• Godly Stay-Home Dad
  • Godly Stay-Home Dad

  • Author(s) : Shan Wang Zhang - 单王张
  • Genres : Action - Martial Arts - Romance - Slice Of Life - Xuanhuan
  • Status : Ongoing
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  • Godly Stay-Home Dad Summary:

    Hero Zhang Han was frustrated in life originally, but he stepped into the Cultivation World by a stroke of luck. Possessing divine natural gifts, he ascended into the disaster-crossing period step by step. He had imagined his life would not have any hards.h.i.+ps anymore, but unfortunately incurred the G.o.d thunder since he violated the fate. After he woke up, he was surprised to find that he was reborn, going back a few years ago. He found that the world was different from what it used to be after his rebirth and he had a lovely daughter.
    Zhang Han’s fate thus underwent a huge transformation. In the fast-paced urban life, he opened up a place for his daughter to have fun. Because of his daughter’s enthusiasm for food, he opened a restaurant, which attracted countless diners. His business was booming and money did roll in. In his spare time, he also wrote songs to earn extra income. At the same time, he performed a sweet love story with his daughter’s mother&h.e.l.lip;
    After his rebirth, he became a G.o.dly stay-home dad in the acc.u.mulation of experience. “Dote on my daughter and love my daughter” became his life creed. Although a few nasty guys occasionally appeared in his life, they were all beaten off by virtue of his mightiness.
    Let’s take a look at how this G.o.dly stay-home dad lived in the city and how Zhang Han led his happy life.

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