The Great Thief 1090 By Force

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The game was designed for the average player, but unfortunately, this was no help at all.

"I think the last stage is meant to be pushed through by force," Sorrowless suggested after thinking. "For such a powerful spell like this, even if you jumped into the water, it wouldn't help. We would have to top up our health before the spell and everyone would have to save their strongest damage reduction for that moment."

"Alright, we'll give it a shot."

Lu Li didn't have any other suggestions, so he agreed with Sorrowless along with the others. Oftentimes, guides weren't the final solution. You couldn't pa.s.s the stage if you didn't meet the prerequisites.

This time, everyone was much more careful when starting the Boss. They all tried their best to not die, because there was a greater challenge ahead for them.

Phase two went smoothly, but in phase two, three players died to the smaller monsters and Lu Li announced to restart the return. The others didn't have any objections, but those that died had unhappy expressions on their faces.

When they gathered before the Boss again, Lu Li told everyone to rest for an hour.

Completing dungeons was a tiring task, especially on the first attempt. Everyone had to constantly be on guard for the boss using ultimate spells, which often brought down the morale of the team. It wasn't suitable to restart fights in rapid succession.

Lu Li looked at the time and said, "Everyone be careful this time; let's fight to pa.s.s in one go."

After saying this, he a.s.signed a few players to focus on distracting the fire elementals. If anyone was caught by these monsters, with group spells were to distract them. They had to ensure that no one died before they reached phase three.

"Don't worry, we'll pay attention."

Hot Twitch was ready. Because his arrows fired rapidly, he was effective at distracting monsters.

"Don't hide any aces up your sleeves," Unforgettable Maple laughed.

"Sorrowless has a group s.h.i.+eld; what are you hiding?" Elevenless quipped back immediately. Unforgettable Maple went quiet; no one felt pressured at all when they used something they had revealed before. However, none of them wanted to sell out their aces so easily.

Sea Breaker seemed to feel guilty for pulling the team behind, so he broke the ice first.

"I can make someone invincible."

"Group invincibility?"

Everyone looked at him weakly. If they ran across someone like this in a match, then they really didn't need to even bother continuing with the compet.i.tion.

"No way! Does Dawn even have something like that? Mine is just empowered Intervene. I can take 90% of the damage for a team member," Sea Breaker quickly explained. He was honest, but not stupid. If people thought that he had a group invincibility spell, countless players would be sent to him.

"Alright, then use it on Flowers and Jade later."

As far as Lu Li knew, Wendelian had a 70% damage reduction. March Rain was his own team member, so he knew her strength.

After the signal, Azure Sea Breeze rushed to the boss with his s.h.i.+eld.

The first phase was easy, but one player died in phase two despite everyone's best efforts. Eleveless was a Plated Warrior, but unfortunately, he was lacking in fire resistance, and he didn't want to use his stronger damage reduction skills. Two monsters dropped him to the floor with a few hits.

"****! What do?" Unforgettable Maple cursed as he stomped around on Elevenless' corpse.

"p.i.s.s off," Elevenless swore as he climbed back up. Unfogettable Maple remembered that this guy had a Darkmoon card, but was it really necessary for this dungeon? After all, you didn't lose experience from deaths in dungeons. Unforgettable Maple always used his Darkmoon Card in the wild.

"I've used my aces; let's fight hard."

Those who knew of the Darkmoon Card weren't so shocked, but the others had different expressions. They were astonished at how he could climb up from the ground by himself.

After phase 2 came phase 3. The busiest players at this stage were the healers, who had to try their best to top up everyone's health. The Boss' spells dealt at least 8000 damage, if not 10000. Current players only had around 3000 points of health.

At the current stage, Shamans were the most effective at group heals.

Priests had very balanced healing – they were strong in terms of both singular and group healing. Paladins were invincible with singular healing, while Shamans were the best at group heals. Druids were the best at healing over time.

However, in match situations, Shaman heals were weaker and they also had the worst survivability amongst all healers.

"3, 2, 1, damage reduction!" Lu Li shouted. He carefully studied the fire ring and timed his spell very precisely. It was hard to block damage for other team members with a spell like this.

Everyone activated their strongest damage reductions.

It was simple for Lu Li and Water Fairy – they just had to use Gale Steps. They would be untouched if they used it at the right time. Green Flag Wine was someone who could infinitely cast Hearthstones, so this was the least of his concerns. The damage reduction that Elevenless had stored could finally be put into use. Old Man Power turned into a giant bear, and with a sizeable health bar increase, he was left with a decent amount of health remaining. The two Priests made it through easily with a damage reduction spell – in a situation like this, Priests definitely weren't easy to kill. The two Mages simply cast Ice Barrier , while Jade Flower made it through with the help of Sea Breaker…,

As for Azure Sea Breeze, his total health had reached more than 5000. As long as he was on guard, he could probably even take another few hits of this spell.

However, the two Warlocks, Hornet's Nest and Phantom Gaze, were unable to withstand it. Sea Breaker took the damage for two, so he died as well, along with Hot Twitch.

That left 11 men standing!

"Alright, healers, top everyone up. Max damage guys – use everything that you've got," Lu Li instructed as he turned into a giant wolf and pounced at the Boss.

Although so many had died, the Boss didn't have much health remaining either. Even if it was to go berserk, everyone was certain that they could take it down. The most important thing right now was to end the fight before it casted the spell again.

The Great Thief 1090 By Force

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