History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 605

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Chapter 605

Before he opened his sect to disciples, Lin Feng had already prepared himself psychologically . Although he was opening it up to everyone in the world, he was worried about the quality of disciples that might come .

Besides the Great Void Sect and Mount Shu Sword Sect, the Great Zhou Empire and Great Qin Empire had their own talent gathering grounds . They were used to nurture talents outside of the royal family . If there were outstanding individuals, besides teaching them powerful mantras, there would be huge amount of resources invested into them too .

The rest, such as the Samsara Sect, Heavenly Master Sword Sect, Royal House of the Northern Tribes, Purple Clouds Sect, Sword of Radiance Sect, Vast Sea Sword Sect, and even the Heaven Lake Sect did the same thing too . The huge clans like the Huo Clan, s.h.i.+ Clan, Yu Clan and Lei Clan were also the same .

Regardless of which clans, they would absorb talents within their power boundaries . They would filter all sorts of talented youths a few times .

Many of these talents displayed minor potential and were already accepted as disciples .

Lin Feng did not have any hope for many talents in this sect-opening ceremony . He wanted to use quant.i.ty to compensate for whatever shortfalls in quality . With huge numbers of people, there should be a few talents inside, even if the probability was low .

All in all, it was a matter of luck .

But after a month pa.s.sed, Lin Feng was unsure whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the situation .

There were not many of them whose talent statistic score was presentable . Even those with some gifts were pretty average .

With the reputation of the Celestial Sect of Wonders now, Lin Feng was confident of helping those with average talents to establish their foundations in 50 years’ time . But the resources invested would be too much and it would not be well-spent . Just thinking about it made him feel the pinch .

Just like the first Sect-Opening Ceremony, there were talents with scores above 25 . Although the numbers were little, it was still considerable .

But it’s a pity that there were very few of them who were exceptional .

He expected that the disciples contributed by the small aristocratic families in the Great Qin Empire to be their most outstanding ones .

But there were many of them which did not catch Lin Feng’s eye . After all, Innate Ability, Intelligence, Determination and Fortune were the four components Lin Feng could use to tell a person’s talents . But most people could only tell the Innate Ability . Since it was more direct, it was also more convenient for comparison purposes .

For someone to judge the Intelligence and Determination was a very rare sight, not to even say Fortune .

There were many who wanted to join, but there were few that caught Lin Feng’s eye .

Even with such a huge number of people, there was not even one of them whose talent statistic score was above 30 .

"Alright, 30 is too high a score, but at least 27 or 28 shouldn’t be too difficult?" Lin Feng shook his head and laughed, "For the Sect-Opening Ceremony this time, let’s not hype it too much and get no valuable rewards from it . "

Lin Feng might say this, but he did have some confidence . Why? That was because he had already chosen a talent to form the foundation . Since he had a candidate in mind, he was not panicky .

This person was Dao Yuting .

After the Heaven Lake Sect was eliminated, her ties with her sect members were naturally cut . Lin Feng could also tell her talent statistic score .

Innate Ability was 8 points, Intelligence was 8 points, Determination was 8 points and Fortune was 5 points .

They amounted to a total of 29 points . It was almost 30 . The three components of Innate Ability, Intelligence and Determination were all 8 points each . Besides her lacking aspect of Fortune, there was not much to pick on her .

Although it was not 30, her future achievements could be predicted . She had been shortlisted as Lin Feng’s target to nurture in the future .

Average Fortune? If she can’t do things well on her own, then the sect could replenish them with resources .

Lin Feng was confident, but the majority of the rest were not sure .

Although Lin Feng saw many talents coming to join his sect, there were not many exceptional ones .

There’s nothing that he could do . During the battle of Xiling City, Lin Feng was too eye-catching . His disciples, s.h.i.+ Tianhao and Yue Hongyan, overcame s.h.i.+ Tianyi and Bai Xiqian respectively, and were equally eye-catching . Under such a circ.u.mstance, the powers of the entire Celestial Sect of Wonders continued to grow, causing many to feel uncomfortable with it .

The Great Qin Empire and Great Zhou Empire did not thwart Lin Feng’s plans this time and even helped him . But to claim that s.h.i.+ Yu and Liang Pan were truly pleased for him was an overstatement .

With Lin Feng holding the fort, Xiao Yan, s.h.i.+ Tianhao and

and the rest continued to develop . After that, as the powers of the Celestial Sect of Wonders grew at every level, people would start regarding them as another cultivation holy ground .

For the Royal House of the Northern Winds, Purple Clouds Sect, Sword of Radiance Sect and the Sun Moon Sword Sect, who had good ties with the Celestial Sect of Wonders, they heaved a sigh of relief .

It was commonly said that a dragon and a snake could never be friends . For two different people on different levels, it was very difficult for them to become friends . Even if they did, as their gap lengthened, their friends.h.i.+p would die someday .

At times, it’s not because the stronger one forsook the weaker one . On the contrary, because one was too strong, he might not be bothered about the opinions of the rest .

On the other hand, the weaker one would become more and more humiliated under the attack of others . This caused him to become more and more uncomfortable and hurt his ego .

The Celestial Sect of Wonders, or rather Lin Feng, rose very quickly . According to the time in the Greater World, they rose to be able to tackle the Great Void Sect and Mount Shu Sword Sect . While it caused a huge surprise, it also gave the feeling to others that they could not catch up .

It’s not that they did not want to change their perspective and readjust their att.i.tudes . Lin Feng and the Celestial Sect of Wonders rose too quickly for them to handle .

