History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 708

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Hearing the words 'just in time', an ominous feeling rose in his heart.

Then, he heard Miao s.h.i.+hao laugh, "My lord, you should know, right? Or have you been too busy lately? Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang, the Three Mountains of the Ying Sea, are going to appear any time soon. Ever since Emperor Tai of the Antiquity Age explored the Ying Sea, the timing of their appearances had more or less been fixed."

"Penglai, Yingzhou and Fangzhang appear in the world after a certain fixed time, with a three year margin of error. After calculations, I realise that they are about to appear soon."

Suddenly, a nail-file appeared in his hand. He carefully filed his nails as he said, "Your Brother s.h.i.+hao needs one thing to advance into the Immortal Soul stage. With that thing, I will be able to advance successfully."

"However, this thing is extremely rare and valuable. I can't find it anywhere in the Grand Celestial World other than on one of the Three Mountains of the Ying Sea. Hence, when these three mountains appear, I must go."

He looked at Lin Feng and asked with a smile, "My lord, you are interested too right?"

Lin Feng's mouth twitched as he said, "I... am not really interested in them right now."

Miao s.h.i.+hao arched his eyebrows and cooed, "My lord, you can't think in this way. Even if you want nothing yourself, could you bear to watch the Ying Sea fall into the hands of other powers? Particularly the Great Zhou Empire, which is very close to the Ying Sea and had been planning to take control over it for years. If they controlled the Ying Sea, then their powers would reach a new level."

Lin Feng smiled drily and said, "I wish you all the best in your endeavour, may you find what you need."

Miao s.h.i.+hao smiled and said, "Let's go together, my lord. Close your eyes and imagine the vast, open sea and the never-ending skies. In such a beautiful setting, you and I shall pair up and go together. Just thinking about it gives me the thrills."

"Nope, I can't feel anything," Lin Feng tried to divert the topic as he said, "Since you have completed your closed-door training, then there's something I need your help with. I have been suspecting it for a long while but because the Great Void Sect has always been secretive, my knowledge of them is limited."

As he said that, Lin Feng waved his hands in mid-air and a light projection appeared.

The light projection recorded the happenings of the spiritual conference. This time, it showed the battle between Chen Xingyu and Zhou Yuncong in the third round.

It was not as meticulous as the records of the Dharma Hall and only an image.

Miao s.h.i.+hao lazily swept his gaze over it. Then, his eyes flashed as the lazy look on his face disappeared. A rare, serious look crossed his face.

"Yang-Incinerating ent.i.ty, Yin-Terminating ent.i.ty..." Miao s.h.i.+hao mumbled to himself. His expression was slightly dazed as he carefully observed Zhou Yuncong and Chen Xingyu. Then, he laughed coldly, "Hehe."

After he laughed, his expression remained dazed. He appeared to have slightly lost his wits.

His entire aura began to change. He was no longer girly and feminine any more but instead, while he was still coy, he became much more manly. He looked worried.

Miao s.h.i.+hao turned from a girly boy into an intellectual-looking young man as he stared at Zhou Yuncong and Miao s.h.i.+hao. After a while, he shook his head and looked at Lin Feng.

"My lord, what do you suspect?" Miao s.h.i.+hao looked slightly worried and dazed. His gaze became clearer as if he had just woken up from a dream.

Lin Feng voiced out his suspicions and Miao s.h.i.+hao nodded his head, "Correct, my lord, your guess is likely correct."

He could not resist as he looked one last time at Zhou Yuncong and Chen Xingyu. After a while, he said, "I'm afraid you 99% correct, my lord."

Lin Feng put his hands behind his back as he stared at Zhou Yuncong and Chen Xingyu. After a long while, he asked solemnly, "Can you see his origins?"

Miao s.h.i.+hao shook his head regretfully and said, "While there are very few of them, the Grand Celestial World has existed for a long time. A substantial number of them existed and in the Great Void Sect alone, there is bound to be more than just one."

"If that's the case, then we shall continue to monitor," Lin Feng nodded his head and the light projection disappeared.

After the light projection disappeared, Miao s.h.i.+hao fell into deep thought.

"If there's any development, I will tell you," said Lin Feng.

Miao s.h.i.+hao jolted himself out of his stupor as he gently shook his head. Light returned to his eyes and the lazy, playful smile returned to his face. His entire body immediately became more feminine and coy and as all vestige of the serious intellectual disappeared. He returned to his old self.

"My lord, shall we now talk about our upcoming adventure to the Ying Sea?" Miao s.h.i.+hao asked seductively.

Lin Feng pretended to have not heard him as he said blandly, "If you want to go the Ying Sea, then spend the next few days resting your mana and make the preparations."

Miao s.h.i.+hao looked at him and laughed, "My lord, if you don't go, who will be there to entertain me?"

With that, he turned and left. Lin Feng stared at him dismissively and thought, "Now, I really don't want to go to the Ying Sea."

As he thought about that, Lin Feng could feel a slight twitch in his heart. He asked with a smile, "What day is it today? Why is everyone completing their closed-door training today?"

A deep voice came from the outside of the Grand Heavens Pavilion. "Jieyu and his wife wishes to pay their compliments to you."

Lin Feng smiled and said, "There's no need for such formality, come in."

