History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 607

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Chapter 607

On Mount Yujing, Lin Feng’s supernatural awareness scanned everyone in the Disciples’ Abode . On the whole, the quality was acceptable, but there was no one who was exceptional .

Except for Li Yuanfang and Luo Qingwu, there were none of them who reached a talent statistic score of 30 .

Those who were rather exceptional were only Dao Yuting and Zhuge Wanqiu .

Whether these two could form the Nascent Soul in 50 years’ time, it was a huge question mark . Everything was up to fate .

Lin Feng’s style was to a.s.sume the worst . Thus, while he would nurture them with all his might, he would only expect them to reach the Aurous Core Stage by the 50 years .

In this way, there were still available slots for the ten Nascent Soul Stage cultivators . He had to continue finding talents who could do so .

According to Lin Feng’s calculations, if the talent statistic had a score above 30 and if the Innate Ability was not average, then there was a high chance the Nascent Soul could be formed within 50 years .

Before forming the Nascent Soul, especially before forming the Aurous Core, the Innate Ability was the most important attribute . Not only was it related to the speed of cultivation, it also decided the foundation of a cultivator . If a yellow or green pill was formed, there was no longer any hope for a Nascent Soul .

Lin Feng’s Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams was unbelievably powerful . As long as it’s cultivated, it was almost certain for a first-grade spiritual altar to be formed . Following that, a first-grade crucible would also be formed and there was hope for a purple pill .

But the mantra’s requirements of a person’s potential were very strict . No ordinary person could match up to it . Otherwise, it would not have initiated the Yi Zi’s Eight Trigrams Variorum .

Right now, only Lin Feng’s Immediate Disciples could start from the orthodox Heavenly Cla.s.sic of the Way’s Virtues . On one hand, it was because it was not easy to pa.s.s down the mantra . On the other hand, even if it could be pa.s.sed down, it was difficult to inherit it unless the quality was there .

w.a.n.g Lin had a full score in his Intelligence and Determination . But because his Innate Ability was lacking, he was stuck in the Beginner Stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage for a long time . He tried to forcefully establish the spiritual altar, but the grade was only so-so . This caused Lin Feng to interrupt his progress .

Only with the arrival of the Spiritual Replenishment Elixir, Heavens-Patching Vine, Supreme Rock Spiritual Altar and other treasures did he manage to cultivate successfully .

The resources invested into helping w.a.n.g Lin establish the spiritual

altar were immense . If it was his family funding these resources, they might not even be able to fund much of them .

Furthermore, this was w.a.n.g Lin . If it was some other person with an average Innate Ability, he would not be able to establish the spiritual altar . He might not even open his aura sea and establish his foundation .

"The problem is, it’s difficult to find someone with a score above 30 . I found Tianhao and the rest due to luck . " Lin Feng shook his head . Not to even mention Xiao Yan or s.h.i.+ Tianhao whose scores reached 33 or 34 and who were destined individuals, finding those who could even reach scores of 30 to 32 was already very difficult .

Although some could not see the detailed statistics, Lin Feng could roughly gauge .

Among all the younger generation cultivators he met, there were only s.h.i.+ Tianyi, the Marquis of Jinghuan, s.h.i.+ Xingyun and Jiao Junchen who could reach above a score of 30 . Even Jiao Junchen was still pretty uncertain .

Xiao Zhener could be excluded . Lin Feng could tell her statistics clearly .

Tao Yaoyao’s Innate Ability, Intelligence and Determination should not be low, but her Fortune was probably quite average . It was around the same as Dao Yuting .

"If I knew this day will come, I should have kidnapped Xiao Zhener over . " Lin Feng sighed . She had already formed the Nascent Soul . Even if she was kidnapped over now, the system would not recognize her .

Lin Feng stood up and walked out of the Grand Heavens Pavilion, "A heavy burden and a long road to walk . "

This second sect-recruiting campaign was a preparation for the future Foundation Establishment Stage and Aurous Core Stage disciples . Along with the first sect-recruiting campaign, there was a positive outlook .

Lin Feng had to continue to keep a lookout . Although finding the perfect talent was largely due to luck, hard work was still required .

After s.h.i.+ Tianhao and the rest formed the Nascent Soul, Lin Feng would let the few of them into the outside world and see who they can scout .

"d.a.m.n it, this is making me anxious . I have to make a big move . " Lin Feng thought rather heartlessly . "Too evil? But it is likely to work out . "

He appeared in front of s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s Wasteland Valley . Within the valley, the dragon stature was mighty . If someone was kept in the loop, he might have thought he was in the Heavenly Dragon Ancient Land .

Lin Feng entered the Wasteland Valley and saw Xiao Yan, Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing and the rest of them there . They gathered around s.h.i.+ Tianhao and they were speechless .

Beside s.h.i.+ Tianhao, there was a huge pile of dragon bones over there . Some of these bones were flawless, but there were those who were damaged .

These dragon bones belonged to dragons who were in the Demon Lord realm that had formed the Demon Soul . Even if they had perished, their dragon statures were still very mighty .

But s.h.i.+ Tianhao dug them out very easily, as if he did not expend any effort .

There was a set of incomplete remains, which belonged to a dragon which had formed the Undying Demon Soul .

"You exceeded the time in the Dragon Rock Gate to dig this out?" Xiao Yan asked . s.h.i.+ Tianhao nodded his head, "It’s a little tedious . The dragon looks the same even after it has perished . "

Everyone rolled their eyes at him as he was saying something obvious .

He dug the remains of a dragon with an Undying Demon Soul . Even a dead camel was bigger than a horse, what more a dragon?

