Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 660

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Published at 26th of May 2020 11:45:03 AM
Chapter 660: 660

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Translator: Storm in a Teacup
Chief Song stood behind Song Jingyun with a gloomy look .

“Father, you must take revenge for me . I want Dao Ge and will never annul the engagement . ” Song Jingyun was in great pain . She knew that Dao Ge would never give up even if Lan Cai'er had already become Yan Jiu's woman .

“Jingyun, don't go to the extremes for such a man . Dao Ge is just a young master of the Magic Sect . If he hadn't carried with him the sect's treasure, I would not have agreed to your engagement in the very beginning . ”

Dao Ge had solved the crisis facing the Alliance . But Chief Song did not show any sign of grat.i.tude and only grew angrier .

He was in a rage since Dao Ge had humiliated his daughter and the men of the Underground Palace didn't show any respect for him, Chief of the Alliance .

“But I can't help loving him . Father, you have such a wide circle of friends . You can surely help me get him, right?” Song Jingyun was in tears . Chief Song felt both sorry and rageful when seeing the pathetic look of his beloved daughter .

“Humph, I will never let go those who have offended me . Sha is Yan Jiu and then Di must be Wu Chong . The two demons of the Underground Palace plus the demon-like boy Bo Qing . Since those two female soldiers are related to them, they can also be called demons . Earlier, several men of Hunyuan Sect came to our Alliance to ask the whereabouts of the Qiankun Zijin Bamboo . I didn't tell them the truth . Now it seems that I can take advantage of them and let them kill those demons for us . ” Chief Song sneered, showing a vicious look in his eyes .

After finis.h.i.+ng speaking, Chief Song immediately had a letter sent out .

In the meanwhile, Wu Chong and his companions were rus.h.i.+ng for Zizhu Mountain .

Ye Lingyue and Bo Qing who were in the Zizhu Mountain now knew nothing about what had happened in the Alliance .

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After marking the Blue Thunder bombs, Ye Lingyue went back to the tent, only to find Bo Qing throwing a tantrum .

Bo Qing showed an aggrieved look the moment he saw Ye Lingyue .

“s.h.i.+san, how about forgetting about the Great Yellow Immortal? Tonight, we must find Qiankun Zijin Bamboo in every means possible . If we stay here a little longer, I might tear the l.u.s.tful old man into pieces . ” Bo Qing gnashed his teeth when mentioning the Great Yellow Immortal .

What annoyed him most was that the l.u.s.tful man had tried to get physical with s.h.i.+san in the tent before .

Thinking that the wretched man dared to leer at his beloved girl, Bo Qing flew into a rage instantly . Now his eyes were full of flames of fury and he couldn't wait to burn the jerk to death .

“We have got the Thunder Bell and I have marked those Blue Thunder bombs around us . If the Great Yellow Immortal still doesn't take any action tonight, we can slip away then . ” These days Bo Qing had spent all the time trying to please the Great Yellow Immortal . Thus, the latter and his men gradually let down their guard .

Earlier, the Great Yellow Immortal had ordered 8 men to watch their tent . But Ye Lingyue found only 4 men left when she came back just now .

In this case, it might be easy for them to take action in the deep night .

As night fell, Ye Lingyue and Bo Qing blew out the candles inside the tent quite early . Even so, this didn't in the slightest cause the suspicion of the Great Yellow Immortal .

Around midnight, Ye Lingyue heard something strange .

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Long Baobao was in a sound sleep with Little Squeak in his arms when he was awaked by Ye Lingyue's gentle movement .

Bo Qing opened part of the tent curtains . Outside the tent, the Great Yellow Immortal was a.s.signing tasks to dozens of his followers .

“Leave 7 or 8 men behind watching the tent . Pay close attention to the two beauties within there . If they slip away, I will take your life . ” The Great Yellow Immortal took a look at the tent, showing viciousness in his eyes .

Then he waved his hand and headed for the northwestern part of Zizhu Mountain with the rest of his followers .

“Earlier, I have made marks in the northwestern part of Zizhu Mountain . About half an hour ago, I felt a stream of great vitality . This must indicate the bamboo is going to appear . ” Bo Qing whispered .

“Outside the tent are 4 men . Another 4 are on patrol around . You and I shall deal with two outside respectively . ”

Ye Lingyue made a gesture and Bo Qing immediately understood her intention .

Bo Qing and Ye Lingyue flashed out from both sides .

Bo Qing's ten figures gathered force and pounced on one of those men all of a sudden . His figure was moving as fast as a running leopard .

The pounce broke the skull of one man into pieces . He died before he could call for any help .

Hearing the loud sound from behind, another man turned around instantly, only to find a gorgeous face flas.h.i.+ng in front of him .

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At this time, Bo Qing had already hit the man's neck with his wrist . With a cracking sound, the man's neck was twisted aside and fell onto the ground .

It took Bo Qing just seconds to kill two men .

He was afraid that Ye Lingyue might get hurt . When he turned around to check on the girl, two men of the Taoist Sect had already fallen on the ground, lifeless .

Their eyes were wide open with fear and their limbs went stiff . On their chests were sharp knives . Obviously, Ye Lingyue had killed them right on the spot with only one movement . Bo Qing did not expect that the girl would be such an expert killer .

“What happened?'

Suddenly, an anxious voice caught the attention of Ye Lingyue and Bo Qing .

It turned out that one of the patrollers came back .

At the very moment, the Little Squeak huddling in Long Baobao's arms suddenly shook its fur with a menacing look in its eyes .

Little Squeak flew into the air and dazzling light was sent out from its claws . Its body magnified several times in the air and gusts of strong winds pounced on the head of the patroller . At last, the man's body was crushed by the enormous power sent from Little Squeak's pounce .

“Little Squeak, get moving! You carry Little Longbao and let's catch up with the Great Yellow Immortal . ”

Ignoring the stupefied look of Bo Qing and Long Baobao, Ye Lingyue immediately gave an order . Only then did the two come to their senses . They hurried to catch up with the Great Yellow Immortal and his men .

In the dead of night, the biting winds kept blowing and the moon cast a dim glow over the Zizhu Mountain .

All along the way, Ye Lingyue carefully avoided stepping on the planted Blue Thunder bombs . From time to time, they could hear insects' chirping or beasts' roaring .

After a short while, the path became rugged .

“Right ahead . ”

Bo Qing immediately found that the Great Yellow Immortal and his men were heading for the place where he had made marks earlier .

The three people and one little creature quietly hid somewhere, keeping an eye on what was happening ahead .

Originally, Zizhu Mountain got its name since there were purple bamboos all over the hill .

After Qiankun Zijin Bamboo was found here, a large number of warriors and alchemists flooded into the faraway dreamland .

The purple bamboos were cut down one after another, and the lush dreamland became barren day by day .

After the Great Yellow Immortal and his followers arrived, they relied on their formations and limits to plant a great many Blue Thunder bombs, driving out those previous explorers . Only then did the mountain recover some of its former quietness .

What confused Bo Qing was that he had secretly checked the place ahead before but did not find any traces of the Qiankun Zijin Bamboo then . How come the bamboo was going to appear there now?

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