I am the Monarch Chapter 200: Sudden Change (6)

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T/n: “Viscount Sith Wiggins” on ch. 119 and 126 have been corrected to “baron Sith Wiggins”.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

Sparks flew together with metallic sounds.

“d.a.m.n it! Have you forgotten our promise?!”
“That's what I want to say!”

Two young n.o.bles wearing brilliant armors shouted while putting their swords against each other.
Their faces were completely twisted with a feeling of betrayal and rage.

“Us 12 Hatchlings decided not to divide even if the princes we each support are different! We said we'll stay loyal for the kingdom regardless of whoever becomes the crowned prince!”
“That's what I said!”

The two young n.o.bles were both members of the 12 Hatchlings.
Two whose friends.h.i.+p was quite deep even though the princes they supported were different.
But as the throne succession war began, they ultimately became a pair whom pointed their swords at each other.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

The sound of metal noisily rang.


Around them, soldiers fell down together with throes of death.

“d.a.m.n it! Just how did this happen!”

The two young n.o.bles poured out their frustrations towards each other.
The gazes that glared were full of resentments.



The two n.o.bles simultaneously kicked the ground and rushed towards each other.


A horrifying sound.
The two sets of swords pierced each other's chests.
An appearance of leaning against each other and not even able to fall down.

“Gurruk. Thi, this isn't the world we dreamt of…… kuuk.”
“Our dreams have become ashen…… kuk!”

The lights disappeared from the two people's eyes.
A simultaneous death.
The young n.o.bles who dreamt of a bright dream for their kingdom amiably crossed the river of death.
But even so, it wasn't as if the 12 Hatchlings was disbanded.
They were still the kingdom's future and dream.
It was an excellent sprout that could easily blossom a bud as long as there was a good land.
A good land.
In the Rinse Kingdom, there still was a good land left that one could place their hopes on.


Squelch. Squelch.

Drops of water jumped up every time a step moved.
A dreadful downpour pouring almost hard enough to be difficult to distinguish an inch in front.

“Block them!”

Different shouts clashed.
Soldiers of crimson armor and soldiers of rusted iron armor.
Piercing through the rain streaks, the two forces violently crashed.
The war situation flowed very one-sidedly.
The soldiers wearing crimson armor climbed over the soldiers of rusted iron armor and were attacking the solid castle wall.

“Hook the ladders!”
“Attack! Attack!”

The ones standing at the vanguard and encouraging the soldiers.
Amongst them, there was a young man who was ma.s.sacring the enemy soldiers while slantly holding a black spear.

Roan Lancephil the Crimson Ghost.
Fluttering his crimson cloak, he was ruling over the battlefield.

Ssskuk! Sssguk!

With frightening sounds, the soldiers' bodies were cut apart.

“That man is Roan Lancephil!”
“It's Count Lancephil!”
“Catch him! Kill him!”

Few soldiers recognized Roan and recklessly pounced.
Roan lightly stamped his feet and soared up into the air.


The violently falling rain streaks scattered in every direction.
Although his armor and cloak were crimson, the color of the mana flowing along the Travias Spear was closer to azure.


The rain streaks flowed along the spearhead.
No, the rain streaks became one giant stream of water and wrapped around the enemy soldiers.
Right now, Roan wasn't using the Flamdor Mana Technique but the Lancephil Mana Technique.
Pulling up the Spirit King's Tear, the water energy that was wrapped around his mana hole, he controlled the streaks of rain.
His appearance seemed almost like a G.o.d of water, a knight of water.


With an explosive sound, the water stream tore the earth apart.


Each time, not only the soldiers but even the ordinary knights couldn't endure and were thrown in every direction.


