Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 599

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Chapter 599

After Hong Yulang and his grandfather left, Luo Song returned into the valley .

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He walked directly into the room of Hong Mingyue and found her sitting in meditation .

Over one month ago, Hong Mingyue failed at the Imperial Contest and the riot of the Hong Manor was put down . After fleeing back to the Three Lives Valley in distress, Hong Mingyue totally changed .

All her pride and coldness disappeared .

“Mingyue, I have already driven them away . But Hong Yulang is your only relative in the world, I don’t understand why you want to drive him away . ”

“My brother has always been good for nothing . If I let him stay in the Three Lives Valley, he will remain like that all his life . I have driven him away for his sake so that he can try to make a living on his own . ” Hong Mingyue spoke slowly .

“I have done what you told me to . That’s a big favor . How do you plan to repay me?”

Luo Song sat beside Hong Mingyue directly and one of his hands touched Hong Mingyue’s waist which was slim and soft .

Seeing no reaction from Hong Mingyue, Luo Song went further by reaching his hand into her clothes .

Hong Mingyue had no facial expression, as if she did not care about what Luo Song did at all .

The Hong Manor had crumbled, and she had been defeated by Ye Lingyue . Hong Mingyue had suddenly slumped from the top of the pyramid .

Her status was also changed in the Three Lives Valley . Now being the wife of the valley owner had become her last trump card .

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Luo Song climbed onto her and took off her clothes without effort . The nice body of the girl turned Luo Song on immediately .

It was not the first time for them to make love .

On the night Luo Song took Hong Mingyue who was wounded back to the valley, he already had s.e.x with Hong Mingyue .

Luo Song himself did not understand why Hong Mingyue who was always cold suddenly accepted him .

The two continued until the deep night before Luo Song fell asleep deeply .

In stark contrast with Luo Song, Hong Mingyue had a ruddy complexion after the s.e.x . When Luo Song was sunk in sleep, she sat in meditation naked . A pure stream of Yuan energy flowed into her diaphragm .  

The stream of Yuan energy came from Luo Song . He did not notice that Hong Mingyue was stealing Yuan energy from him when they were making love .

Later, every time they made love, Luo Song would lose another part of his Yuan energy . Eventually . He would lose all his energy and turn into a dead body .

“Luo Song, do you think that you can easily take advantage of me? I will use Buyang Skill to empty your body of all Yuan energy . ” There were some changes to the eyebrows and eyes of Hong Mingyue .

There were a number of cracks on her former cold face . Now she appeared even more charming .

Hong Mingyue had a carved stone in hand .

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The stone was acquired in the Star Cave after she broke the lighting globe .

No one knew that what she got was the instruction on martial skills .

Buyang Skill was the dominant martial skills of the ancient demonic Hehuan Cult . Although it was not among the top martial skills . It could draw on the male and benefit the female by improving her martial skills a great deal in a day . Hence it was a powerful and sinister martial technique .

In the prime of Hehuan Cult, more than half of the followers on the continent fell victim to this skill .

In a rage, heads of major sects and factions reached the altar of Hehuan Cult and killed all its followers . Moreover, Buyang Skill was banned ever since .

Surprisingly, Hong Mingyue got the technique by accident .

Hong Mingyue was always cold and had no interest in s.e.xual relations .

So she did not plan to learn the martial skill in the very beginning .

But the failure at the Imperial Contest had totally changed the whole life of Hong Mingyue .

Ye Lingyue earned fame and fortune instead of her .

Her family became the sinner of Da Xia through the ages .

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Even her beloved family members turned their back on herwhen the catastrophe came .

Hong Mingyue put all the blame on Ye Lingyue .

Just a warrior in the Dan realm could beat her . She could by no means catch up with Ye Lingyue in terms of martial skills and power .

For the first time, Hong Mingyue became doubtful about her talent, fearing that she could not catch up with Ye Lingyue .

In order to beat Ye Lingyue, she eventually decided to learn Buyang Skill .

In the beginning, she reaped the benefits of learning Buyang Skill . Her power improved twice than in the normal case .

Hong Mingyue knew that she could exceed the third level of reincarnation as along as she kept on learning for several months .

All this was just the beginning . If she could find a more powerful person than Luo Song, she could progress even more quickly .

Taking a look at Luo Song who was sleeping like a pig, Hong Mingyue showed great detestation in her eyes .

“Ye Lingyue, your happy days are numbered . When I reach the third level of Buyang Skill, I will surely kill you for the hundreds of lives of the Hong Manor . ” Hong Mingyue closed her eyes and slowly transferred the Yuan energy in her body into her diaphragm .

After days of marching, Ye Lingyue and Lan Cai’er arrived at Million Beast Valley .

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After just 4 or 5 months, the originally desolated place took on a brand-new look .

On the edge of the Ancient Forest appeared a small village .

“We have heard about Zizhu Mountain . In fact, when the riot broke out on Zizhu Mountain, a great many refugees fled here . We also took in some of them . But the number is so big that we can only keep a small part of them . ” Aguduo told Ye Lingyue .

“Master, I have a suggestion . You can enter Zizhu Mountain, disguising yourselves as newly recruited mercenaries so that you can join a small team of mercenaries . In this way, safety can be ensured in the process of investigation . ” Jinwu Old Monster reminded Ye Lingyue and Lan Cai’er to dress up . “You just need to change some of your appearance, and you don’t need to disguise yourself as men . Mercenaries are different from the commoners . They have sharp eyes . You will easily invite doubt if they sense something wrong . ”

Ye Lingyue and Lan Cai’er accepted the suggestion of Jinwu Old Monster and decided to dress up as mercenaries .

In order to make their face less pretty, the two girls made full preparation .

Lan Cai’er added an extremely big birthmark to her cheeks .

Ye Lingyue made her face much darker . Now she looked like a black coal ball .

After that, the two stood side by side and could not help laughing aloud after seeing each other . They said unanimously:

“How ugly!”

Then the two ugly girls headed for Yunshang City near Zizhu Mountain and joined the mercenaries for the moment .

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Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 599

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