I am the Monarch Chapter 208: Amaranth (8)

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Chapter 208: Amaranth (8)
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An explosive sound burst out.
One of the walls broke down and stones fell below it.


A completely grimacing face.
The man buried below the mound of stones was Roan Lancephil.

“d.a.m.n it.”

Roan pushed away the stones and stood up.


Already, being embedded into walls was in tens place.
Crinkling his nose, he glared at the Guardians in front of his eyes.
They were full of small scratches between their heads and bodies without discrimination.
But only just that much was the limit.

'As expected, trying to conserve mana while facing them is being greedy.'

Roan bitterly smiled and shook his head.
Even while facing the fearsome Guardians in front of his eyes, he wasn't using all of the mana inside his body.

'Since it won't be the end even if I defeat these guys.'

The moment he defeat the Guardians, exit out the secret path, and enter into the capital's Miller Castle, he had to face hundreds, thousands of soldiers and open the tightly closed gate.
Possibly, it could be even harder and more difficult than facing the Guardians.

[Even so, it doesn't look like it's time to be leisurely, no?]

Kinis, who was flying at the top of the chamber, spoke in a sharp voice.
Roan wordlessly nodded his head.
The next only existed after pa.s.sing through here.

“Yeah. Let's take care of the work in front of my eyes first.”

Roan deeply breathed in.
The spare mana he had been saving rode his mana road and tore through his entire body.


Once again, flame soared along the Travias Spear.
However, it was definitely different than the initial fire.
If the initial flame maintained a straight shape along the spearhead, the flame now was of an appearance madly jumping about in every direction like the lush branches of an ancient tree.
This very thing was the true appearance of the Crimson Ghost.

“It will be a bit different from now on.”

Roan glared at the three Guardians surrounding him and kicked off the ground.


A speed definitely different than before.
Instantly closing the distance, he jumped into the chests of the Guardians.


The Guardians, compared to their ma.s.sive stature, reacted much too quickly and moved nimbly.


Each time they moved, the secret chamber shook and a weighty explosive sound burst out.
Strength and speed, there was no point to criticize at all.
Together with a dust cloud, sword, spear, and axe split the air.

Kwakang! Kang!

With metallic sounds, sparks and flames jumped in every direction.
Although it was the same flow as before, the result was different.


A minute crack began to form on the Knight Guardian's sword engaged with the Travias Spear.

Although it had no change in expression due to its entire face being steel, it seemed even the Guardians were fl.u.s.tered.

“Something like steel……”

Roan clenched his teeth and pulled up even more mana.

“I'll melt you all!”

A flame soared together with the shout.


With an ear-splitting sound, the Knight Guardian's sword was bounced off.
But as if they had been waiting, the left and right sides' Spearman Guardian and Axeman Guardian each swung their weapons as they swiftly pounced.


Sounds of ripping apart the air.
Attacks that fast and fierce.
Roan, with calm eyes, a.n.a.lyzed the paths of their spear and axe and then twisted his body.
Thanks to the Kalian's Tears, the Guardian's attacks were clearly seen.


The spearhead and the axe's blade precariously pa.s.sed by.
About enough for tips of his hair to be cut off.
In that time, the Knight Guardian too fixed its stance and once again threw a slash.
Although Roan's attacks definitely had become stronger, it wasn't enough to instantly subdue them even so.


Roan, creasing his brows, kicked off the ground once more.

'As expected, only solution is to attack the weaknesses!'

Guardians were a type of golem.
Unless he destroyed the core existing inside their bodies, they could still move even if their limbs were cut off.
The problem was.

'Just why is that weakness the armpit!'

He could understand it.
Since the core must be meticulously hidden for it to be safe.

'I have to make it raise its arm.'

Roan looked straight at the slash that flew towards him as if to instantly split the crown of his head and twisted his ankle.
His body turned to a side.


The Knight Guardian's steel sword directly hit the empty ground.
Roan rapidly swung the Travias Spear.

Chang! Chajang! Chang!

A fierce exchange of attacks and parries continued.
The fight being helplessly pushed back climbed up to an equal level.

'Kinis! Help me a bit!'

Roan, while dodging the Guardian's attacks this way and that, urgently called Kinis, who was flying around at the top of the chamber.

'Spray some water!'

A situation where they had to at least do something.

[Got it!]

Kinis approached above the Guardians and extended her arms.
Soon, three giant b.a.l.l.s of water flew towards the Guardians' faces.
A situation where one must close their eyes in shock or step back if human.
But the Guardians, without even a hint of being surprised, continued to corner Roan.
Because they had no eyelids or eyes in the first place, there was no needed to blink.

