The Great Thief 1089 Different From Expectations

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Lu Li changed into two equips that had Fire Resistance Attributes so that he could sustain the burn damage. In return, this lowered his ability to output damage.
This was only natural, considering that equipment focused on Defense would be weaker in other aspects. Dawn was a game that upheld balance and the Fire Resistance equipment on the market would probably rise in value because of this dungeon.
Lu Li had already asked Shen Wansan to purchase these items for him a long time ago.
Although he had stocked up some Fire Resistance equipment, there was no way that Ruling Sword will sell them. There were too many members and they might not even have enough for themselves.
"Come out, my children," Bael'Gar beckoned as he summoned two fiery pillars.
Bolts of fire appeared from his summon and rained down on the players' heads. They would take damage over time if they were struck by any of these firebolts. The celebrity players easily dodged most of the flames with their fast reaction times.
However, this wasn't the end of it. You could tell from Bael'Gar's lines that he was going to do more than just summon some flames.
As expected, the flames that landed on the ground turned into miniature flame monsters. These monsters were formed entirely by fire and were constantly burning their life force. This made Bael'Gar even stronger as he dealt insane damage.
"Melee players, pull the monsters into the waters," Lu Li instructed, then led by example and attacked two fire elementals, dragging them towards the water.
He dived in, but made sure to not sink entirely, or else the fire elementals would lose their target and switch to someone else.
Lu Li knew, but the others didn't, so the situation became a little messy.
Fortunately, everyone quickly discovered the secret and only two players died in the process. Thirteen of them were left standing, but the main tanks and healers were all alive, so they could still proceed.
The fire elementals didn't dare enter the water, but they were constantly burning their lives away. Once their damage dropped, you could rise out of water and attack them.
"My G.o.d, Lu Li, what are you doing?" Unforgettable Maple was a ranged damage dealer, but the fire elementals still chased him into the water. He looked stunned as Lu Li bent over and waved his mining tools around. This didn't fit the current situation at all.
"I'm mining. These are good quality minerals," Lu Li answered honestly as he placed all the minerals that he had dug up into his bag.
"No way – you're a guild master! Are you serious?" Unforgettable Maple was speechless. Most of the compet.i.tors here probably didn't even know how to dig up minerals. They spent most of their time on training; there was no time for them to waste on trading skills.
"These minerals are perfect quality. If you use them to forge equipment, they can boost base damage by about 20% with a chance to add on a fire damage special effect," Lu Li explained calmly.

"****, sell it to me!"
Once they heard about the 20% base damage boost, their eyes all went red.
"I'm a guild master; do I really need money?" Lu Li asked as he tossed their words right back at them.
Water Fairy smiled and didn't mention a single thing about buying them. Lu Li had already messaged her, saying that when Bael'Gar's First Clear was taken, two rocks would drop into the river. He planned to give one of them to Water Fairy to upgrade her Shard of the Defiler.
Using Reputation, they could exchange for the upgrade recipe with Ravenholdt Manor and then remake it with some exquisite materials.
The remake would probably be a level 60 Legendary weapon.
"35% health. Old Man Power, resurrect Phantom Gaze," Lu Li directed as he jumped out.
"What about me?" Green Flag Wine asked.
The ones who died were Phantom Gaze, the Warlock and Green Flag Wine, the Paladin. They had been unlucky and were surrounded by the fire elementals with nowhere for them to run.
"Just stay down I guess," Lu Li said without the slightest bit of sympathy.
Green Flag Wine was saddened, not because he was eager to fight, but because of the large amount of experience from the Boss. Bael'Gar was level 56, so the rewards would have been great.
"Burn! Let all return to the fire element!"
Once Bael'Gar's health reached 10%, he stood up and his body expanded.
Lu Li's eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly fell out of his eyes; he had never read about this from any guides.
Then, a ring of flame expanded from Bael'Gar outwards, and his body became smaller. He seemed extremely tired and if you kept attacking him, you would realize that his Defense had dropped by a few levels.
Unfortunately, no one could attack him anymore, because all the players were killed in an instant – even their corpses were burned to ash. Everyone had to revive.
"This boss is too strong..."
"That was at least ten thousand points of damage. I think unless you had a invincibility skill, or the Main Tanks used their damage reduction, no one would be able to make it through."
"We were so close…that was less than 10% health…"
Everyone discussed what had just happened as they all ate bread to recover. It was rare to have a Boss that obliterated everything in its path.
"Lu Li, you said we would take down another two Bosses today. I feel like we're going to be stuck here," Wendelian said hopelessly.
"Wait, let me have a think."
Lu Li sat on the floor with a twisted expression. He had never read about this in any guide. Bael'Gar was the type of boss that existed to give out equipment; even a random team could take him down without a problem.
It couldn't be some silly b.u.t.terfly effect – even if he had reincarnated, there was no way he could have impacted the game so greatly.
The Blackrock Depths were such a cla.s.sic dungeon, and the gaming company had poured in so much time, effort, and energy into it. They wouldn't change anything at random, especially to make it harder for the celebrity team who was advertising for them.
The only explanation would have to be a game version update.
Lu Li imagined that this was how Bael'Gar was originally designed. It was likely too difficult to defeat, so the gaming company had to weaken the Boss.

The Great Thief 1089 Different From Expectations

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