Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 544

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Published at 10th of July 2019 03:24:02 PM Chapter 544

Sound Transmitting Array in the Phoenix Edict and the Female Phoenix Edict

Little Crow with sharp eyes saw the Phoenix Edict immediately . She came up to pick it up . At the beginning she intended to give it back to Feng Shen, but after taking a closer look at the edict in hand, she rolled her black eyes back and forth, as if she had found something, so she got the Phoenix Edict .

Getting back to Phoenix Manor, Lan Caier was gloomy, sitting alone in a daze in the room . Little Crow felt stuffy alone, so she walked back to her own room .

Seeing no one was around, Little Crow took out the piece of Phoenix Edict, muttering some words in her mouth . Suddenly a colorful light flashed .

Almost at the same time, in Number One Cave, on the Female Phoenix Edict, a spiritual light flashed .

Ye Lingyue, who was holding the Rainbow reincarnation Dan pill and Nine Turn reincarnation Dan pill for comparison again and again, heard a puerile and familiar voice .

"Master? Little Squeak?"

The sweet girlie voice let Ye Lingyue and Little Squeak feel surprised .

A person and a beast, looked at the piece of Female Phoenix Edict lying there together .

How excited Little Squeak was! It ran to the side of the Female Phoenix Edict rolling and crawling . Ye lingyue was also so surprised and excited .

"Little Crow, is it really you? How do you . . . What is the Female Phoenix Edict about? Why can your voice come through the Female Phoenix Edict?"

Ye Lingyue and Little Squeak were trapped in Number One Cave, isolated from the outside world . Finding that they were able to communicate with the outside world, undoubtedly they thought it was such a good piece of news!

Different from Feng Shen and Lan Caier who even cried their heart out learning that it was probable that Ye Lingyue could never come back again after her disappearance, Little Crow was very calm all the time .

As a spiritual beast that got along well with Ye lingyue and Little Squeak day and night, she learnt from intuition that the Master and Little Squeak were still alive .

While Lan Caier felt that Little Crow was still young and not knowing much, not knowing the concept of separation, she did not ask specifically .

" Master, Little Squeak, I'm speaking to you through the Phoenix Token . This token in Phoenix Manor is our phoenix treasure, called Phoenix Token . I did not know it earlier . I got to recognize it only after I got the heart blood of the Ancient Fire-born Female Phoenix and part of the inheritance memory . Phoenix Token comes in pairs . As long as one of the forbidden seals is opened, a sound transmission array can be formed . " Little Crow had just found out .

So she quietly hid the Phoenix Edict .

Hearing that, Ye Lingyue had a sigh of relief . She asked Little Crow about something about the Star Cave .

After knowing that the ma.s.s, including Feng Shen, Lan Caier, Xia Houqi, Feng Xue and others, were all safe and sound, Ye Lingyue felt relieved .

Hearing from Little Crow's words, at the last moment, it seemed that it was the secret bodyguard of the King Feng that saved all people's lives . The terrible demon had also been eliminated (This was another version that some phoenix told Little Crow) .

" Master, shall I tell King Feng and sister Lan that you are all right? Especially King Feng, he seems very very sad . " Though Little Crow was young, not understanding much about the things between men and women, she remembered the appearance of King Feng as he went out of the Star Cave, which was so terrible .

His eyes were empty and blank and he seemed to have lost his soul .

A short period of silence could be heard in the Phoenix Edict .

Ye Lingyue was also in contradiction, wondering whether to tell Feng Shen about the thing that she had been trapped in Number One Cave .

"Don't tell them yet, lest they worry about me . Little Crow, Little Squeak and I may not be able to go back to you for reunion for the time being . You just stay in Lan Mansion obediently to accompany the elder sister Caier . If anything happens, please tell me in time . " Ye Lingyue decided not to tell Feng Shen and Lan Caier about her own situation for the time being after thinking twice .

She knew it clearly, according to their temper, if they knew she was still alive in the Star Cave, they would try all means, even go to the great length to approach Chen Hongru to ask him how to leave the Number One Cave .

Before she was quite sure that she was able to defeat Chen Hongru, Ye Lingyue would rather let the world believe that she had died .

In the following days, Ye Lingyue and Little Squeak communicated with Little Crow continuously . She also knew something about the Phoenix Manor one after another .

After Feng Shen returned the Phoenix Manor, he fainted for a few days .

During these days, no matter how Steward Mu and others persuaded, Feng Shen did not take even a drop of water .

"Young master, if you go on like this, you won't be able to stand it . "

Steward Mu and Dao Nu were anxious .

The emperor of North Qing and Xue Pianran also had sent people to see him, but without exception, all visitors were declined outside the house by Feng Shen .

Such a Feng Shen made Steward Mu and Dao Nu feel distressed unceasingly .

But they both knew, Ye Lingyue was trapped in Star Cave, and this time, it was possible that she could not come out of it any more .

Star Cave had been closed . Even the master Hongru believed that Ye Lingyue was fraught with grim possibilities .

Lying in the courtyard, Feng Shen felt dazed . He had been taking nothing for several days .

On his face, it tickled, as if something soft was there in front of his eyes .

Feng Shen thought it was a fallen leaf, so he moved it away with his hand, but he touched a little soft hand .

When he opened his eyes, he saw Little Crow .

"Little Crow, it's you . . . I'm sorry I didn't protect her well . " Feng Shen opened his mouth and said something for the first time recently . He had not eaten for a long time, so his voice was almost hoa.r.s.e . There were also bouts of dryness in the throat as he spoke, as if a file had been rubbed in and out of his throat .

"Why are you so sad? Little Crow was not so heartbroken as expected . She stared at Feng Shen with her round eyes, she could feel sorrow and despair in his eyes .

"You're too young to understand it . My most precious things were gone . " The heart of Feng Shen trembled a little . He thought it was possible that Little Crow could still do not know what it meant to lose the most beloved person .

He didn't know how to tell Little Crow about it .

Little Crow tilted her small head, looking at Feng Shen, feeling guilty in some way .

The most precious thing . . . Er, was that Phoenix Edict?

She and Little Squeak both thought that Feng Shen was the best-looking person .

The best-looking person, even being sad, was still best-looking .

But Little Crow didn't like such a Feng Shen .

Although Little Crow owned an unscrupulous master, she was a nice child with good qualities .

She thought for a moment before taking out something from her body to hand it to Feng Shen .

"Do you mean this thing? Ah, in fact, I did not want to give it back to you . This jade is a treasure for our Phoenix Race, but since you are so sad, I would rather give it back to you .

Feng Shen had a look . What Little Crow handed over was the Phoenix Edict .

The Phoenix Edict had been taken along with Feng Shen all the time .

But when leaving the Star Cave, inadvertently, he had the Phoenix Edict left there .

These days, Feng Shen was still immersed in the sadness that Ye Lingyue had disappeared, so he did not go looking for the whereabouts of the Phoenix Edict .

Looking at the Phoenix Edict, Feng Shen got stunned .

The Phoenix Edict and the Female Phoenix Edict came in a pair .

Now, the Phoenix Edict was in his hands, but whether the owner of the Female Phoenix Edict was alive or dead, was still a mystery .

Tears, dropped on the Phoenix Edict from the eyes of Feng Shen sorrowfully .

Feng Shen could not remember when was the last time that he cried . Even when his mother died when he was young, he did not shed a tear .

"Why are you crying? Didn't you get it back?" Little Crow found it much odder .

"Thank you, Little Crow . But without your Master, what can I do with the Phoenix Edict?" Feng Shen touched Little Crow's head .

Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 544

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