[It's not doing anything, no?]

Kinis, seemingly also fl.u.s.tered, awkwardly smiled and shook her head.

'There must be some……'

Roan's thought couldn't continue long.
Because the Axeman Guardian's axe flew towards him while he was busily moving.

'It's too late!'

A not so favorable situation to dodge.
Roan immediately crouched down his body and raised the Travias Spear longly sideways.


With an incredible metallic sound, the blade of the axe chopped at the Travias Spear.


An incredible din hit the ears.


Roan was directly planted into the ground.
An appearance where he was planted up to his ankles just from a single strike.
It was a level where him keeping his stance was amazing.

'I can't get done in like this!'

Roan pulled up his mana and tried to strike the Guardian's axe away.
However, the Guardian too had no thoughts of stepping back like that.
With as much strength he had, he pressed down on Roan.


A metallic sound hit the ears.
However, the one being grinded apart the more they inserted strength wasn't the Travias Spear, but the axe.
The Travias Spear said to be made by a dragon with the magic ore Dionium.
Meaning that it wasn't a level to be split apart by a mere steel axe.


The Axeman Guardian, perhaps gotten angry that the things didn't go as he intended, raised his axe up high.
An intent to once again chop down on Roan.


Kinis pointed at the openly revealed armpit of the Guardian and shouted.
Clenching his teeth, Roan raised his head.
Suddenly, his eyes flashed and shone with light.
He could see it.

'It's there!'

According to Pierce's report, the Guardians' cores were in their left armpits.
Roan quickly flowed mana into the Travias Spear and aimed at the Guardian's armpit with the spearhead.


With a shout, the Travias Spear elongated with a fierce speed.
The spearhead surging with flame split the air and powerfully struck the Guardian's armpit.


The spearhead and the armpit clashed and a metallic sound echoed.


Even at the numbing feeling on his grip, Roan clenched his teeth and pulled up even more strength.


The flame burned up more violently.


The Knight Guardian and the Spearman Guardian, shocked at Roan's strike, each swung their weapons.
A desperately dangerous situation.
Even so, Roan, without any thought of dodging or blocking, only looked at the Axeman Guardian.
A life-and-death struggle.


Kinis shouted and shot out a stream of water.
To save Roan, she poured in all the strength she had.


A single strike with all of herself.
The violent and giant stream of water parried away the Spearman Guardian's spear.
Ultimately having barely blocked one Guardian's attack.
However, the Knight Guardian's slash was still heading towards Roan.

'd.a.m.n it!'

Clenching his teeth, Roan placed the end of the Travias Spear on his armpit.
Simultaneously, he poured the mana inside his body to the bottom of his feet.


Flames erupted from below his feet and Roan soared into the air.


The Travias Spear propped up on his armpit received the power and directly pierced the Guardian's armpit.
At that moment.


With an incredible sound of impact, the Knight Guardian's sword precariously pa.s.sed cut below Roan's feet and pa.s.sed.
A truly exactly timed situation.
Everything was an event that happened in an instant.


The Axeman Guardian let out an uncomfortable metallic sound and dropped its head.
Simultaneously, the bluish light that flowed around its eyes turned off.


The weighty body fell forwards and a deafening bang exploded out.

[Oh yeah!]

Kinis tightly clenched her fist and cheered.


Roan too inwardly shouted a cheer.
But it wasn't a situation where they could simply be joyful.


The Knight Guardian and the Spearman Guardian, together with ominous roars, cornered Roan.

Kw.a.n.g! Kwakang! Kw.a.n.g!

Perhaps because of the compatriot Guardian's death, their attacks became much fiercer.
Roan, without carelessly striking against or blocking, turned his body this way and that and dodged.
Even during that time, he contemplated and contemplated again on how to attack the Guardians' weaknesses.

'Reid Art of Fighting? Pierce Spearmans.h.i.+p? Flepsse Spearmans.h.i.+p?'

However, Roan soon shook his head.
Although the numerous fist techniques and spearmans.h.i.+ps were powerful by themselves, it wasn't as if he could attack the Guardians' armpits even so.

'Is there no other……'

Suddenly, Roan's eyes that were about to sink again in contemplation twinkled and s.h.i.+ned.
His gaze paused on a hand holding the spear.
To be exact, on the Brent's Ring on his finger.


