I am the Monarch Chapter 187: New Ability (2)

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Chapter 187: New Ability (2)
Posted on February 13, 2018 by Calvis — 10 Comments ↓
A slightly joyous voice.
It was the first time that Aily Rinse was telling her secrets to someone other than Margaret or Guardian Knight Greg Katis.
No, she didn't even consider this before.

“Actually, in the past I …….”

She had continued until then.

“Count Lancephil.”

Accompanying that voice was Simon Rinse suddenly approaching.


Kinis frowned blatantly from this interruption.

[Such an unhelpful guy.]

She began to noisily clamor with a high voice.

'I see.'

Aily bitterly smiled as she turned around.
It was only then that Simon and Katie had seen Princess Aily.

'It seems you were forcefully dragged over.'

Roan, seeing the uncomfortable looking expression on Katie's face, caused him to bitterly smile as well. Following Simon's plan, after the banquet had commenced, he conversed for quite a long time with Katie.
The one result that he was able to know was this.

'Princess Katie and I are prizes, a prize.'

Unlike the restless Roan, Katie was overly active.
How much it measured to be.

'Seeing the truly active Princess Katie, who is overly short of words, it's possible that she may have even discussed marriage and living happily ever after.'

So much so that he couldn't help but think how impressive it was.
Katie's good-natured personality that is.

“What are you doing here?”

Simon slightly smiled as he alternated a look of envy between Roan and Aily.
However, what those eyes possessed was a sharp gaze.

'How did Aily and not Katie…….'

Simon couldn't understand.
Aily was known as the Shadow Princess, so much so that her existence was close to none in the kingdom.
One without a solid family background or any particular ability.
She didn't even have any brothers or sisters.
She was an existence that provided no a.s.sistance to Roan, the pride of the Kingdom, and an uprising hero.

'In contrast, after Katie, it should be my bloodline that is closest to being the next King.'

That pale contrast did not fade anytime soon.

'Of course her personality is a little bit boring, but that's something that can be fixed along the way.'

No matter how many times he looked, it was Katie that matched well with Roan, not Aily.

'What a shame.'

Roan was already guessing what Simon was thinking.

'So it seems that he thinks even of love with his hips.'

Simon saw love as one of the sub-categories in the quest for power.
In his previous life, almost all of the royalty and people that possessed power similar to them thought of love similarly.
For them, love and marriage was a way of retaining power.

'I don't live like that.'

Since the beginning, Roan was a man that loved, not with his head, but with his heart.

Asides from all the various interests, he tried to be as honest with his feelings as possible.

'My heart…….'

When, and who, it pounds faster for, he knew better than anyone else.
It was getting clearer, but after this banquet, he was even more certain.
Roan smoothly smiled as he slightly bowed his head.

“I am having a conversation with Princess Aily.”
“Mmm. I didn't know you were acquainted with Aily.”

Simon then turned his gaze to Aily, who was displaying a faint smile. Those deep eyes gently embraced Simon's look.

She knew better of what Simon's personality was like than Roan, and it was not just because they were siblings.

'It's thanks to your mind.'

Aily's eyes weren't normal because they allowed her to peer through a person's feelings and thoughts.
Aily's current secret was much more heavier than she had thought.

'Look at this guy……..'

Simon's eyes were stained.
He had never expected the person in front of himself, who was known as a shadow princess that the n.o.bles would avoid being they did not think much of her, would boldy stare at him.

'Did I make too quick of a judgment…….?'

Among everyone in the royal palace, he thought there was only Tommy Rinse, the 2nd Prince, and Callum Rinse, the 3rd Prince, that he needed to contain.
Other than them, he had either killed or detained all of the others that seemed to be problematic.
In comparison, he had left alone all of those that he decided weren't worthy of dealing with at all, and she was one of them.
But today, he thought that he might've made the wrong judgment.

'I'll have to pay more attention to her.'

He was still far ahead in the compet.i.tion for succession of the throne.
He had to be even more careful and wary of failing.
Carelessness will lead to death.
Simon breathed in deeply as he looked at Roan and Aily.

'If those two were to have interest in one another……..'

It wasn't a pleasant situation.
He didn't know clearly what Aily thought of him.

'It wouldn't be good……..'

But he was able to roughly measure.
Originally, in Simon's case, other than his supporting faction, all of the others would be no different from being enemies.
It was because he highly emphasized the importance of distinguis.h.i.+ng between those that were his people and those that were the people of others.
Simon's gaze naturally turned to Katie.

'Will you stay still like this?'

That sharp, piercing look.
However, Katie was an existence that didn't move according to Simon's will like the other n.o.bles.
She was Simon's one and only true younger sister, bound by blood.
Almost the only existence that she could raise her voice to.

'I don't want to marry Roan Lancephil!'

