History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 606

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Chapter 606

Lin Feng sat on the main seat in the Grand Heavens Pavilion at the peak of Mount Yujing . Diagonally in front of him, on both sides, s.h.i.+ Zongyue, the Supreme Radiance Swordmaster, Blue Pavilion Holy Man and the rest of the guests who were invited for the ceremony were seated in different seats .

Everyone was curious as they looked at the image in the light figure above the Grand Heavens Pavilion .

Lin Feng knocked the handle of his seat lightly and a streak of Purple Clouds descended from Mount Yujing, forming many Purple Clouds stairs . They appeared in front of everyone outside of Xiling City .

Everyone looked at the Purple Clouds stairs curiously and Lin Feng’s voice resonated, "Follow the stairs up . Those who can reach the peak of the mountain can stay . The time limit is a day . The time starts now . "

Everyone looked at one another with perplexed looks and they started to ascend the stairs .

At the start, there was nothing much . But after they followed the Purple Clouds and ascended the stairs, the Purple Clouds in front of them became thicker and thicker . At the end, it was like fog . Everyone could not see what’s in front of them . As they looked all around them, they discovered that their companions beside them had disappeared .

On the stairs and within the Purple Clouds, one could see nothing . If one shouted, no one would reply either . It was as if only one person remained in the world .

After all, everyone was still young . While some of them came from aristocratic families and could remain calm at the start, as time pa.s.sed, they became more and more panicky and all sorts of personalities were revealed .

There were those who kept on climbing in the hope of reaching the top, while there were those who moved around like headless flies . There were even those who turned around and descended, hoping to rid themselves of this h.e.l.l-like environment .

Only a few of them were brilliant and remained resilient . They based on their senses to advance the stairs .

But as they walked, countless images appeared in front of them . They could not differentiate the images . The Purple Clouds cultivated the things in their mind to form images, causing everyone who was tested to feel unbelievable .

But naturally, some of their inner demons were also displayed in front of them .

On Mount Yujing, within the Grand Heavens Pavilion, Lin Feng sat without moving . As he looked at the different personalities in the light figure . His expression did not change, as if he did not bother .

But everyone in the pavilion felt a little uncomfortable . Lin Feng just wanted to test the background of those who came to join his sect and he had no interest in unearthing their secrets . But if they were targeted towards the Celestial Sect of Wonders, they would be shown .

Someone stood up and clasped his palm and fist together towards Lin Feng, expressing his apologies .

Lin Feng gestured and he lowered his head before leaving the pavilion . He left the mountain as he could no longer watch .

The Purple Clouds stairs that were used for the test not only removed those with flawed characters, it also eliminated those who had hidden agendas .

At the end, there were around 200 people who came up to Mount Yujing and appeared before the Grand Heavens Pavilions to greet their Master .

The leading individuals were Li Yuanfang, Luo Qingwu, Dao Yuting and Zhuge Wanqiu .

Maybe it was due to their cultivations, or maybe it was due to their characters, which helped them ascend the stairs the quickest .

A queue of disciples was led by Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, and they bowed and greeted Lin Feng .

After the Sect-Opening Ceremony was over, Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi led them away . Whereas Lin Feng looked at s.h.i.+ Zongyue and the rest, "I have to count on the Great Qin in the future . If there are those who go to Shazhou County with the intention to join, please do me a favor . "

s.h.i.+ Zongyue nodded his head, "Of course, Master Lin . You don’t have to stand on ceremony . "

As he bade goodbye to everyone, Lin Feng sent him down the mountain and guided him to Mount Kunlun .

At this point, the travels of Xiling City had reached its ending .

If there was something Lin Feng was not pleased with, it was that the second batch of disciples were slightly average in quality . He had to remain vigilant to seek for those who were talented .

On Mount Yujing, the Disciples’ Abode had already been expanded . Zhu Yi brought everyone to their lodging and turned around, saying, "Today is the Sect-Opening Ceremony . After paying our respects to the ancestors, I will lead you all to your resting place . For those without any cultivation, I will teach you all the foundation of mantras . We will start from the beginning . "

Everyone was humble, "We shall await the instructions of Elder Zhu . "

Zhu Yi continued with, "For those with cultivations, no matter how high or low, you will undergo a test in 10 days’ time . This is to decide who you will be under and what you will be leaarning . In these few days, rest yourself and familiarize yourself with the spiritual energy on the mountain . "

Li Yuanfang, Luo Qingwu, Dao Yuting and the rest nodded their heads and returned to their lodging areas to rest .

The elder disciples in the Disciples’ Abode were also sizing up the new disciples that just came .

"Forget those without any cultivations . For those who are experienced, if they go for the test and pa.s.s it, won’t they overtake us?" Someone commented worriedly .

Someone beside him snorted, "They come from families with cultivation backgrounds . They have cultivated since young and have various resources to help them . If I had such a background, I will be better than them . "

Everyone was discussing, before Zhu Yi’s voice sounded, "All of you can join the test in 10 days’ time . If you have spare time, why not use it to understand your mantras . "

A bunch of them were slightly scared, but more of them were excited, "This is great . I didn’t pa.s.s it a year ago, but I have the chance now! I must pa.s.s this test and become an official disciple"

"That’s right . In the past year, we have been cultivating effortlessly on the mountain . We have been waiting for this chance . "

The older disciples were excited and the new disciples also turned around, as they await the impending test .