Simultaneously, the one secret skill he had forgotten floated up.
The secret weapon that he absolutely did not use unless it was a perilous and desperately dangerous situation until now.
The tips of Roan's mouth slightly went up.

'Although I can only use it once……'

Now wasn't a situation that he could save it.
Roan barely dodged the Spearman Guardian's attack and then powerfully kicked its spear.


Even though a foot and a ma.s.s of iron hit each other, a weighty sound of impact rang out.
Roan, using the rebound, turned his body and jumped back.
A situation where the distance was naturally widened.
Between the Knight Guardian and the Spearman Guardian, the Spearman Guardian, who just now received a strike, pounced a step ahead.
The giant steel spear split the air as if dancing.


Roan, with a snort, kicked off the ground and jumped up above the Guardian's head.


The Spearman Guardian sneered at Roan's decision.
Understandably, a warrior throwing his body into the air couldn't be called quite a good decision.
Because one couldn't make directional change or balance as one wish, one may possibly become exposed defenselessly to enemy's attack.
As expected, Spearman Guardian twisted the spear he trusted and hit the ground.


With a weighty sound, the steel spear received a rebound and soared into the air.
Instantly, the spearhead extended towards Roan.
If like this, Roan would directly become a skewered state.


The Spearman Guardian's voice shook the secret chamber.
At that moment.


Roan's voice quietly echoed.


Instantly, his appearance disappeared as if washed away.


The Spearman Guardian's steel spear split an empty s.p.a.ce.


Although one couldn't feel any looks from it because its face and body were entirely a ma.s.s of steel, it definitely seemed to be fl.u.s.tered.


At that instant, Roan, who had disappeared, appeared on the Guardian's chest.
Blink, it was a spell that moved a short distance in an instant.

“I caught you.”

To stab Roan that had been up in the air, the Spearman Guardian was raising its two arms up high.
Faintly smiling, Roan thrusted the Travias Spear forwards.
The Travias Spear, which had already shortened to about a forearm length, exactly pierced its fully revealed armpit.


Flame penetrated into the inside of its armpit.


The Spearman Guardian, with a bizarre sound like the Axeman Guardian, dropped its head.
The bluish light that circled around its eyes also disappeared.


The heavy body directly fell forwards.


The Knight Guardian that alone survived aimed at Roan with the tip of his sword and roared out an ominous scream.

[Roan. What do we do now?]

Kinis asked with a worried voice.
Although taking down the two Guardians was truly incredible, the remaining one was a problem.
Most of all, he couldn't use the blink again until a day pa.s.sed from now.
A situation where Kinis would worry.
However, Roan softly smiled and a light shone from his eyes.

“Don't worry.”

Suddenly an expression overflowing with confidence.
Roan grasped the Travias Spear and formed an odd smile.

“I forgot about it because I wasn't used to it, but I remembered a good method.”

A method especially suited much more to one-against-one instead of one-against-many.
Holding the Travias Spear with his right hand, Roan twisted his left hand into a weird shape.

[Un? That's?]

Kinis widely opened her eyes and made a shocked expression.
Roan, looking at the giant steel sword flying towards him, nodded his head.

“Yeah. It's hex.”

He lightly turned his body to dodge the slash, then rather than jumping into the Guardian's chest, instead stepped back.
From Roan's mouth, unintelligible words flowed out.
It was a hex spell.


A faint light exuded out form his body.
Simultaneously, Roan kicked off the ground and dashed forwards.
The Guardian, watching Roan das.h.i.+ng towards him, tried to swing his steel sword.


But the powerfully moving sword's path, without going very far, abruptly halted still.
Because an unbelievable scene was unfolding before its eyes.


Roan was definitely running straight towards him.
But behind him, another Roan was das.h.i.+ng as he aimed for the Guardian's left side.
An incomprehensible bizarre phenomenon.
At that moment, Kinis, who was flying around the secret chamber, shouted in a sharp voice.

[It's a doppelganger spell!]

Doppelganger spell.
Categorized amongst many hexes as within upper mid cla.s.s hex, activating it once was all with Roan's current level of divine power and even for the number of doppelgangers, he could only make just one.

'I'll absolutely end it.'

Roan clenched his teeth.
A situation where the divine power within his body had all emptied out with the current doppelganger spell.
He absolutely had to destroy the Guardian's core with this attack.


Together with an ominous roar, the Guardian once again swung his steel sword.
Because it wasn't a human, it had no deep contemplation about which was real and which was fake.
Its instinct to merely cut down what its eyes saw and then cut the next thing powerfully acted.


