History’s Number 1 Founder 1137 It Is Still Dead

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Regardless whether it's the Golden Roc Grand Sage, Yan Nanlai or Liang Pan, they were all taken aback by how Lin Feng himself replaced his Avatar of Ares so quickly.

With their powers, they could easily tell that Lin Feng did not previously disguise himself as his Avatar of Ares.

Just now, in such a short time, Lin Feng's Avatar of Ares turned into him.

"He should be in the Lingyuan Mountains of the Barren Expanses. If not, the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage and the Crimson Gorilla Grand Sage would have sensed that something was amiss…," thought Yan Nanlai with a frown. "How can he exchange positions with his avatar through the two different worlds? In this case, did he do the same thing all those years ago in the Netherworld Sea?"

"In the Starry Sea, even though his gate to the Starry Sea was sealed, did he go there through the same method?"

Yan Nanlai took in a deep breath. "This person has an extraordinary level of understanding in terms of the workings of s.p.a.ce."

Liang Pan, who was sitting in his Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai, looked at Lin Feng and thought about the battle in the Ying Sea many years ago. "At that time, could he have pulled off this feat too?"

Lin Feng did not care too much about the guesses of Yan Nanlai and Liang Pan. He looked at the fear-instilling bone and his eyes narrowed into slits. "Could that be the remains of the Hades Emperor? How did the Golden Roc Grand Sage obtain this?"

200 years ago, the Golden Roc Grand Sage had a much higher profile. When the dragons hid in the Black Sea and the apes remained in their Lingyuan Mountains, he was the most prolific demon of the Barren Expanses.

Then, he became to keep a much lower profile. His footsteps became harder to track. The incident in the Cloud Forest World and the appearance of the three mountains of the Ying Sea were the only few times he showed himself. Otherwise, he was rarely seen.

Information about the Golden Roc Grand Sage dashed through Lin Feng's mind. "Through excavating the palaces of the Hades Emperor, the Golden Roc Grand Sage was indeed able to obtain some actual clues. I guess he did manage to make further discoveries."

"Earlier, when he cultivated the Hades' Dark Mantra, that was an example of the resources he possessed. However, I am afraid that it was on the tip of the iceberg."

As he thought, Lin Feng started to use his own mana. Purple clouds started to spread from him and it blocked off the purple light from the bone. At the same time, the clouds were a.n.a.lyzing the bone's powers.

While the purple light was able to shake void s.p.a.ce, it could not do much to Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng's heart sank as he thought, "The power in this bone is highly unstable. If it reaches its peak, then it cannot be underestimated. I don't believe that it is any weaker than the Heaven-Destroying Sword and the Supreme Heavenly Mirror."

"No wonder the Heavenly Charms Grand Sage and the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage did not dare to disturb the Golden Roc. This is his killer move."

"However, if the power of the bone is maximized, then it will disappear afterward. The Golden Roc Grand Sage will not use his trump card if he can avoid it. For something like this, it is more powerful when you keep it with you instead of doing anything with it. Furthermore, he still needs it to open the black hole and hence, he cannot waste it."

As he thought about that, Lin Feng realized that he was approaching the black hole. The light from the bone shone even brighter and the power within it became more and more unstable.

Furthermore, the power of the bone started to concentrate on Lin Feng. It was as if the bone had woken up and was concentrating its energy on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng a.s.sessed his surroundings with his supernatural awareness. Compared to Yan Nanlai and Liang Pan, he was the closest to the black hole.

Evidently, other than the Golden Roc Grand Sage, the first to approach the black hole would become the target for the bone.

Now, that he had already opened this door, the Golden Roc Grand Sage had no other considerations. He finally released his trump card.

Thinking about it, the value of the black hole was much higher and much more attractive to him. If he could occupy the black hole, it would surely be able to compensate for the loss of this bone.

Only by sacrificing something could one gain more. The Golden Roc Grand Sage understood this principle.

The problem that confronted Lin Feng, Yan Nanlai, and Liang Pan right now was that the first to pursue the Golden Roc Grand Sage would be wracked by his attacks.

It could likely be something that they could not recover from.

By being the first, one would be the sacrificial object for the other two. However, none of them wished to be the sacrifice.

In the Imperial Palace of Emperor Tai, Liang Pan's looked at Lin Feng with a deep gaze. Yan Nanlai did the same too.

As long as Lin Feng was willing to release his Heaven-Destroying Sword, he would stand a chance against the bone. After all, the bone was a one-time use treasure. If he could resist its initial onslaught, then it would no longer pose a threat.

However, Lin Feng's second enhanced cultivation of the sword would be wasted.

Naturally, once Lin Feng released the Heaven-Destroying Sword and attacked, no one present could rival him. This too was a concern among everyone present.

The Golden Roc Grand Sage too was looking at Lin Feng.

If he had known that Lin Feng could return so quickly to the Divine Lands, he would have planned something else. After the Supreme Heavenly Mirror left the Divine Lands, his bone could suppress everyone but Lin Feng, if he chose to release his Heaven-Destroying Sword.

