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Even though the screen is locked, it is too late to refute it now. So An XuMo tried to reply as naturally as possible, "Well, senior is my idol."

Tang Tang didn't think that there was anything strange. In recent years, the name, Zhao JinChen, is famously known in the entertainment circle. He represents everyone's dream to become extremely famous in just one night. Even though An XuMo has excellent qualifications, he is just an unknown student. Looking at Zhou JinChen as a role model is completely reasonable.

[1] Tang Tang picked up the empty lunch box and lectured, "Xiao Mo, there is no problem chasing stars, but you must remember your ident.i.ty. After the official debut, the company will give you a variety of opportunities. You have to be cautious. If your actions capture the eyes of another, who knows what they will write."

Tang Tang's words are somewhat direct, but they are timely reminders. There is no privacy in the entertainment circle and the artist's preference can be manipulated. The idol's goal could be big or small, but An XuMo does not have anyone backing him. Once careless, it is very likely that he will be beaten down.

"Brother Zhou's team is at the top of our company and he has an incredible, large fan base. When he decided to walk the actor's path, his net worth is not worse than his progress [2]," Tang Tang reminded him. She comfort An XuMo half-heartedly, "We don't have to hurry. Be good and you will have the opportunity to work with him."

An XuMo whispered in acknowledgment without a look of embarra.s.sment. Tang Tang thought that An XuMo will remembered her words by heart. But never would she thought that her words are completely unnecessary for him.

He has hidden his emotions for more than ten years. He knows how to exercise restraint more than any other person who likes Zhou JinChen.

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After lunch, trainees have a one-hour break. An XuMo usually spends this time to practice even more. Just as he was about to walk to the dance studio, he was stopped by Tang Tang.

"Right, Han Ming, the one who made you perform at the last concert, is coming here. He wants to pick a couple of people to become partners in the new single. You should go to the lobby first, give him a lasting, first impression, and then later you can sign a contract with him."

An XuMo hesitated for a moment. Only when Tang Tang called his name, he nodded.

Tang Tang still have other things to do so she uttered a few more words and then let An XuMo go. During the lunch break, the hallways are always quiet. An XuMo was walking around for a long time. As he walked to the stairs on the second floor, he saw some pa.s.sing figures in the lobby on the first floor.

The company's decoration show off their heroic spirit. The s.p.a.cious lobby is bright and clean, the ground reflects people's shadow. Some people are walking around the lobby, others were sitting on the sofa at the side of the lobby. They are all looking at the door advertently.

Please read on Wattpad: WhiteHemlock5

[3] An XuMo is standing in this high-end building that countless of people dreamed of. There is clear and bright windows with gratifying light. The hungry feeling was like the wind sweeping across the hall, engulfing him eagerly [4].

An XuMo's place on the stairs became noticeable. When An XuMo walked down to the first floor, several trainees immediately glanced at him. An XuMo did not notice the unfriendly gazes. He walked to the seat located near the stairs and sat in the quiet corner. The lobby is large, even daily cleaning are managed by two teams. An XuMo was sitting at an inauspicious place. He could see everyone entering the building, but it is difficult for others to find him.

The purpose for this gathering came quickly. They haven't arrived long before seeing Han Ming's shadow at the door. Han Ming is an example of a successful solo artist with a variety of talents. His appearance is good enough to get resources which allows him to successfully grasped opportunities. After developing his talents, Han Ming's singing and dancing abilities also didn't deteriorate. Now, he could perform in a personal concert at China that has VIP seats which tripled in price. Although he debuted three years ago, his foundation was not stable. However, in the eyes of trainees who haven't yet officially debuted, Han Ming is already a promising newcomer. The trainees are eagerly waiting here to find a chance to catch up with him.

But when Han Ming came in, the other person caught everyone's attention.

A young man, who was one meter and ninety-nine centimeter tall, walked into the lobby with Han Ming. Both of them are tall and slender. But when they stand next to each other, the distinction between them is very clear. This man, who attracted everyone's eyes, is extremely imposing. His appearance was three times better than the idol, Han Ming.

That is not an exaggeration. Unlike other issues, the media are extremely happy to use the largest format and the most touching description to praise the person's appearance in exchange for a large amount of readings. In spite of this, there is still no statements to appropriately show the full extent of his charm. After he debut as an actor, he is the dual record holder with the highest sales volume in the current personal special issue and the shortest special issue short-term publication. Over the past few years, his appearance made people feel more addicted and shocked.

——The one who entered the lobby with Han Ming, is actually Zhou JinChen.


[1]: Unsure of "不过崇拜归崇拜."

[2]: I think that is what "各项数据却都不比流量差" means.

[3]: I translated, "At the side is the empty place where n.o.body goes. At the foot is the Vanity Fair magazine featuring makeup." But it's too random. ——身边是空空荡荡的无人处,脚下是浓妆粉饰的名利场。

[4]: An XuMo's lunch wasn't enough for him. He is still hungry.

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Man God Is Chasing My Brother Chapter 2 Part1

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