A short sigh twisted through the thinly open lips and flowed out.
For a moment, an odd silence fell down.
Roan's gaze headed towards the solid castle located inside the rain.
The strategic key point that connect the North and South, the Nix Castle.
It was a place that was definitely needed to all Simon, Tommy, and Kallum.
Due to that, it was also a place that actually switched its owner more than ten times since the throne succession war began.
A castle wall where tens of ladders and ropes were hanged.
And the sight of Lancephil Legion's soldiers climbing that castle wall.


Roan kicked off the ground and ran towards the castle wall.
A sight of racing through the falling rain streaks.

Ssskuk! Sssguk!

The Travias spear moved as if dancing.


Every time, the enemy soldiers' waists were bisected along with the streaks of rain.
In no time, the castle wall was right in front of his nose.


Twisting his wrist, he poured in his mana.


The Travias Spear, with a rapid speed, elongated.
The end of the spear handle dug in below the castle wall.


Roan soaring into the air as if flicked together with a weighty sound.


The Lancephil Legion's soldiers who were attacking the castle wall widely opened their eyes as they exclaimed.
The Roan reflected on their eyes wasn't a human but a G.o.d of war.


Roan, as he gained balance in the air, called out to Kinis.

[You only look for me at times like this!]

Soon, Kinis flew in front of his eyes and dizzily moved her hands.

Tung! Tuung!

Below Roan's feet, big and small clumps of water were created.


Lightly stepping on them, Roan jumped down on top of castle wall.


A completely crouched look.
Together with a boom, footprints were stamped on top of the castle wall.
Simultaneously, a whirlwind arose around Roan.
The torrent, which had been falling hard enough to be difficult to distinguish an inch in front, roundly curved and burst out towards every direction.

“Just what!”

The enemy soldiers who were occupying the top of the castle wall clenched their teeth at the squall strong enough to be pushed back.
Roan straightened his crouched body and formed a faint smile.


A quiet but powerful voice.

“There is no place for you b.a.s.t.a.r.ds here in the Nix Castle.”

With his wrists spinning, the Travias Spear began to draw a circle.


The spearhead split the air.

Ssskuk! Sssguk!

With horrifying sounds, the soldiers' limbs were cut off.
Following behind, Roan's cold voice fell on top of the castle wall.

“All of you disappear.”


“The supplying was resolved without a problem, sir.”
“As expected of Sir Clay.”
“You are easily executing difficult missions the instant you returned to the front.”

Words of praises poured down from everywhere.
The young man whose eyes were very thin and long, Clay faintly smiled and shook his head.

“That isn't so. This is all thanks to everyone helping me. I look forwards to working with everyone from now on as well.”

A truly humble look unbeseeming of him.

“We look forwards to working with you as well, sir.”

Soon, numerous administrators took the bundles of doc.u.ments and exited the office.
Clay, who was left alone, checked over the major doc.u.ments for a moment and then stood up from his seat.
Outside a window, thick streaks of rain were visible.

“Everyone must be tired because of the harsh weather.”

It certainly was a worrying tone, but his expression was greatly peculiar.

'Is it the tenth day after returning to the front……'

It was a return after a year since having fallen down to bottom rank administrator after taking responsibility of spying and monitoring Roan.
A situation where Roan along with Count Lancephil House's core members were all partic.i.p.ating in the throne succession war.
Roan left the important duty of County's housekeeping together with supplying the legion.
Clay, in merely ten days, had perfectly executed the supplying mission that was the conundrum amongst conundrums.
An appearance efficient enough for the stories calling him the Lancephil's G.o.d Brain would flow out.

“It truly was a boring and disappointing one year……”

A voice holding a deep regret.
On the coldly sunken eyes, waging waves were blowing.

'My lord. Do you now trust me?'

It took exactly one year of time.
A truly regrettable time for Clay.
He, while pa.s.sing that time, thought and pondered of many things and raised various schemes.

'I have awaited just this moment.'

An odd smile hanged on his mouth.
Clay shallowly breathed and lightly shook his right hand.

Meow. Meow.

Soon, two cats showed up.
Brus.h.i.+ng their heads, Clay murmured unintelligible words for a while.
After who knew how long.

