Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 597

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Chapter 597

Inside the royal study, papers and doc.u.ments were piled up high like a small mountain on Xia Houqi’s desk .

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Xia Houqi put down the papers and saw the words of “Zizhu Mountain” .

Xia Houqi knew about the crisis there more than a month ago .

Although it was said that no one managed Zizhu Mountain, it belonged to Da Xia in Xia Houqi’s eyes .

But he could not show too much concern over that area since he had just ascended the throne and the North Qing took a reserved att.i.tude towards the management of Zizhu Mountain .

“Your Majesty, it is time for the meal . ” The old eunuch beside reminded Xia Houqi .

Xia Houqi was doubtlessly a diligent emperor . He had not appointed a concubine yet and spent all his time dealing with state affairs .

After the riot of the Hong Manor, Xia Houqi exterminated all its followers . The problem was that nearly half of the officials in court had gone . Xia Houqi was quite worried about how to fill the gap .

The report about Zizhu Mountain was turned in more than a month ago . Xia Houqi had read it more than 10 times and his frown grew more serious .

Several days ago, Xia Houqi gave Zizhu Mountain to Marquis Yue, but his concern over that area didn’t reduce a bit .

“Am I causing trouble to her? I know clearly that Zizhu Mountain is hard to deal with and have given it to her without her knowledge . ” Xia Houqi sighed .

“Your Majesty, you are not trying to cause trouble to Marquis Yue . You are just loath to part with her . . . ” Eunuch Ye was the interior server of the late emperor and had watched Xia Houqi grow up .

As the sixth son of the late emperor, Xia Houqi would not easily fall in love with someone . But if he found the one, it would be hard for him to let go all his life .

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Zizhu Mountain was a dangerous area but also a treasurable piece of land .

If Marquis Yue could not put down the riot, she had to return to the Xia City and ask Xia Houqi for help .

If she successfully squashed the riot and gained a foothold in Zizhu Mountain, she would have a natural protection by gripping the throat of the North Qing and Da Xia . Then the descendants of both the North Qing and Da Xia would stand in awe of Marquis Yue and her offspring .

But which result did the new emperor prefer to see? This was unknown since the emperor’s thoughts were difficult to guess . Eunuch Ye did not dare to think more .

In the royal study, it was getting darker little by little . The sky was as dark as ink .

On the other end in the north of Divinity, there was a G.o.d palace made of ice and snow . Outside the palace, the freezing north winds were blowing ceaselessly all the year around .

There was a man sitting on the ice and snow throne .

He was Xi Jiuye, the G.o.d in the north of Divinity .

His waterfall-like grey hair was bounded up high and there was a golden mark on his forehead . His sword-like eyebrows were impressive, and his appearance showed full n.o.bility . He could hardly be matched even in the world of G.o.ds .

A G.o.d envoy was kneeling down before the throne .

“You say that someone has found the traces of Bahuang G.o.d couple in Jiuzhou?”

Jiuzhou was an unfamiliar and faraway place and did not exist in the memory of Xi Jiuye .

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“Yes, there is a main G.o.d under your management . Before flying up, he was the head of Hunyuan Sect in Jiuzhou . When he returned to the sect for teaching, he found the mark left by G.o.ds in Jiuzhou . ” The G.o.d envoy reported respectfully .

“Ask him to order his followers to investigate soon . ”

No special expression was shown on the face of Xi Jiuye . But his hands under sleeves were clenched tightly .

“But the Bahuang G.o.d couple returned to Bahuang yesterday . Should we continue the investigation?” The envoy asked nervously .

“Investigate every place they had been to and everyone they had met on Jiuzhou Continent . No place or person shall be neglected . ” Xi Jiuye said coldly .

“I’m on it . ” The envoy was going to leave .

“Wait . How long will it take to find a person on Jiuzhou Continent?” Xi Jiuye said after a long while .

“Are you trying to find a person? How old is he? What does he look like? Is there any portrait of him?” The envoy was a little surprised that G.o.d Jiuye wanted to find a person on the vast Jiuzhou Continent .

“Forget it . Let’s collect the information first . ” Xi Jiuye waved his hand .

The envoy left and no one else was in the G.o.d palace then . Xi Jiuye remained silent for long .

Age . . . Appearance . . . Portrait .

The envoy’s words made Xi Jiuye suddenly realize that he did not even have a portrait of her after 13 years of going through thick and thin together .

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Over 500 years had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye and he had even forgot her appearance .

But why did he want to find her? Was it due to her words before her destruction? Maybe . Her resentful eyes were so scary when she was dying .

Her words were so cold and terrible .

“Xi Jiuye, if I have rebirth, I will surely make you pay with your own blood” .

Ye Lingyue, you are always keeping your promise .

You are such a liar! You say that you will take revenge . Why do not you return after over 500 years?

Xi Jiuye smiled bitterly .

“Jiuye, what are you thinking about?” An extremely charming beauty walked over and leaned against Xi Jiuye . She had fair skin and slim figure, wearing a soft coat made of fox fur .

Seeing the beauty in his arms, Xi Jiuye looked a little milder .

It was extremely cold here and the woman was in a weak state . But she was willing to stay here for the sake of him .

She was such a kind and considerate wife that was worth treasuring .

“It is late at night now . Why are you still awake? Are you troubled again by your illness?” Xi Jiuye pulled a warm stream of G.o.d energy into the body of the woman .

“I cannot sleep alone . Could you sleep with me?” The woman held the waist of Xi Jiuye . Her body was getting warmer but there was still a gloomy look in her eyes .

On this day every year, Xi Jiuye would sit alone in the G.o.d palace, staring blankly .

He might forget it already, but she remembered clearly that today was the death anniversary of “that person” .

If he did not remember that, why didn’t he appoint her as queen so far?

If he did not remember that, why did he use his G.o.d energy for the past 500 years to cure her illness instead of giving her the G.o.d pills made of that person’s flesh and blood?

Thinking about this, the woman held Xi Jiuye tightly .

“Chuchu, you are still as naughty and clingy as you were before . Listen to me . I have something to deal with now and you should go sleep by yourself . ” Xi Jiuye ordered warriors to take her back .

The woman walked out of the G.o.d palace and angrily pulled off the fur coat .

“Tell me, what the G.o.d ordered you to do just now . ”

The G.o.d envoy knelt down before the woman and told her about G.o.d Jiuye’s order .

“There can be nothing good about the appearance of Bahuang G.o.d couple on Jiuzhou Continent . Listen, when you go to Jiuzhou Continent, watch out for a woman called Ye Lingyue . Kill her at the sight of her!”

The sinister look of the woman left the envoy in a puzzle . He dared not go against her will and left immediately after answering yes .

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