Isekai Tensei No Boukensha Volume 2 Chapter 10 Part2

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Chapter 2 - 10 (part 2)

The Day Before the Duel

“What should we do with the things that can't be repaired?”

“Ah, those are supposed to be sold off to blacksmiths and such.” Primera answered.

The person who asked before had been putting weapons that I thought could still be repaired into the toss pile.

“What! You can fix this?!”

He said in a surprised voice. The spearhead had broken off, but it was still possible to swap it out for another one.

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As a test, I took the broken spear, looked for another of the same type of spearhead and then safely replaced it. Primera and the other knights looked surprised to see the repaired spear. Seeing this situation, I said,

“Hey, Primersan.”

“Yes, what's up, Tenmsan?

Primera answered. I pointed to the knights who were surprised at the spear tip.

“These knights, they're all from well off families?”

“That's right. My division has a lot of n.o.bles for some reason.”

This fourth division, I had thought it was a division that often got stuck with Primera, although she could be a bit airheaded at times, she wasn't totally incompetent and seemed to have a reasonable degree of ability. The others I had seen so far, also seemed to have some degree of competency as well.

(They're not totally useless, but more like a bunch that doesn't know much about the world, all collected into a single unit?)

I left my conclusion at that.

“What about this sword?”

One of the knights held up a slightly bent sword that was missing its tip.

“That one can be fixed with the help of a blacksmith.”

“How about this one?”

“You can't replace the spearhead on this type of weapon, so it's probably okay to toss it.”

They brought various things to me to evaluate. After that, I taught the knights a simple way of sorting out which spears and bows to keep and decided that I would sort the swords myself.

About two hours later I finished with the swords, but the knights still hadn't finished their part yet. I went to help the knights out, but then, Primera said,

“Tenmsan, let's take a break for a bit.”

I decided to take a break along with everyone else.

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During the break, I felt several reactions. As I was looking more closely into what I sensed, four other knights approached. I looked those knights straight in the eyes, and they seemed surprised that they had been noticed. Primera, recognizing the sound of their footsteps, quickly stood up and saluted. All the knights who had been resting together stood up in the same way as well.

“Ah, sorry to interrupt your break.”

A man that looked to be the oldest of the four gave a salute, and ordered them at ease. Using Appraisal:

Name: Alain Von Daughtress
Age: 45
Race: Human
t.i.tle: Baron ・ General Captain of the Gunjo City Knights

and this information appeared. The knights behind him were,

Name: Santos Night
Age: 35
Race: Human
t.i.tle: Knight Captain of the 1st Division of the Gunjo City Knights ・ Honorary Semi-Baron

Name: Simon Kairo
Age: 28
Race: Human
t.i.tle: Knight Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gunjo City Knights ・ Honorary Semi-Baron

Name: Aida Rice
Age: 27
Race: Human
t.i.tle: Knight Captain of the 3rd Division of the Gunjo City Knights ・ Honorary Semi-Baron

The top bra.s.s of the Knights had turned up.

“Everyone's here, did something happen?”

Primera asked, with tension in her voice.

“What? Oh, it's not a big deal. It seemed like tough work, so I just came to see how you're making out. There's no cause for alarm.”

“Even if you say that boss, with your manly voice, people can't help but just wait motionlessly.”

“If you say stuff like that, we're going to get into trouble later on. I've told you before, don't say that kind of thing!”

“Also, it seems everyone in the city has been gossiping about him lately, so we came to see him in person.”

Said Alain, Santos, Simon and Aida in turn. I hoped that they weren't here just to distract me.

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“So, you're the Tenma that's in all the rumours swirling about… You're awfully young.”

Alain was a man with a solid physique, and a shaved head. His moustache and beard were connected together.

“That's true. He doesn't look like a guy who could destroy someone like Banza.”

Santos was a very large man, likely over 2 meters tall (6'5”).

“Isn't it said that appearances can be deceiving? He easily noticed us coming, after all”

Simon was a man with a normal build and height, but gentle looking features.

“I asked a guild acquaintance about his background, and then I thought that if we don't group up we'd probably be no match for him.”

Aida was a woman who was taller than Simon. She had short hair and dark colored skin.

“Is that true?!”

It felt like Alain had inadvertently been genuinely shocked and asked the question.

“Yeah, it's true. Everyone knows that I wouldn't make that kind of joke.”