“I entrust it to you.”

Quietly whispering voice.


The cats bowed their heads once, then soon exited out of the office.
Clay breathed in deeply and closed his eyes.

'My lord. This time is my turn.'

His chest violently races.

'This time, my lord start again from the very bottom.'

The smile hanging on the tips of his mouth became much deeper.

'Cats, I entrust it to you.'

If only the cats arrive as planned, the things would be easily resolved.
Knowing or perhaps not knowing Clay's such wish, the cats that exited out of the office tenderly acted at each other as if they were lovers and moved their steps.
Pa.s.sing through a dark corridor and going out of the lord's castle, they then flew themselves into a small garden.
Looks of busily moving their steps without minding even the falling rain streaks.
It was when they pa.s.sed through the garden and were right before entering into the Mediasis Castle's town.

“Our kittens. Where are you going so urgently when it's raining like this?”

Together with a sweet and beautiful voice, a woman deeply wearing a black hood blocked the front of the cats.
Soon, three more people who also deeply wore black hoods appeared behind her.

“They're the druid's cats.”
“As expected, it's as we predicted.”
“For now, should we move our hands before the human called Clay notices?”
“Yes. That should be good.”

Incomprehensible words.
Soon, one amongst those who deeply wore black hoods stepped up and dizzily moved his hands.
Suddenly, an emerald light flashed.


The cats quietly cried at the light that gently wrapped around them, then soon quietly fell asleep.

“Hhm. The human called Clay, he certainly must be smart. The druid's spell is more impressive than I had thought.”

The one who waved his hands before spoke with a surprised voice.
At those words, the one who appeared the very first took off her hood and shook her head.

“Even so, it should be a human's level.”

The face that appeared below the streaks of rain.
It was a face almost unbelievably beautiful.
Clear skin, large eyes, crimson lips……
But the things most shocking were the pointed ears located below the sublime hair that green and gold colors seemed to be mixed in.
Soon following, the ones standing behind all took off their hoods.
They were all without exception beautiful and handsome men and women.
No, to be exact, they weren't humans.
They, who had disappeared after the Great War with the humans, had shown up in the garden of the Mediasis Castle's lord's castle.
One of the elves hugged the cats that had fallen asleep.

“Like how our queen and Sir Count Lancephil said, it seems the human called Clay was planning on making a deal with Duke Bradley Webster.”

The words she whispered while brus.h.i.+ng the cat's head was truly incredible.
However, the elves faintly smiled without a single look of surprise and nodded their heads.

“It's as expected.”
“Then shall we move as Sir Count Lancephil mapped out?”
“We'll have to do so.”

The elf who was hugging the cat cheerfully smiled and nodded her head.
An emerald light flowed up from her palms and enveloped the cats.


The cats that were asleep quietly cried and woke up.
They rubbed their faces on the back of the elf's hand, then soon lightly jumped and ran towards the Mediasis Castle's town.
The elves, watching the cats getting far away, made faint smiles.
A sight so impossibly beautiful that it instead looked unrealistic.
They once again deeply pulled down their hood and hid themselves in a place deep inside the garden.
There still were works left that they must do.


“Eh?! Coronation Ceremony your highness?”

Viscount Tio and the numerous n.o.bles shouted with shocked expressions.
The spot their gazes met was the conference hall's head seat, at Simon Rinse who was resting his body against a giant chair.
Simon tilted his head with an expression that seemed to ask 'why are you so surprised'.

“I have already quelled more than half of the kingdom. Furthermore, Count Lancephil has calmed the northeastern border and has entered the war. Tommy and Kallum too won't be able to hold on anymore.”

With his hands clasped together, he added on with a cold light in his eyes.

“So I think that it is proper to now climb onto the throne and exercise the king's rights domestically and internationally…… is this not so?”

At those words, numerous n.o.bles awkwardly smiled and lowered their heads.
At that moment, Tio, who was closest by, answered in a cautious voice.

