• There's A Beauty
  • There's A Beauty

  • Author(s) : Fengliu Shudai - 風流書呆
  • Genres : Adventure - Romance - Shounen Ai - Supernatural
  • Status : ongoing
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  • There's A Beauty Summary:

    Once upon a time, there was a beauty, he unceasingly met misfortune, thus he urgently needed to hug a golden, big thigh…… Mine-sweeping: 1、Main Shou,Ghost Story Companions,Quick Transmigrating 1v1。 2、Su As Always、lightning、cool、thick。 Gold Editors Recommend: Coming from the end of days, the ‘excluding eating there’s only eating in his brain’ Little Useless Eater transmigrated to a ghost story world where it’s difficult to preserve his life. Good that, not only does his IQ explode the meter, all attribute points are also entirely placed on his face, letting him rely on his otherworldly beauty to find a thick and st.u.r.dy big golden thigh. Hugging from world to world, finally, from a pitiful thing being oppressed by demons and monsters on every path, he evolved into a vexatious ghost!

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