Katie didn't really like Roan, and so she glared at Simon with a frown. A speechless rebellion and scolding. A fierce s...o...b..ll-like glare battle erupted between them. In the end, unable to control herself, Katie bursted out first.

“Hmph! This banquet is no fun!”

Then, while widely swinging her dress, she left the banquet.

Simon called out for her with a loud voice, but she did not turn back.


His rage reached up to the tip of his throat.
He wanted to follow her immediately and scold her.

'If he were to leave like this, Count Lancephil and Aily will……..'

His gaze naturally turned to Roan and Aily.
Those two people were looking over at him side by side, as if they were an old couple, like they were married.


Simon was nervous, however, protecting his position itself was laughable. No, he couldn't protect his position, as the current atmosphere between Roan and Aily did not show any s.p.a.ce for him to interfere into. Not to mention he wasn't that natural in conversation with them.

“It definitely seems something is up.”

Simon smiled to Roan awkwardly, as he slightly waved his hand.

“I must follow my sister.”

Roan and Aily both nodded instead of replying.
Simon, while having a regrettable expression on his face, followed behind the footsteps of Katie.

'd.a.m.n it. I might regret this greatly somehow.'

He felt frustrated.
The fact that the day would come where he would regret not having separated Roan and Aily earlier. Usually, these kind of insecurities had a high chance of occurring.
'I cannot let this happen.'

He had to start removing the risk factors in advance.

'I must investigate Aily.'

If things come to the worst, he'll have to take her hostage.

'Count Roan Lancephil. How long will you stay by my side.'

If he were to show any signs of departure or betrayal…

'Then I will not know how I will change either.'

His eyes flashed eerily within that split moment.
He smiled bitterly, as he looked at the backs of Roan and Aily.
It was then.

[Now! Should we finish what we were talking about?]

Kinis asked Aily with a highly antic.i.p.ated face, and a look full of curiosity.
It was difficult to bear anymore.
Roan and Aily looked at each other speechlessly as they laughed with their serene eyes and warm smiles.

[Hey! Are you really going to keep doing this?]

Kinis interjected between them with a sulky look.
From those words, Aily shyly smiled as she asked in a low voice.

“Should we move?”

Her gaze turned towards a small balcony located in one corner of the banquet.
Roan slowly nodded.

“I will accompany you there.”

He walked one step ahead, with Aily following behind him, as the people's gazes naturally flocked towards them.

'Why is Count Lancephil with the Shadow Princess?'
'How did those two people get acquainted?'
'What the h.e.l.l is going on?'

The Royal family and the n.o.bles were busily trying to figure what was happening.

'It's hard to grab onto the line of Count Lancephil…….'
'Should I start supporting Princess Aily?'

It was the moment that Aily, the shadow that had no presence, was beginning to attract the interest of the people a bit.

“If it's here, I'm sure we won't be disturbed by anyone.”

Aily arrived outside the balcony, as she gazed at the beautiful scenery in front and she spoke her inner feelings with a sweet voice.
Roan lightly smiled and nodded, waiting for the her next sentence.
Aily smiled before continuing.

“Do you know that my nickname is the Shadow Princess?”
“Yes. I know.”

Roan slightly nodded, as Aily stared directly at him turning around.


Roan dryly swallowed his saliva the moment his eyes met with her large, deep, and mesmerizing eyes. His heart was beating loudly. Then, Aily's small, red lips began to slowly move.

“The reason why I'm called the Shadow Princess is because I have not gone outside in years due to a serious illness.”

Roan nodded silently, as he was also familiar with this fact.
Aily slightly smiled as she shook her head.

“However, that's a false rumor. I……….”

That sweet voice grazed through his ears like wind.

“I have never been infected by a serious disease.”

Roan answered with a low voice.
However, he wasn't truly surprised, as he was already aware that the chances of those rumors being false were high. Since, if she was seriously ill and forbidden to leave outside, then there should have been various information and rumors based on the treatment.

'It seems there's a different reason.'

So far, this much had been within his expected range.
However, the subsequent story of Aily was much further beyond Roan's scope of expectation.

“I have been studying outside the Royal Palace for quite a long time.”

It was already an unbelievable story.
Roan and Kinis slightly frowned.

[Study? Why studying?]

Roan's calm voice began to tremble.
Aily smiled faintly as she nodded.

“I lived in the Deep Grain Mountains together with 4 Masters.”

It was an unbelievable story that a young princess had lived on the outskirts of the Royal Palace, and that she had lived in the deep mountain ranges of Grain, where even knights could not enter freely. However, Aily's face was very serious.
There was not a single hint of a lie in her eyes.

“I have learned a lot from my Masters. Basic education was a given, but I had even learned magic and elemental magic as well. The reason why I am able to forge contracts with four different elements was all due to the teachings of my Masters.”