“As your highness has said, it is correct that we have a hold on the victory of throne succession war. But the powers who follow Prince Tommy and Prince Kallum still aren't insignificant. So please wait a……”

When his words had reached about that point.

“Would Tommy or Kallum not fool around any further and kneel down only when I become a king? Since pointing their swords even after I climb to the throne would be a treason.”

Simon creased his forehead.
Murkily, an enraged look peaked up.


Tio tightly clenched his teeth.
As the time pa.s.sed and pa.s.sed on, Simon couldn't properly control his emotions.

'We need the G.o.d's Medicine.'

His heart was urgent.
The thing Simon needed now wasn't a coronation ceremony but the Holy Palace's G.o.d's Medicine.
But the methods to obtain the G.o.d's Medicine were remote in its own way.
He had placed his hopes on Io, but he was currently arrested in the Holy Palace.
The only one left was Duke Bradley Webster.

'But the situation is where Sir Duke Webster too is occupied with the throne succession war…… furthermore, the relations.h.i.+p between the prince and Sir Duke isn't like before……'

The inside of his head became complicated.
At that moment.

“My intent is fixed. Immediately prepare a coronation ceremony.”

Simon made the decision with a fiercely flushed face.
At that moment, the head of the 12 Hatchlings and a baron of the Kingdom, Sith Wiggins stepped forwards. 1

“Your highness the Prince. Because the whereabouts of royal family's crest and the national seal are unknown, I judge that it is somewhat impossible to hold the coronation ceremony. Rather, I believe officially holding the ceremony and rising to the throne after the war ends and searching for the crest and the national seal is……”

With a soft voice, Sith raised a remonstration to Simon.
Of course, Simon did not like that.


In the end, a roar mixed with fury exploded out.
He immediately stood up from his seat and stepped towards Sith.


Everyone gulped dryly with nervous expressions.
But only one person.
Only Sith was looking at Simon with composed expression.

'If I die here, that too must be my fate.'

His heart rapidly jumped.
Simon, who arrived right in front of his nose in no time, fiercely glared with his eyes.

“Sith Wiggins.”
“Yes. My Prince.”

An explosive situation.
Tio, in preparation for the unlikely situation, was closely up on Simon's back.

'Baron Wiggins is an important talent.'

The achievements he had raised until now also weren't insignificant.
Simon quietly glared at Sith, then slowly raised his right hand.
An appearance of having tightly clenched his fist.

“I am Rinse Kingdom's First Prince and the one most fitting to the honorable and glorious throne. Is that wrong?”
“No, your highness. But a coronation ceremony is……”

Simon once again roared.
He slowly undid the fist he clenched and turned his back.

“Immediately disappear from in front of my eyes.”

Simon was barely controlling his rage.
If he had completely lost his sanity and was caught by madness, he would have immediately cut Sith's neck.
Sith quietly stood and stared at Simon's back.
It was the appearance that he had looked at all these times until now and followed.


Sith deeply breathed in.
Tio, from the opposite side, signaled to him with his eyes.
Meaning to leave for now.


A long sigh naturally flowed out.
Sith, facing Simon's back, bowed at his waist.

“I will go now, your highness.”

Simon had no particular reaction.
Sith, tightly clenching his teeth, exited out of the conference hall.
When he exited out of the door, Simon's roar was heard.

“Immediately prepare the coronation ceremony!”

In the end, the situation flowed as Simon desired.

“Send out the invitations! Those who do not attend will all be deemed as enemies!”

The coronation ceremony that should have been sacred was scheduled to be colored with a b.l.o.o.d.y light.
Sith, moving his steps, spat out a long sigh.
The more he did so, his heart felt much more frustrated.
And exactly one month later, Simon's coronation ceremony was held in the capital, Miller.
On the list of attendees……
Roan was not there.

< sudden="" change="" (6)=""> End.

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