As they saw Lin Feng arriving, everyone greeted him . Lin Feng ignored the dragon bones as they belonged to s.h.i.+ Tianhao . He could do whatever he wanted with them .

"Where’s that Angmao Skull?" Lin Feng asked . s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s eyes brightened up and he laughed, "I just needed your help, Master . " (Translator’s Note: Angmao refers to a mythical demon bird)

The void s.p.a.ce above him started to crack suddenly . A cauldron was revealed . Inside the cauldron, there was the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness and the Aurora Polar Mirror . The vibration of the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness became more intense .

Without s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s powers to help, these two Nascent Soul Stage magic items didn’t seem to be able to repress the magic treasure embryo .

Lin Feng pointed and retracted the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness and the Aurora Polar Mirror . A golden skull flew out, which was surrounded by purple lightning .

A light figure of a huge bird surfaced . It was extremely large and lightning was rumbling around it . The feathers on his chest, stomach and wings were dim golden in color, whereas the feathers on his head and tail was jade-green in color . Its crown was purplish-blue in color .

It was the Immemorial Demon, Thunder Beast Angmao .

As the figure of the Angmao appeared, it flapped its wings and flew up high . Its tri-colored feathers flapped and it was shooting towards the sky .

Lin Feng pointed again at the head of the Angmao . The light figure was destroyed . And at the position where Lin Feng pointed, the lightning dissipated and revealed a golden bone .

As Lin Feng pointed at it, the Angmao Skull lost its life power and its radiance disappeared . It felt from mid-s.p.a.ce and was caught by s.h.i.+ Tianhao .

"When you form the Nascent Soul, you shall cultivate another one . " Lin Feng said, "Without breaking the original restrictions, the Great Void Sect’s secret manual has a special side to it that can help you summon this magic treasure embryo in the Nascent Soul Stage . "

He extended his finger and pointed to s.h.i.+ Tianhao’s forehead . At this moment, a spell was transferred into his mind . "This is the Great Void Sect secret manual that I have just consolidated . Go and understand it . When you finish, you can cultivate the magic treasure . "

s.h.i.+ Tianhao laughed while nodding his head, keeping his Angmao Skull .

After that, five days pa.s.sed and Lin Feng observed the disciples in the Disciples’ Abode quietly . His understanding of them grew . It was no longer just based on their talent statistics .

On the fifth day, Lin Feng sent the orders, "Everyone, please gather outside the Grand Heavens Pavilion . "

Under the arrangement of Dao Zhiqiang, the disciples in the Disciples’ Abode gathered at the empty s.p.a.ce outside the Grand Heavens Pavilion . Over there, Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and the rest were already waiting with their official disciples .

When everyone was there, Lin Feng’s voice resonated, "Descend the mountain . "

Mount Yujing had already returned to Mount Kunlun . At this point, under Lin Feng’s control, it escaped from void s.p.a.ce and descended in the Greater World, floating in mid-s.p.a.ce .

At the bottom of the mountain, it was the peak of the north foot of Mount Kunlun, Lingyun Peak . This was also the position where Mount Yujing first appeared in the world .

Under Lin Feng’s orders, Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and the rest brought their disciples down the mountain . Everyone landed on the mountain peak beside Lingyun Peak .

On Mount Yujing, Lin Feng’s mana converted into a ball of Purple Clouds and descended, covering the tip of Lingyun Peak .

In the next moment, the bunch of junior disciples opened their eyes wide and saw the tip of Lingyun Peak being cut off by the Purple Clouds .

The cross-section of the mountain tip was smooth, as if a tofu had been cut . A balanced surface was cut out .

Lingyun Peak reached the clouds and the body of the mountain was huge . The tip of the mountain that was cut out was like a mighty mountain, but as the Purple Clouds moved back and forth a little, the mountain tip that had been cut off disappeared . It was as if it never existed .

The bunch of disciples looked around . But as they looked around, they could not tell where the mountain tip was .

Following that, as the Purple Clouds re-surfaced, it landed beside Lingyun Peak . As the mountain tip re-appeared, it was like a huge wave hitting sandcastles on a beach . Very quickly, the other mountains were flattened .

Amidst the boom, dust flew around and caused a sandstorm .

In the next moment, the Purple Clouds seemed to have converted into a huge hand . As it dug the flattened ground, a huge hole was created .

As the Purple Clouds rumbled, spiritual energy was drawn from the sea of clouds and huge volumes of water filled the hole . A huge lake formed in an instant . From afar, it was as if an ocean had appeared in between the mountains .

The bottom of the lake was connected to the underground water of Mount Kunlun, guided by spiritual energy summoned by Lin Feng .

In a blink of an eye, the appearance of Mount Kunlun had changed completely . A huge plot of flattened ground appeared among the mountains . And a lake appeared on the flattened grounds . At the edge of the lake, there was a huge mountain erected and the mountain peak was level ground .

Liu Xiafeng, Xu Yunsheng and the rest looked at this scene and swallowed their saliva sub-consciously .

s.h.i.+ Tianhao, Yue Hongyan and the rest could roughly understand how a battle worked and the miracles of it .

But on Lin Feng’s level, while battling others was more miraculous and the spectacle was greater, to these Qi Cultivation Stage disciples, they could not understand at all . They could only judge that Lin Feng was stronger based on the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses .

As they saw Lin Feng winning, the bunch of junior disciples were proud . But to ask them what was so powerful about Lin Feng, they wouldn’t know as their realms were too far apart .

Whatever happened in front of everyone was nothing to Lin Feng . But as the others saw, they were shocked . They could understand his power . Thus, they acted more intuitively and this scene was etched in their minds .

s.h.i.+fting mountains and filling the seas was easy for Lin Feng, but this scene shocked his disciples .

History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 607

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