A big black man and a tall, white-robed woman walked into the Grand Heavens Pavilion. It was the Black Dragon Jieyu, who had taken a human form, and his wife, the White Dragon Baiguang

Lin Feng's gaze swept over Jieyu as he said, "Wow, not bad, you are already in your Intermediate Demonic Lord stage. You are very close to the Advanced Demonic Lord stage."

Jieyu shook his head hurriedly and said, "I'm no good, I can't progress to the Advanced Demonic Lord stage and hence, I have disappointed my lord."

Earlier, he obtained the entire remains of an Undying Demon Soul stage Yellow Dragon and he used it for cultivation. Hence, he easily progressed to the Intermediate Demonic Lord Stage. However, once he reached the peak of his Intermediate Demonic Lord Stage, his progress stopped and he entered a bottleneck.

The Advanced Demonic Lord stage was an inch away, but he was unable to reach it.

This made the Black Dragon depressed. He was 100% certain that had it been his wife, Baiguang, she would have advanced to the Advanced Demonic Lord stage with the help of the remains.

Baiguang looked pitifully at Jieyu. Both Jieyu and she knew that the reason he was stuck in a bottleneck was primarily due to his psychology, which had been affected by Baiguang.

Jieyu loved and feared his wife. In terms of cultivation, she was both his source of motivation and his source of pressure. The complex emotions he felt was unfathomable to outsiders.

"Never mind, it's fine," said Lin Feng, extending his palm forward. A few bright crystals shone in the center of his palm. From these crystals, one could feel waves of dragon aura, which rattled against the hearts of Jieyu and Baiguang.

"Dragon Scale Jades?" Jieyu blurted out. Baiguang too looked shocked. The crystals before them were from the scales of a Dragon King who had formed his Undying Demon Soul. After it was buried together with a bunch of rare minerals and then merged with them, it took on a new form when unearthed.

They carried the powerful essence and powers of the dragons and also perfectly absorbed the spiritual energy of other treasures. It was rarer than the normal scales of a Dragon King.

To dragons, these were extremely valuable treasures for cultivation.

Lin Feng carried these Dragon Scale Jade and said with a smile, "Since you had been doing your closed-door training earlier on, you may have missed out on this. Three years ago, our sect occupied a Middle World and named it the Celestial Wonders World."

Jieyu and Baiguang nodded their heads and said, "While we are unsure of the details, we heard many people in our sect mentioning it after we completed our closed-door training."

"The Celestial Wonders World is full of resources. Not only does our own sect use these resources, we use them to barter with other sects," Lin Feng said as he smiled and pa.s.sed the Jade Dragon Scales to Jieyu. "This is what the Great Qin Empire traded us."

Jieyu and Baiguang were shocked. The Great Qin Empire occupied the Heavenly Dragon Ancient Land and naturally would have a stockpile of Dragon Scales Jade.

"Ma...master, how..."Jieyu almost wanted to happily take these Dragon Scale Jade but then, Baiguang shot a gaze at him. He then reacted and stuttered, "I don't deserve it, you have already given the remains of a Dragon King."

Lin Feng said casually, "You are loyal to our sect and hence, I will not ill-treat you. The same principle applies for Nine-Talons, the Kui Cow and the rest. When you were doing your closed door training, they obtained much benefits already. This is the reward you deserved."

Only then did Jieyu happily take these Dragon Scale Jades. He looked at Baiguang and decided that since he had received the remains earlier, these Dragon Scale Jades shall belong to his wife.

"These Dragon Scale Jades are yours. I have other arrangements for Baiguang," Lin Feng appeared to have seen through him. He then said, "These Dragon Scale Jades are meant for you to use after you had entered the Advanced Demonic Lord stage so that you can nurture your demonic powers and your cosmic form."

Jieyu and Baiguang were both shocked. Lin Feng said with a smile, "Later, after you had entered the Advanced Demonic Lord stage, I have something for the two of you to do. It could be seen as a task, or fate."

Baiguang thanked him profusely but with a slight hint of fear, "Master Lin, I..."

"There's nothing much for me to say right now. You will understand when the time comes," Lin Feng waved his hand to interrupt her. Baiguang fell silent for a while and looked at her husband, Jieyu, by her side. She then nodded her head.

Jieyu probed, "My lord, you mentioned that I can only do the task after I had entered the Advanced Demonic Lord stage? But I..."

Lin Feng smiled and said, "I kind of know why are you in a bottleneck right now."

Hearing that, Jieyu lowered his head shamefully. Baiguang appeared slightly ashamed too.

Lin Feng said slowly, "Because I know, I shall show you the way. Follow my instructions and you will soon enter the Advanced Demonic Lord stage."

"My lord, what should I do?" Jieyu's eyes brightened and Baiguang too looked on expectantly. She was happy that her husband could progress even further.

Lin Feng pointed in the direction of the Inferno Precipice and said, "Go and find my disciple Xiao Yan, he can help you."

Hearing that, Jieyu said gratefully, "I shall repay my debt to the sect with my life!"

Baiguang too was grateful to Lin Feng, "Joining your sect is indeed a fateful and fortunate event for my husband." 

History’s Number 1 Founder Chapter 708

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