Her words were scary.

[Nonsense! That's bogus!]

Kinis screamed with an incredibly shocked expression.
Roan, although he did not speak out his inner feelings, felt similarly as well.
Kinis continued.

[You were able to forge contracts with four different Spirits due to the teachings of your Masters? Even if your Masters were elves, it's absolutely impossible. If those 4 Masters were either Dragons or the Spirit Kings, then maybe…… but even then it is not easy at all. To have affinity with each of the four Elements…….]

When she had talked up to there, Aily smiled lightly before revealing one of her big, hidden secrets.

[Huh? What's right?]

Kinis made a puzzled look from Aily's sudden reply.
Aily slightly tilted her head to one side with a cute expression.

“All of my Masters were…….”

Then, she instinctively lowered her voice.


Soon, heavy silence overcame them all.
Roan And Kinis both looked at her with their eyes wide open. Though they had heart a lot of unbelievable stories, aside from the fact of where she was born, Kinis had claimed that she was a potential successor to the Spirit King.
In Roan's case, he had returned to the past and had been living a new life.
But even then, it was hard to believe.
As much as it was difficult for Aily to reveal this great secret, it was equally shocking for them.
An absolute existence that had hid themselves over hundreds of years ago.
The Humans had thought that they had returned to their other world, but never did think that they had become extinct.
It was because they thought that Dragons would never die.
As much as how the Humans thought of Dragons as nearly equals to G.o.ds, it was the same here.

“Pr-Princess was the student of a Dragon, and four of them?”

Roan's voice shook.
Normally, he would be able to keep his composure, but in this instance, it was difficult to maintain it.

'A Dragon?!'

In his previous life, he had never seen nor heard of a Dragon appearing in his life.

“Yes. That is correct.”

Aily, on the other hand, was extremely articulate.
Rather, considering that she had kept this secret hidden until now, she looked extremely comfortable.
Roan began to stare at Aily quietly.

'For her to be the student of a Dragon…… how come a person like her did not reveal herself in my past life?'

His thoughts became very complicated.

'Did everything change once I completely changed my life after returning to the past?'

His Adam's Apple began to move excessively.
It was then that Kinis resolved Roan's complicated thoughts by asking her with a tone full of curiosity.

[You're the student of a Dragon? Isn't that too unbelievable? Why would a student of a Dragon like the Shadow Princess waste her life without having any sort of presence?]

From those words, Aily lightly shook her head.

“That's only a part of me. I have also been doing various things in my own way.”
[What happened?]

From Kinis's question, Aily answered without hesitation as she no longer had to hide everything.

“Many companies including the Sale Company…….”

When she had continued then.

“Sale Company?!”

Roan shouted in a loud voice.
It was an unimaginable situation, as he had never thought he would hear this name. Aily looked at the shocked Roan and nodded.

“That is right. The transportation business that was invested into the county of Baron-nim by the Sale Company is one of the companies that I operate. I am truly sorry that I have not revealed my ident.i.ty until now. If you feel uncomfortable…….”

She was misunderstanding why Roan was surprised.
Roan still looked at Aily with a stunned expression.

'Goldmaster Sale who was always hidden under a veil. No, the fact that the ident.i.ty of that person would be Princess Aily.'
As one of the leading representatives of the economy and someone who controlled 70% of the Rinse Kingdom's commerce, she was one of the five richest people in the world. The fact that the ident.i.ty of Goldmaster Sale was revealed was an alarming matter itself.


Roan quickly recollected himself.
A corner of his heart was aching.

'Though the Goldmaster is definitely amazing……'

There was something unfortunate with realizing that she was the student of a Dragon. Looking over his past life, there were quite a number of people that were far greater than Goldmaster Sale.
That was how many great figures there were in the Great Warring Era.

'Doesn't she have another ident.i.ty?'

He had thought up to here until.

[You run the company? Hmph. That shouldn't be all?]

Kinis asked asked in a high tone realizing that there was something else.

'It should be impossible to contract with the four Elements just because she was the student of a Dragon. No matter how great the Dragons were, it can only be backed up with one's ability.'

To have a great affinity with each of the four Elements was absolutely impossible for a normal human being. Kinis stared at Aily blatantly with doubt. Aily replied with a smile like before.

“You are right, Kinis. Other than Aily and Sale, I have another name.

She alternated looks between Kinis and Roan before whispering in a low voice.

“Pisces. That is also another name for me.”

In that instant.


Roan erupted in a low exclamation as he couldn't help be surprised.


Lightning struck in his head.
The Great Warring Era.
In that era of chaos, there was a grand figure that had that name.

'The Queen of the Elves.'

And that name had appeared suddenly here.

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I am the Monarch Chapter 187: New Ability (2)

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