However, thinking about it, if Lin Feng did release his Heaven-Destroying Sword here to battle with his bone, the Heavenly Grandmaster Grand Sage and the Crimson Gorilla Grand Sage would be able to break through Lin Feng's Mount Yujing and Two Elements of Creation Formation without any further consideration.

The battle was at an extremely perilous moment. Any single action could end a stalemate.

Right now, the Golden Roc Grand Sage was like an arrow nocked on a bow. He could not care anymore.

Yan Nanlai and Liang Pan too looked at the Lin Feng to see what he would do.

If Lin Feng had left the Heaven-Destroying Sword in the Lingyuan Mountains and did not bring it to the Divine Lands with him, then the situation was more delicate.

Looking at this situation, Lin Feng felt like laughing. Earlier, the demons feared his Heaven-Destroying Sword and the Great Void Sect's Supreme Heavenly Mirror. Right now, Yan Nanlai, Liang Pan and he felt the same way about the bone.

However, Lin Feng had no intention of remaining conflicted. He smiled slightly, and his body continued to advance toward the black hole. It was as if he completely disregarded the increasing power of the bone.

The power of the bone increased non-stop. A vast purple light covered void s.p.a.ce and countless, complicated runes danced in mid-air, imprinting themselves on every inch of void s.p.a.ce and turning the entire area purple.

In the next instant, the earth underneath them started to collapse as countless objects were crushed to smithereens. The black hole in the sky above appeared to have become quieter.

Between heaven and earth, there was only an endless purple light. s.p.a.ce was reduced to nothing. The only reality left was the gurgling purple light.

Every living organism near the Great Thunderclap Temple could feel their hearts trembling. They all had an irresistible desire to submit. Only then could they calm themselves.

In the Kunlun Mountains, w.a.n.g Lin and his fellow disciples, along with the powerful Immortal Soul Envoys of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, like Zhuge Zhan, stared in the direction of the Great Thunderclap Temple. There, the sky was purple.

The Virtuous Zen Master's expression was solemn and his gaze complicated. He brought his palms together and said nothing

The Qin Emperor, s.h.i.+ Yu, the Luofu Holy Man and the other powerful human cultivators who were battling with the demons too paid special attention in the direction of the Great Thunderclap Temple, even though they did not cease their battles.

Standing in the Immortal Dragon City, s.h.i.+ Yu looked northward from the Southern Wilderness. His expression was quiet, and his gaze flashed slightly.

Far away from the Great Thunderclap Temple, everyone could sense the commotion. Lin Feng and company felt it even stronger.

Yan Nanlai took in a deep breath. His heart was clear. Even with the Great Void Seal, he may not be able to live a direct attack from the bone.

This power was beyond the Vipralopa Stage.

Liang Pan's expression was heavy. In his palace, he stared at the bright purple light and narrowed his eyes.

In that moment, everyone's gaze fell upon Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng appeared to have sensed nothing as he continued his path. It was as if he had completely disregarded the bone.

"What is he…" Liang Pan questioned. Then, his eyes narrowed even more, "That is?!"

He saw a smooth, clear jadestone that was about the size of a goose egg appeared next to Lin Feng. It looked very ordinary.

Liang Pan had only seen this jade once. He also heard some news about it.

The Golden Cicada would naturally not help Lin Feng keep this secret. While he did not describe it in detail, news about the mysterious powers of Lin Feng's Barrier-Breaking Stone had already started to spread in the Barren Expanses. Even the Divine Lands knew about it.

However, after the incident in the Ying Sea, Lin Feng rarely used his Barrier-Breaking Stone. Hence, others did not know much about it

Its abilities to defeat the Vipralopa Stage Golden Cicada was already shocking enough and hard to imagine. Now, it seemed capable of defeating the bone, which was beyond the Vipralopa Stage.

Today, they were finally going to witness its true power.

In the center of this jadestone, a shapeless mana started to spread. There was no light, no aura, and no sound.

However, this mana was able to envelop the bone, which was akin to a planet's core, a master of all creation, and make it disappear!

Above the ruins of the Great Thunderclap Temple and below the black hole, nothing was left. The purple light, which covered the entire heaven and earth, along with Lin Feng's Barrier-Breaking Stone, disappeared. It was as if it had never existed.

Void s.p.a.ce changed its appearance and Lin Feng swept his gaze over it. "This appears to be a barren Middle World. The random sending powers of this jadestone are truly unreliable…"

"If you are a living thing, like the Origins Celestial Dragon, then the Barrier-Breaking Stone cannot send you away. However, while you are strong, you are still dead." He looked at the flas.h.i.+ng, purple bone in the black void and shook his head, "Pity, I have to remember this place and take care of it afterward."

Lin Feng's body appeared slow but in reality, he quickly disappeared quickly in the Middle World without a trace. He then returned to the ruins of the Great Thunderclap Temple in the Divine Lands.

In the void, the Golden Roc Grand Sage had an ugly expression on his face

History’s Number 1 Founder 1137 It Is Still Dead

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