It was not that they did not want to change, but that the world changed too fast for them to catch up .

When the Celestial Sect of Wonders had its first Sect-Opening Ceremony, Liang Tonghui from the Heavenly Master Sword Sect and the Azure Clouds Grandmaster from the Sword of Radiance Sect were only in the Nascent Soul Stage .

But now, even the Celestial Sword Elder and the Supreme Radiance Swordmaster had no confidence in facing Lin Feng, even though they were in the Immortal Soul Stage Second Level .

Lin Feng sat quietly in one room, while he let his disciples handle the work of welcoming those who wanted to become disciples . When these people came, he used his Talent a.n.a.lysis Device to test their potentials .

Those who were suitable were kept, but they were not accepted officially yet . They were in contention, but Lin Feng had another official test for them . Those who had hidden intentions would be kicked out .

For these disciples with hidden intentions, it was okay to leave a few of the more talented ones behind . Too many of them would not be good .

"Oh?" Lin Feng was stunned for a moment . Someone who just came had a rather astonis.h.i.+ng gift .

"Innate Ability of 8 points, Intelligence of 8 points, Determination of 6 points and Fortune

and Fortune of 6 points?" Lin Feng looked over and saw a gentle and small figure . It was a cute young lady standing and she watched shyly as Xiao Yan and Yue Hongyan welcomed her .

"Her four talent statistics are not bad . " Lin Feng was a little distracted . The total was 28 points and both Innate Ability and Intelligence had reached 8 points . Her statistics were pretty good . While her Determination was a little average and her Fortune was not spectacular, they were both sufficient .

Overall speaking, she had high potential . But time was needed to ensure her potential was fulfilled .

However, what made Lin Feng surprised was that the young lady had some cultivation background . She had already reached the Qi Cultivation Stage .

"At such an age…" Lin Feng was interested now . He observed carefully for a moment . She looked like she was only 11 or 12 years old . She was about as old as Jun Zining, maybe a little younger . But her cultivation was a level higher than her .

Both of their talents were about the same, but the gap in their cultivations were not close . Jun Zining was from the Jun Family in the Ancient Yuantian World . After all, she had an Immortal Soul Stage Elder as her elder . Honestly speaking, it was not far off from the Yu Clan or Huo Clan .

This young lady had a higher cultivation . In other words, she could barely win Xiao Yan when he was at Wuzhou County many years ago .

This meant that the mantras that she cultivated and resources she had since young were more than Jun Zining . She was much better than Xiao Yan when he was young .

Such a person is seeking a Master?

She did not belong to any sect, inherited her cultivation from her family, or did she have any hidden intentions?

Xiao Yan and Yue Hongyan were also a little shocked as they looked at her . After the two of them looked at each other, Yue Hongyan asked first, "What are you called?"

The young lady replied, "I am called Zhuge Wanqiu . I have seen the both of you . "

"You have cultivated mantras before?" Yue Hongyan asked . Zhuge Wanqiu nodded her head and said naturally, "I learnt from my father . "

Yue Hongyan asked, "Where’s your father?"

Zhuge Wanqiu looked a little down, "He said that he was going to the Void Battleground . He says that it is a little dangerous to bring me in, thus he asked me to come here to sign up to be a disciple . "

Xiao Yan asked her suddenly, "Why does he want you to come to the Celestial Sect of Wonders?"

Zhuge Wanqiu replied with, "He says that the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders is powerful . If I join the Celestial Sect of Wonders, I will not be bullied by others . Even if he goes to the Void Battleground, he can also be rest a.s.sured of my safety . "

As she said this, Xiao Yan and Yue Hongyan were perplexed . Lin Feng was also stunned in his room .

After a while, Lin Feng regained his awareness and shook his head while laughing, "This Zhuge guy is really clever . "

Yue Hongyan sized Zhuge Wanqiu up and made the same judgment as Lin Feng . For her to have such a cultivation at her age, the mantras she cultivated and the resources she had was definitely special . Yue Hongyan asked, "What is your father’s name?"

Zhuge Wanqiu replied, "His name is Zhuge Zhan . "

Xiao Yan and Yue Hongyan did not seemed to have heard of his name before .

Lin Feng was slightly enlightened, "Oh, it’s him . No wonder he lets his daughter come to me . "

Lin Feng had heard of his name before, but he did not really know him . This person was an independent cultivator . He did not have a permanent place where he resided, but his powers were strong . As an independent cultivator, he reached the Immortal Soul Third Level . In the entire circle of Immortal Soul Stage Elders in the Divine Land, his name was very reputable . He was considered an elite among the independent cultivators .

But he was a weird person . His mood was unpredictable . He was also very protective . Once, to protect his son who made a mistake, he clashed with the Great Thunderclap Temple .

But now he threw his daughter to Lin Feng, because Lin Feng was as protective as him .

Lin Feng shook his head and laughed, "The thing is that we have not met before . But since you have such confidence in me, I will not ignore your daughter . But of course, she must pa.s.s my test first . "

After accepting Zhuge Wanqiu, he waited a few more months . Lin Feng decided that the time was ripe and announced that the second Sect-Opening Ceremony had started .

In the southern part of the skies outside Xiling City, purple clouds surged and the White Jade Celestial Mountain escaped from void s.p.a.ce .

Those who wanted to join the sect followed Xiao Yan outside of Xiling City . They looked at an image in front of them dazedly .

History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 605

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