The steel sword cut the air and slashed Roan that was running foremost.
Roan, without a thought to dodge, pounced directly and swung the Travias spear.
At that instant.


With a bizarre sound, the shape of Roan that crashed against the steel sword cracked into pieces.


Hundreds of pieces of shards spread in every direction.
And behind that.


Scattering the shards, the real Roan appeared.


The Travias Spear split the air.
The whole Roan that appeared behind Roan shattered into hundreds of pieces.
Even while looking with one's eyes, it was an incredible sight.


The Guardian swung its steel sword once again but Roan was slightly faster.
The Travias Spear bizarrely moved and pierced into its armpit.


With a sound of metal scratching, the spearhead's flame violently burned up.


Finally, the spearhead penetrated its armpit.


The Guardian, which tried to make a final counterattack, lost all power the moment its core was destroyed and halted.
The bluish light that circled its eyes disappeared and its ma.s.sive body slowly tilted.


With a thunderous din, a dust cloud rose up.
Roan slantly held the Travias Spear behind his back and stepped back to a side.
The fierce battle that continued until just now felt like a lie.


Roan exhaled a long sigh.
His entire body painfully throbbed.

“Just who made these Guardians?”

A complaint with his true feeling directly shown.
These simply weren't a level that humans could create.

'Come to think of it, the Rinse Kingdom was……'

For a mere kingdom, it held numerous incredible secrets and legends.

'Even the founding king of the kingdom was said to received many presents from a dragon.'

Not only that, Princess Aily too was a half elf and said to have received dragons' teachings.
Was there a kingdom that received this many presents and protection from dragons?
No, even the continent's two empires, Estia and Lucia had no particular relation with dragons.

'It's weird come to think of it. Is there perhaps some sort of reason?'

Various imaginations unfolded inside his head.
But it wasn't as if a clear explanation would be revealed just because he thought alone.
Furthermore, now was.

'Not the time to be like this.'

At least for the soldiers who were intensely fighting outside the castle, he had to open the castle gate as soon as possible.


Only after the three guardians had all fallen down did an entire wall began to part to the sides.

'It's as Pierce's report.'

Roan exhaled a short sigh and stared at the slightly parted gap on the wall.

'Anyhow, to think Pierce subdued, no, destroyed all of these guys with a single spearmans.h.i.+p even though he wouldn't have even known their weaknesses.'

A fearsome skill.
Pierce newly felt amazing to him.
At the same time, he wanted to see Pierce, who had left his side for years.

'Is he still training?'

A longing feeling.
A desire that he would now return and protect his side appeared.

'He should return on his own when it becomes the time he himself is satisfied.'

And when that time come.

'I will gain the best spearman, no, general of the continent.'

His heart rapidly raced.
Just from thinking of it, he felt satisfied and proud.

'I will have to be a man that befit him too.'

Even when far apart, the things Roan and Pierce thought of were each alike.
The two people's feelings for each other were special.

[Roan. We should hurry.]
“Un? Ah, we should.”

Roan, who was falling into various thoughts, got a hold of himself from Kinis's words.
Widely jumping over the Steel Guardians were randomly fallen down, he moved his steps towards the exit.

“Let's not meet again. Be well.”

Truly a sickening feeling.
However, Roan did not quite know.
The Steel Guardians inside the secret chamber.
That his relation with them was not yet at an end.


Roan busily moved his steps and quickly pa.s.sed through the narrow path.
There were no more traps.
After who knew how long.
Finally, a dead-end s.p.a.ce appeared.
Hospitably, there was a long lever on the left side of the blacked wall.
Roan, without hesitating, pulled the lever.


Together with a sound of rocks grinding, the wall that was blocking the front fully opened to the right.
Bright sunlight poured down into the inside of the dark pa.s.sage.
Roan collected his breath and kicked off the ground.
He planned to avoid Viscount Delph Blick and the enemy soldiers' eyes and approach towards the south gate.
However, Roan froze like a stone statue immediately the moment he exited out of the secret path.
His eyes widen and an awkward smile floated up on his face.


Seemingly having no words, an empty laughter flowed out.
His gaze moved long from left to right as if to glance through.
The sight that filled his view.
Kinis, who exited out of the pa.s.sage a moment late, muttered in a sharp voice.

[Roan. You're in trouble.]

Roan slowly nodded his head.
Because they absolutely weren't incorrect words.

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I am the Monarch Chapter 208: Amaranth (8)

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