Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 543: Primitive Heaven And Earth Tribulation

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Behind the stone tablet was annotation for the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix.

After reading the inscription on the tablet, Ye Lingyue seemed to be lost in thought.

"The Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix is the singular array left over by the ancient pract.i.tioners. Only the warrior who has reached the Reincarnation Realm, or the necromancer who has reached the Nine Cauldron, can activate the Heaven and Earth Array. After entering the Heaven and Earth Array, one can leave the Number One Cave by going through at least One Grade Heaven and Earth Tribulation."

Six Grades Heaven and Earth Tribulation was similar to Reincarnation Tribulation in some way at first hearing, but different from the Gold Wood Water Fire Earth Tribulation of the Reincarnation Tribulation, one needed to fight his way through difficult pa.s.ses to pa.s.s the Heaven and Earth Tribulation.

In the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix hid the Six Grades Heaven and Earth Tribulation composed of Thirty-six Grades Heaven Energy Palace and Seventy-two Levels Underground Energy h.e.l.l.

To break through the first Heaven and Earth Tribulation requires one to pa.s.s at least the first twenty-four levels of the Seventy-two Levels Underground Energy h.e.l.l.

In the Underground Energy h.e.l.l lived millions of Underground Energy Spirits. Every time one pa.s.sed a level, he needed to defeat Energy Spirits King of that level.

Ye Lingyue sighed, produced the hourgla.s.s from her clothes. These days, she had been relying on the hourgla.s.s to measure the time.

Along with the hourgla.s.s, things that were also taken out were the Female Phoenix Edict and two medicine bottles.

When seeing the Female Phoenix Edict, Ye Lingyue noticed that there was a piece of blood stain on it. She recalled that it should be Feng Shen’s, when he was injured and she tried to treat him, the Female Phoenix Edict was inadvertently stained with his blood.

Wiping the blood on the Female Phoenix Edict clean, Ye Lingyue sighed.

She was now trapped in Number One Cave and it was not sure how long it would take before she was able to leave it.

In another two months, the compet.i.tion held by the King of Da Xia himself was coming......No, she must break through the Renaissance Realm in two months, so that she was able to pa.s.s the One Grade Heaven and Earth Tribulation and return to Da Xia.

Ye Lingyue made up her mind and looked at two medicine bottles.

In these two medicine bottles, respectively the Nine Turn reincarnation Dan pill and the Rainbow reincarnation Dan pill were held.

At present, Ye Lingyue’s cultivation was still in Dan realm. If she wanted to make a breakthrough in a short time, Dan pills were undoubtedly the only shortcut.

While Ye Lingyue was thinking exactly which Dan pill she should swallow, in Number Two Cave, the jade tablet array that had disappeared for many days finally reappeared.

A long month had pa.s.sed. When the Star Cave was reopened, only a small number of people came out alive.

When Feng Shen with gaunt facial expression walked out of the Star Cave with Dao Nu’s hands supporting him, Xue Pianran was in panic.

"Shen, how did you come to be like this? Who, who hurt you?" Xue Pianran supported Feng Shen with her arms, anxiously looking at the wound on his body.

By the side, Cong Lv, who was also seriously injured, held his own wound and watched Xue Pianran. The wound was not so painful, but his heart was aching.

"Let me go." Feng Shen's voice was icy cold, in which there was a tone that Xue Pianran never heard before.

She couldn’t help feeling dazed. Her hands did not loosen but hold more tightly.

This time, she wouldn't let him go. Feng Shen was hers.

The woman that lay between her and Feng Shen had vanished.

When she saw Feng Shen coming out of the Star Cave alone, Xue Pianran felt a certain degree of happiness in her heart. She knew that those who did not come out of the Star Cave were all dead.

The wrist ached suddenly, and Xue Pianran’s fingers were forced apart one by one.

Feng Shen tossed her away heavily. Xue Pianran made a stagger out of expectation. Behind her, a pair of hands caught Xue Pianran in time.

"Feng Shen, how can you fly into a rage with her?"