“I know that but still… isn't that going too far?”

Simon asked, but Aida shook her head.

“After he came to the city, he promptly took down 2 ogres. When he was still only 13 years old.”

she said, but Santos replied,

“That's impressive, but still, we're stronger.”

“That's not all though, after that he was witnessed to have taken down a group of B rank monsters by himself. It seems he sold the raw materials from them to the guild. Also……”

She then glanced at me,

“A great deal of time before that, I saw him when he had quite the thirst for blood.”

She declared with emphasis. All of the knights were shocked.

I was quite surprised too. I had done things like that frequently around the time I came to the city, so I didn't know which one they meant.

“So then, what happened?”

Santos asked, and Aida laughed nervously.

“I thought I would be killed. When I realized that, I ran back to my own room in the Knight's Headquarters. Even worse, I hid beneath a desk and locked the door.”

I apologized about what had happened. I replied that since I couldn't remember it myself, she shouldn't worry too much about it.

“For Aida to go that far…… But surely if we grouped up, he wouldn't be a problem right……”

Alain growled, with his arms crossed. He added,

“Tenma, why don't you join the knights?”

“I'm really sorry, but I have to decline.”

I responded without a second thought. Primera said,

“Captain, I invited him earlier, and he refused just as quickly.”

“Is that so……”

Alain had a disappointed expression. Even Primera was rejected the same way… since she was an ally he cheered up a little.

“Captain, if we don't return shortly, it will become a problem.”

Simon advised Alain. Alain seemed to realize, that's right, and with a nod made to leave.

“Alain-san. Could it be that you were the one who ordered the Fourth Division to organize the armory, to teach them about weapons?”

I rushed up to him and asked him quietly.

“That's right. Many n.o.bles have talent but don't know the first thing about common sense. Because of that, I try to instruct them with as many odd as possible.”

He told me to keep that a secret, and then left.

“Okay, let's get back to work for now.”

The knights sprung into motion with my command. Just then, about 20 knights who had some free time came along to help. I taught all of them how to sort, same as I taught the others before and progress went smoothly. But then, I had to teach them about new types of weapons and armor, too.

About 3 hours later, all of the sorting had been finished. It was probably dinnertime already.

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Primera showed me the room where I'd be staying just for tonight. Dinner was served in the dining area, but if I'm being honest, it was much worse than the food at the Full Belly Inn.

The first thing I did upon returning to my room was to give s.h.i.+romaru and Slalin their dinner. I took out some dried meat and parboiled rice from my bag, and then put it in the Dimensional Bag for them. s.h.i.+romaru chowed down as if he was saying ‘I've been waiting for this'.

After that I started to repair my own weapons. When that was finally finished, I crawled into my futon. I decided to sleep early tonight to prepare for tomorrow.

—Inside a Certain Mansion—-

In a dimly lit room, a man knelt before his employer. Surrounding him were the shadows of several people.

“I apologize. I was unable to interfere.”

The man who reported to his employer looked like an adventurer. However, when this man walked, he made as little sound as possible. When compared to his fellow adventurers, he could be thought to be more like a spy or

“That brat hid himself in the Knight's Headquarters.”

Upon hearing those words, the surrounding people became noisy. But then, the employer directly in front of the man…… Regil, yelled out,

“The Knights have recruited that brat?!”

The man replied,

“That's very unlikely. He had probably become aware of the others that were tailing him. As proof of that theory, right after after the kid entered the Headquarters, a knight in plain clothes left via the back door and started to investigate the surroundings.”

The man continued on that he was probably evacuated just to be safe.

“Is that so, fine then. I'll have you work tomorrow then too. Good work today.”


The man left the room, and Regil made the others leave as well. While staring at the contract afterwards,

“You G.o.dd.a.m.n brat, I'll make you realize just who it is you've turned into an enemy.” he said with an ugly laugh.

[Author's Note]
Even though Primera is the captain of the fourth division, I thought it was strange that the other divisions were never shown, so I decided on putting in only their captains. After serving for a number of years, captains are awarded honorary ranks.

Only the general captain is from a n.o.ble family (the second son) so he has more influence than is normal.

Primera is still registered as part of the Duke's family, so she has not received an honorary rank.

Hi, Refulgent, your translator here, if you like my translations, you can show your support by leaving a comment or constructive feedback at Four slimes . com I'd love to hear from you directly~

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