NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 494: “Sengoku Girls’ Middle School”

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Seiji remained unruffled and appeared to be quite serious.

Nomura retracted his gaze and resolved himself to do something he considered quite silly.

'I can do this I can do this I can do this…' He forced himself to think this way.

Nomura recalled how pathetic he felt when he escaped from his own story's setting, and transformed the unwillingness and regret he felt in his heart into a powerful emotion as he lifted his magic crossbow high into the air and shouted, "In the name of the Creator, I command that this weapon shall be filled with magic energy again!"

His magic crossbow instantly started glowing!

"It really worked?" All the other authors were astonished to see such a sight.

Nomura's expression was one of stunned astonishment as well.

After the weapon in his hand stopped glowing, he slowly put his hand down and tested his magic crossbow. He discovered that it was indeed fully charged again and usable!

"It succeeded…"

Nomura looked towards Seiji again.

Seiji smiled as he gave Nomura a huge thumbs-up.

Nomura's expression became much happier than before.

"I really do have the power here… the power of creation… Harano-san was right!"

"At the very least, I was partially right so far." Seiji looked towards Miyabi and Yuuko. "Both of you should have this power as well. Try it out."

Miyabi and Yuuko exchanged glances.

"I don't know what to imagine."

"Me neither…"

"Anything you want. But if you would like my recommendations… Is.h.i.+ha.r.s.enpai, why don't you try summoning the ghost Ychan from your story? Has.h.i.+moto-san, you could try summoning a plate of food," Seiji advised.

"Ychan…" Something flashed in Miyabi's eyes. "I'll try it."

Then, she shut her eyes and concentrated on imagining Ychan.

Yuuko also glanced at a nearby table and imagined a plate of food appearing on the tabletop.

Yuuko pointed at the table and spoke in a nervous tone, "In the name of the Creator, I command you to appear! Omelet rice!"

Nothing appeared at all.

Author Yuuko Has.h.i.+moto's face began to slightly redden.

"You don't need to use the exact same words as me. Just follow your heart, Has.h.i.+moto-san."

'Follow my heart? What exactly is that supposed to be, anyways? I don't understand!'

Yuuko had a perplexed expression.

At this moment, Miyabi opened her eyes and slowly extended her palms.

"Come, Ychan."

A black and white mist instantly appeared from her hands. The two colors of mist intertwined with each other and gradually formed something more solid.

"Yoohoo~~ I'm here!"

The ghost child with appeared in front of everyone with an appearance of black hair and white eyes this time. It was incredibly spirited.

Nomura and Yuuko both widened their eyes.

"Ychan…" Something flashed in Yuuko's eyes as she looked at one of the main characters from her story. "I need your help."

"Sure thing! I'll do anything that cat-oneesan wants me to do!" Ychan flashed a brilliant smile.

"Amazing…" Nomura couldn't help but sigh in astonishment.

The ghost child Ychan's arrival truly shocked him and Yuuko.

There was a far greater impact from being able to summon an actual character from their novel that one could talk to and interact with when compared to simply recharging a magical weapon's ammunition.

Seiji knew that Miyabi would definitely succeed.

After all, even before this incident, she had already unconsciously been summoning Ychan, the ghost child from her story.

Afterwards, Nomura and Yuuko tried experimenting many times as well.

As a result, Nomura was able to summon some magical weapons and equipment for everyone. As for Yuuko… she was only able to summon a plate of omelet rice.

The omelet rice was delicious and would make for an excellent meal. Seiji gave it such a review after having a taste.

MIyabi tried summoning other characters from her story as well but failed.

Did this power have some type of summoning capacity? Or some other limiting factors that prevented her from doing so?

n.o.body knew. But anyways, it was time to finally go.

Everyone finished their preparations. Seiji went to the restaurant's front door and prepared to open it.

The moment that he put his right hand on the door handle, the seal on his right hand started glowing red. The seal's spell formation copied itself onto the door and mystical runes appeared as well.

Upon opening the door, Seiji saw nothing but a black mist outside.

Seiji stepped forth into the black mist. Miyabi and everyone else followed after him.

In the black mist, the seal on Seiji's right hand continued glowing red and formed a red light that kept pointing in a certain direction.