As this scene landed in the eyes of Li Xingfei, Xu Yunsheng and the rest, they looked at one another and laughed . When they joined the test in the past, they were also very excited .

Liu Xiafeng laughed, "I wonder how many of them will pa.s.s this test?"

Xu Yunsheng said, "That Comrade Li should be able to . I also saw a lady with a pretty high cultivation, even higher than Comrade Li . She might be in the Intermediate Stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, or even in the Advanced Stage already .

Fatty stuck out his tongue, "Doesn’t that make her as good as Fifth Uncle?" Liu Xiafeng slapped his head and Yan Wuwei mocked him . He was talking without thinking again .

Ying Luozha looked at the Disciples’ Abode and was a little distracted . She was shocked for a while, but did not speak . She then turned around and left .

Liu Xiafeng

Liu Xiafeng looked at Ying Luozha, "Why is he leaving?"

Li Xingfei sighed, "I think he is going back to cultivate . "

Ying Luozha was very compet.i.tive . He and Xu Yunsheng had always been the elites among the second-generation disciples . He had always treated Xu Yunsheng as his only compet.i.tor . For the rest, such as Li Xingfei and Liu Xiafeng, he did not even consider them as his compet.i.tors .

But the newly inducted disciples, Li Yuanfang, Dao Yuting, Zhuge Wanqiu and even Luo Qingwu, gave him a huge pressure .

Rather than talking, he rather return and cultivate .

Xu Yunsheng bade goodbye to Liu Xiafeng and the rest, "I am going back to the Heavenly Temple too . I shall see all of you soon . Goodbye . "

The rest were not surprised . After interacting with him for so long, they all knew that Xu Yunsheng was also very compet.i.tive underneath his polite exterior . From a certain perspective, he was very similar to Ying Luozha .

Liu Xiafeng shook his head, "The pressure is huge, the pressure is really huge . But the pressure provides motivation . "

He smiled, "As compared to them, I do feel that our elders give us more pressures . "

Yan Wuwei pursed his lips, "Is youngest uncle really only 13 years old? This is quite scary . " (Translator’s Note: Over here Yan Wuwei refers to s.h.i.+ Tianhao as youngest uncle as a reference to his seniority in the sect)

The disciples on Mount Yujing watched the live broadcast . The few of them followed in to the Dragon Battle Arena and watched s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s and s.h.i.+ Tianyi’s battle .

That frightening image was stuck in their minds . Especially since s.h.i.+ Tianhao was only 13 years old . He was younger than all of them, which gave them huge pressures .

"s.h.i.+ Tianyi is also very strong . " Li Xingfei said, "Beginner Stage of the Nascent Soul Stage, with very few compet.i.tors in the Nascent Soul Stage . For youngest uncle to defeat him in his Aurous Core Stage, it means that youngest uncle is strong, and not that s.h.i.+ Tianyi is weak . "

Everyone had the same thought and Yan Wuwei laughed suddenly, "But, Grandmaster was the one who pulled the strings! The Great Void Sect and Mount Shu Sword Sect were useless in front of him . It’s such a pleasure to watch!"

Liu Xiafeng and the rest smiled and Liu Xiafeng patted his shoulders, "You are exaggerating again . The level of Grandmaster’s battle is beyond us and we can’t understand it either . We can only see the flas.h.i.+ng of light figures . We won’t know the mysteries of it . "

Yan Wuwei debated, "I may not understand, but at least I know Grandmaster won!"

The few of them were discussing heatedly . Lin Feng sat in the Grand Heavens Pavilion and looked at his own disciples . A smile was revealed on his face, "They are all the future of the sect . "

At this point, in the Void Battleground, a raging void s.p.a.ce thunderstorm had just settled down .

A crack appeared in s.p.a.ce and a few human figures walked out of it . They remained in void s.p.a.ce as if they were stepping on ground .

All of them donned black robes and their appearances could not be seen clearly . But they looked like the Envoy of the Hall of the Dead .

The leader of them said, "The target is s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s parents and grandparents . "

Everyone nodded their heads in unison and the leader followed with, "The leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders kidnapped the Envoy of the Hall of the Dead . We cannot let this matter rest . But the hall leader is still retreating and we should not alarm him . We shall settle this on our own . "

"The cultivation of the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders is very high . But he has a weakness, which is his disciples . s.h.i.+ Tianhao is his most doted on disciple . Whereas s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s weakness is his family . "

"His lost parents and grandfather have been located by us recently . Now, we will capture them and then plot what to do . " This leader became more serious in his tone and emphasized, "However, we must not face the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders directly . Although he won’t come to the Void Battleground easily, if we meet him, we must abandon the operation . Self-preservation is our first priority . "

"Fighting him shall wait until the hall leader finishes his retreat . "

Everyone nodded their heads . If they were not convinced previously, the battle of Xiling City should have convinced them .

"While we recognize his powers, it does not mean that we won’t take revenge . " The leader said, "Those who offend the Hall of the Dead never have good endings . "

"As the Celestial Sect of Wonders clash with the Great Void Sect and Mount Shu Sword Sect, we just have to make preparations . After that, we shall await the best opportunity . Regardless who wins, it will be beneficial for us . "

History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 606

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