removed their gags.

“Why are we the ones being deliberated on! We're the victims here!”

One of them burst out. The other four nodded in agreement.

“This kid ordered his white wolf to attack us from behind and stole our Rock Birds!”

Said the man, becoming more agitated. People in the area start started to form a crowd.

“Even if he was forced to, there's no way this kid could manage to hunt a Rock Bird!”

Isn't that right! The man looked for approval from the people around. The people in the crowd looked at me, then watched the group of five with shocked expressions on their faces. The man seemed oblivious to their reaction and kept on yelling pa.s.sionately.

“Then, just how exactly did you take down those Rock Birds?”

I turned to face the man and questioned him. He replied,

“A bow! We took them down with bows!”

I then took out all of the Rock Birds right there on the spot.

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“Flute-san, and all of you gathered around! Please take a look at the heads of these Rock Birds!”

I said, and held one of the Rock Birds up.

“All of the Rock Birds here were taken down with magic. There is not a single wound from an arrow or other weapons. Please check them for me.”

I pa.s.sed the Rock Bird around. Flute checked one over first, and the people around confirmed what I had said after.

“It's true. It left a clean hole. If it had been an arrow, you'd expect the wound to be more sloppy than this.”

“That really is a neatly formed wound! If it died like this, it probably died without suffering from much stress. The taste of the meat wouldn't be degraded.”

“All of the wounds are practically in the same spot, with just the one every time. You couldn't do this unless you were a particularly skilled magic user.”

The crowd let out a cheer. The faces of the tied-up thieves turned pale.

“Well then, this can be settled without the deliberation. What do you think?”

Flute asked the thieves, but they didn't reply.

“Tenmsan. Will their penalty be a fine, or shall we place them into slavery? The fine would be at minimum 100,000G, but as this is a particularly bad case, it's possible to push it as high as 300,0000G. Oh, and that amount is per person, of course. If it's slavery, the owners.h.i.+p rights would go to you.”

Listening to her, Flute seemed to be in a very bad mood. The irritation was practically visible in every word. For now, let's just lock them up.

“It's me who gets to decide?”

“Yes, that's right. In this case, they committed robbery. Human rights aren't granted to thieves.”

After she said something to that extent,

“Wait just a minute! My parents are n.o.bles. You know what that means, right?!” one of the thieves said proudly. Responding to the man I said,

“Then by all means, tell us?”

In truth, by using Appraisal, I already knew.

Name: Geese
Age: 23
Race: Human
t.i.tle: Second Son of the Honorary n.o.ble (Semi-Baron) ・ Thief

Is what it revealed. Since he's the son of a mere honorary n.o.ble, he's not a n.o.ble himself. More importantly, his other t.i.tle is Thief. It's already hopeless for him.

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“Wha, I'm a n.o.ble! n.o.bles are different!” yelled the man. I watched him carefully.

“Honorary n.o.bility is limited to one generation. In other words, you're just a common thief!”

I said. The man's face turned red.

“My parents have connections with the Duke of Sanga!”

And now he's starting to mention the Duke. Hearing this, I said,

“Flute-san could you send someone over to the Knights Headquarters, and tell the Knight Captain of the Fourth Division that I (Tenma, that is) would like to speak with them?”

Flute nodded at my request and sent someone out. The man put up a proud expression, but everyone around who knew who the Captain of the Fourth division really was, looked toward the man with pity in their eyes.

About 10 minutes later, Primera came running in.

“Tenmsan, has something happened?!”

For some reason, Primera was speaking to me politely. I gave her a quick greeting.

“Sorry about this. But we have a little problem. It concerns not only me, but also the house of your parents.”

I said, and then explained things in order. Primera's expression became more and more stern.

“Yooo, knight-san! My old folks are n.o.bles, yet this brat attacked me. That's treason, ya know? Quick, lemme go.”

He said proudly, completely oblivious to the situation around him. Primera turned to the man and smiled, but if you looked closer you could see the veins on her temple pulsing quite clearly.

“First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I am the Knight Captain of this city's Fourth Knight Division, Primera Von Sanga. Third daughter of Duke Sanga, the one you mentioned.”

She said. The man stopped moving for a moment.

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“Okay, lemme make this quick then. My father is Duke Sanga's–  “SILENCE!” ” .

Primera yelled at him with a voice filled with rage. Of course, this voice scared the man, but it also surprised the people around with its loudness, visibly spooking them.

“A lowly thief talking about n.o.bility, and then, namedropping THE DUKE HIMSELF! You have some nerve! You're the treasonous one here! You won't escape the death penalty!”

She yelled, her anger laid bare. The man cowered from her wrath.

Primera then turned to me.

“Please, entrust the knights with custody of these guys.”

The words themselves felt like a plea, but there was a force behind them that made it impossible to refuse.

“Very well. However, keep in mind that the rights to them are mine, first and foremost.”

I gave my consent. Primera said ‘You've saved us' but then thinking about it a little, said,

“I'm sorry, but could you give me a hand transporting these guys?”

I had been sucked into helping.

[Author's Note]
He set out to hunt Rock Birds, but again captured a bunch of thieves.

His money has steadily been piling up too. Eventually, I want him to challenge a dungeon.

[Translator's Note]
I'll be trying to push updates for to Fridays from now on.
I apologize, it's been a little sporadic up until now, trying to build up a good schedule going forward. Once again, thank you for your patience!

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