Everyone proceeded in the direction that the light pointed at. Soon, they were no longer able to see the restaurant door. There were also fewer and fewer cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers as they progressed.

"Everyone, follow me and make absolutely sure to stay together," Seiji cautioned everyone.

After walking like this for a while, everything around them became completely pitch-black as there were no more cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers. The only light that anyone could see was the red light on Seiji's hand that pointed them in the next person's direction.

At this moment, a ghostly voice started singing… it was Ychan.

Ychan's singing was quite pleasing to the ears. Its singing helped to calm down everyone's anxiety.

Seiji started singing along with Ychan.

Miyabi began to sing as well.

Nomura and Yuuko also started singing.

Matsutani sang as well… however, he only sang a few of the most basic words such as "Ahh~~" and "Oh~~". Still, it did add a sense of festivity to the already upbeat song.

Everyone sang together under the ghost child's lead as they proceeded onward through the darkness. A while later, they saw cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers blooming again.

As the cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers continuously increased in number, the red glow on Seiji's hand gradually began to dim.

Everyone followed the cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers and gradually walked out of the black mist. They saw a school right in front of them.

The school's name was "Sengoku Girls' Middle School"!

This was the middle school from Shousei Mais.h.i.+'s light novel, "Legend of the Sengoku Girls".

This was a story about how a boy who was a trap was forced by his mother into an incredibly strange girls' middle school. All the girls in this school had the names of various warriors from the Sengoku period. He got involved in the girls' fierce battles for control over the school.

The judges' reviews for this light novel was that it was a nice lighthearted romantic comedy story but that the t.i.tle, "Legend of the Sengoku Girls", didn't really fit the content. However, the current scene that Seiji and the others witnessed was completely unrelated to the word "lighthearted".

The middle school was filled with black and red mist. Bright-red cl.u.s.ter amaryllis flowers grew everywhere. This entire place seemed eerily quiet as if demons could appear here at any moment.

"It seems that this place has already been corroded by Rinura's story… it's highly likely that we'll be attacked by something after we enter this school." Seiji furrowed his eyebrows.

The moment that he finished speaking, familiar white skeletons appeared in his vision.

"Allow me to correct myself. Even if we don't enter, we're going to be attacked anyways!"

The next instant, numerous skeletons that were wearing tattered girls' school uniforms lunged towards Seiji's group!

Seiji unsheathed a magical longsword that Nomura had provided him with, and acted as the vanguard.

His sword glinted as it slashed through the air!

Several skeletons were instantly diced to tiny pieces.

Behind Seiji, Matsutani also battled while wielding a magical sword. Nomura, Miyabi, and Yuuko all fought from the back by wielding magic crossbows. Ychan waved its hand and summoned white demons that slapped away the nearby skeletons.

Although the skeletons were incredibly numerous, Seiji and Matsutani now had weapons. When combined with the ghost child Ychan that had the ability to summon demons, their combat strength was overwhelming.

Seiji, Matsutani, and the ghost child took care of the large majority of the skeletons. Meanwhile, Nomura, Miyabi, and Yuuko missed most of their shots. The three of them combined defeated less than ten skeletons.

"Now that we've cleared out the skeletons here, do you all think that it would be better to go all in together or that it would be better for only me and Matsutani-senpai to go in by yourselves while everyone else waits here?" Seiji asked the others.

"I think that neither of those is a good idea," the pudgy middle-aged man stated seriously. "I think that Harano-kun should go in together with this powerful ghost-kun while I wait here with the others."

Seiji and everyone else were all rendered speechless.

"I think that we should all move around together," Nomura spoke up. "Splitting up sounds too risky."

"I agree as well. It's better for everyone to be together," Miyabi indicated her opinion.

Yuuko agreed with both of them as well.

"Then let's all go in together. Everyone, please be careful!" Seiji cautioned them all before they entered the school.

Miyabi and the others all felt extremely rea.s.sured to see the tall teenage boy holding his longsword and steadily walking at the forefront.

"Harano-san is really handsome. I'd definitely attempt to woo him if only I was still a high school student," Yuuko whispered softly to the female high school student next to her. "Is.h.i.+harsan, you're at the same high school as him… make sure to grab your chance."

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System Chapter 494: “Sengoku Girls’ Middle School”

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