Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 545

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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:31:23 PM Chapter 545

Little Crow’s Confession

"How can the Master be gone? Both the Master and Little Squeak are alive, and you can talk to them if you miss them . " Little Crow was depressed, thinking, how complex these adults were! She did not follow the Elder Master's words and she gave the Phoenix Edict back to him instead, yet he was still so sad . It was not fun at all!

She didn't know whether the Master would be mad when she found it out .

"Little Crow, what are you talking about?" After hearing the words of Little Crow, Feng Shen became stunned, and he couldn't help but ask such a question .

"In the Phoenix Edict and the Female Phoenix Edict, there is a Sound Transmission Array of the Phoenix Race . " Little Crow emphasized . "A few days earlier, I heard the voice of the Elder Master and Little Squeak, which came from this jade . Master and Little Squeak told me that they were all right, but temporarily they were not able to come back, and they let me take good care of myself . "

Feng Shen frowned tightly, not knowing what Little Crow's words meant .

He held the Phoenix Edict in his hand until it became warm .

Although the odds were very slim, Feng Shen still felt that he should check the Phoenix Edict carefully .

From afternoon to night, Feng Shen did not discover anything abnormal in the Phoenix Edict . As he became disheartened, Feng Shen put the Phoenix Edict beside his pillow casually .

The body that did not take any food and did not rest well for several days, and finally it began to take a toll . Leaning on couch, Feng Shen closed his eyes uncontrollably .

At about midnight, Feng Shen who had been of light sleep, heard voice of the volume of a mosquito .

"Little Squeak, don't slack off . We have to practice day and night if we want to get out early . "

That voice was the voice of Ye Lingyue!

Feng Shen was perked up and he stared at the Phoenix Edict in disbelief .

In the dim light of night, the Phoenix Edict that Feng Shen held gave out glittering, translucent and soft light, which was like the brightness from a group of glowworms . The intermittent voice of Ye Lingyue's and Little Squeak's, just came from inside .


Feng Shen shouted softly . His voice was slightly trembling, which quietly fell to the heart of Ye Lingyue as if going through a thousand mountains and rivers .

"Eh? It sounded like the voice of Feng Shen . "

Ye Lingyue and Little Squeak had been cultivating all day, so they did not notice that Little Crow had returned the Phoenix Edict to Feng Shen .

"Squeak ~" Little Squeak also turned very excited hearing Feng Shen's voice and it woofed twice .

Such a lame place Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix was, Little Squeak didn't want to stay there any more . Thinking of the Phoenix Beauty and delicious roast chicken drums and various nuts in Phoenix Mansion, it burst into tears . Embracing that piece of Female Phoenix Edict giving out a voice, it showed an appearance like seeing its own blood mother, even it was anxious to kiss it for several times .

Ye Lingyue in Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix was also exhausted at this moment after one day's hard cultivation . At hearing the voice of Feng Shen, she thought it was hallucination .

She told and only told Little Crow that she and Little Squeak were still alive .

She even warned Little Crow not to let others know about it, so that others would not worry about them .

"Little Squeak, go aside! So disgusting it is! On the Phoenix Edit is all your saliva . Let me say something with Feng Shen . " That voice belonged to Ye Lingyue, sounded clear and crisp yet some degree of anger was there . That voice ignited Feng Shen's heart which was already numb and withered these days . He became a little revived again .

"Why, why didn't you tell even me? Do you know that these days . . . " When Feng Shen learnt that Ye Lingyue withheld the information even from him, in his heart unavoidably he felt aggrieved .

This little woman, so hateful she was!

If he met her again, he would "teach" her a lesson .

Hearing the exasperation in Feng Shen's tone, Ye Lingyue felt a burst of guilty conscience .

"I didn't mean to hide it from you, Feng Shen . Little Squeak and I were trapped in Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix at the moment . Though our lives were not in danger, it would take us long to get out . I don't want you to worry about us . You have a lot of work to do, to complete . " Ye Lingyue smiled sadly .

In the Six Grades Heaven and Earth Tribulation composed of Thirty-six Grades Heaven Energy Palace and Seventy-two Levels Underground Energy h.e.l.l, she needed to break at least one level of Earth Tribulation before she was able to get out of Number One Cave .

She also saw that countless skeleton were there in the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix . Even Chen Hongru at that time spent a long time in breaking through the Heaven and Earth Tribulation . And at that time, Chen Hongru had been a Nine Cauldron Alchemist .

Though she was alive, as long as she wasn't able to fight her way out the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix, it was no difference than being dead .

Perhaps, she would be trapped forever in the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix, and the beauty would be turned into skeletons .

She did not contact Feng Shen, only for not letting him care for her .

Feng Shen had Xue Pianran, also he had the Phoenix Manor, while she was only an encounter on his life .

"Ye Lingyue, who made you so generous, who let you be so considerate that you think of everything for my sake? Nothing is more important than you!" Feng Shen clenched the Phoenix Edict . In his voice, a strong mood swing was there .

It was so strong that even with a piece of Female Phoenix Edict separating them apart, Ye Lingyue could also feel it .

The Female Phoenix Edict in her hand was felt hot . Even on her face, she felt flushed .

"Feng Shen, I'm sorry . I was wrong . " Ye Lingyue sniffed, and in the bottom of her heart she felt grieved .

"You need to apologize . Apologize when you see me . Tell me, where on earth are you?" Hearing the soft voice of the woman, Feng Shen's heart also turned soft gradually .

"You have no way to find me . I think I should be in Number One Cave of the Star Cave . No one can help me but myself . I will try to break through the Reincarnation Realm as soon as possible . As to the thing that I am still alive, you can only tell it to the people in Lan Mansion and my dear mother . You let Caier and Little Crow return to Da Xia first, making them inform my heelers Yan Che and Lai Gu . What's more, when I'm absent, please help me to keep a close eye on the movement of Hong Mansion . I suspect that Hong Mansion might be plotting to usurp the throne . " After contacting accidentally with Feng Shen, Ye Lingyue also felt relieved .

Although Little Squeak was there to accompany her, in the Chaos Heaven and Earth Matrix where there was no day and night, Feng Shen's voice was like music comforting the heartstrings of hers, having Ye Lingyue's boring life suddenly injected with a warm current .

Although the two people were separated far away from each other, they seemed to be unprecedentedly close .

So was Feng Shen .

That night, Feng Shen had the Phoenix Edict close to his heart, and he didn't fall into sleep until it was quite late .

Early in the next morning, Steward Mu waited outside the door of Feng Shen uneasily as usual, thinking about how he could persuade his Royal Highness to have something .

If it went on like this, before Miss Ye could be found, his Royal Highness would break down first . He was still injured at the moment .

Cheep! -

The door opened and out walked Feng Shen .

"Teacher, I am a little hungry, please prepare some meals for me . "

Hearing the words, Steward Mu showed a dull complexion, wondering whether he had heard wrong .

The Royal Highness said he wanted to eat!

"Oh, I am going to order the kitchen to prepare for you . " Steward Mu looked at Feng Shen incredibly, seeing that on his face, the dispiritedness in these days was all gone .

In fact, Feng Shen was restored overnight . In his originally inanimate eyes, vitality came out again .

Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 545

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