Although Cong Lv knew that Feng Shen was overwhelmed with sorrow due to what befell Ye Lingyue, seeing that he throw hate and despair at Xue Pianran, he could not help but come forward to scold Feng shen.

But looking into the eyes of Feng Shen, both Cong Lv and Xue Pianran were dazed.

On the beautiful face of Feng Shen that was like coming from Heaven, both eyes were like two abysses, vacant and void.

“Really it had nothing to do with her?” Feng Shen was decadent. On his pale face, the lip color was fading gradually.

Such a Feng Shen was so strange but so familiar.

Cong Lv remembered that when he was ten years old, one day his father took him to the imperial palace. After testing his martial arts, the emperor of North Qing took him to the harem.

In the palace garden, several princes and princesses were playing.

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However, Cong Lv’s eyesight fell not far away.

It was an exquisitely-looking child. Sitting quietly in a corner, he was staring ahead. His beautiful eyes were not focusing on anything.

In his eyes, there was neither anyone nor any scene. He only sank into his own world.

Such a child s.n.a.t.c.hed all the attention of Cong Lv.

"Cong Lv, that is my nephew Feng Shen. You are responsible for protecting him from today."

A nephew of emperor of North Qing, the only son of the former King Feng, recently orphaned, Cong Lv had heard about Feng Shen before.

Feng Shen at that time had just lost his parents not long ago, and now he reminded Cong Lv when they first met.

Something shuddered in Cong Lv’s heart. Suddenly he realized something.

This time there were only a few people coming out of Number Two Cave of the Star Cave.

The highest Heaven Rank Spirit Artifact in the Star Cave, Spatical Piercing Bow, finally, was got by Ye Lingyue, but Ye Lingyue perished together with Chen Minzhi who disguised as the second prince of Kaijiang Manor at the last moment. Her whereabouts was unknown, so was the Spatical Piercing Bow with her (Of course, these were the memories tampered by some wizard).

In the North Qing delegation, only Cong Lv, Princess Qing Bi and Wen Xu were left, and even Wen Xu was also seriously injured. They needed to rest for at least half a year.

In Da Xia delegation, Hong Mingyue, Hong Yulang and Luo Song, together with Xia Houqi, Feng Xue and others who came out of Number Five Cave earlier, made the delegation the one with the fewest casualties this time.

But when Xia Houqi learned that whether Ye Lingyue was alive or dead was unknown, he looked at the Hong Mingyue and others with icy coldness that was penetrative. Xia Houqi even directly returned to Da Xia, ignoring the repeatedly urge to stay from Princess Qing Bi and others.

As for the Kaijiang Manor, no one survived. Even the lord of Kaijiang was summoned to the palace to be inquired about relevant matters concerning demons made their way into the palace in disguise.

In Tianjia Sect, only Zhuge Yi and a disciple of Tianjia Sect were left.

A number of people from other delegations also gradually came out.

After Ye Lingyue got missing, Cong Lv had a coma for a while.

By the time he woke up, Feng Shen was in a trance.

He repeated again and again in his mouth.

"Maybe it is one day, maybe it is a lifetime."

Such an answer, to Feng Shen, undoubtedly, was the cruelest.

It was like giving Feng Shen an empty hope that was illusory. Every time he thought of it, he was overwhelmed with sorrow.

Ye Lingyue disappeared, and the heart of Feng Shen seemed to be dead at an instant.

Feng Shen, with the support of arms of Dao Nu, got on the carriage of Phoenix Manor. The remnant blood on his skirt was as gorgeous as cherry blossoms.

Lan Caier and Little Crow followed him. Knowing that Ye Lingyue disappeared, Lan Caier’s eyes became red and swollen, but she did not blame Feng Shen, for she knew that the one who was the saddest about Ye Lingyue’s disappearance was Feng Shen.

When getting in the carriage, Feng Shen’s mind was somewhat unhinged, and even when the Phoenix Edict fell on the ground, he did not notice it.

Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 543: Primitive Heaven And Earth Tribulation

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