The Great Thief 1335 Mechanical Puppe

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"What's the effect?"

"This lowers 10% of the target's Armor. Also, it deals 60 damage per second with a bleed effect."

Lu Li was trying to be modest, but underneath his façade, he was quite proud of himself.

This was a poison with two effects!

Although he was very busy, he knew that he was skilled at making poison. As such, whenever he had time, he would use it to investigate different poisons or try making simple antidotes.

He called this poison an Angel's Kiss. It was the best one that he had made.

The name, Angel's Kiss, did not mean that Lu Li was romantic and artful. Rather, it was named this way because one of the main ingredients was an Angel's Vine, and the other was called the Adder's Kiss. Naturally, when combined, Lu Li named it an Angel's Kiss.

This poison could penetrate armor and even applied a bleeding effect while dealing damage.

It was important to recognise that this was not normal damage being dealt, but damage with a bleeding effect!

Bleed was a continuous and stackable form of damage. When Thieves were in a bleeding state, they would be unable to enter stealth. As for other, many of their skills are also affected by Bleed.

"It's utterly, disgustingly bad," Garona said, not holding back at all. "Are you stupid?"

"Please point out and correct my mistakes. Guide me onto the right path."

Lu Li was quite unhappy – after all, this poison could sell for a few gold coins. This poison only had a duration of 15 minutes, so it was worth about one gold coin per minute. Perhaps he could find some wealthy people who would want to buy this.

"As a Stealth-user, wouldn't you be exposed while hiding in the dark?"

Garona was so angry that she began to laugh. In that moment, she wanted to choke Lu Li to death.

What type of mentor had a student this stupid?

"Oh, I…"

Lu Li couldn't say anything; he had completely overlooked the smell of the ingredients used. Angel's Vine and Adder's Kiss both had a strong smell, so adding them together resulted in an even stronger odour.

Perhaps more-intelligent people were more likely to do the incorrect thing.

Lu Li had focused on creating a powerful poison, but he had overlooked a minute detail like this. Garona instantly recognised the fatal mistake in ignoring such a detail. Although this poison would empower a Thief, it also exposed them.

Water Fairy covered her mouth and tried to suppress her laughter as best as possible. However, she couldn't stand seeing Lu Li devastated, so she asked, "Is there something that could cover this smell and not affect the poison?"

"Don't help him. There might be, but no one has found it," Garona said in a gentler tone, then continued "The use of Angel's Vine and Adder's Kiss isn't something profound. If it could be used, do you think that he would be the one to find this combination? Furthermore, he was still so proud of himself. If he didn't care about Stealth, then he could still add in a little bit of Fadeleaf to enhance the offensive power of the poison. Of course, it would only add to the already strong smell."

Lu Li happily committed the ingredient that Garona had suggested to memory.

He wasn't that sad about the whole ordeal. After all, he could still use this poison when grinding for levels or in Instance Dungeons, even if he couldn't hide himself when using it.

Water Fairy walked to the side and opened a cupboard, then took out a large loaf of bread and a bottle of wine.

This surprised Lu Li. Lu Li wasn't aware that she knew her way around this place that well. Not even Lu Li knew what was in the cupboard. He didn't dare to go through Garona's place at all.

The bread had a light-brown, yellowish crust, and they could smell the light aroma of wheat. This was clearly baked quite recently. Lu Li didn't know why, but he suspected that it had been made by Water Fairy. He couldn't imagine his half-Orc mentor baking this bread anyway.

As for the wine, he definitely recognised it.

This Sulfuron Slammer was found by Lu Li and Water Fairy back when they were fighting in the Blackrock Depths together.

Sulfuron was a name for fire in an ancient language. This wine originally only existed in the database, because there wasn't any fire hot enough to brew it. However, when Ragnaros was summoned, brewing this wine became a possibility.

There were seven bottles then. They used one, then Lu Li and Water Fairy each took one.

Lu Li stored his, waiting to use it when he needed it. He didn't know that Water Fairy would use it to gain favour from an NPC. After all, good wine was irresistible. He also didn't realise that his mentor drank alcohol.

Garona clearly loved drinking this type of wine. She received the winegla.s.s handed over by Water Fairy, then took a sip.

"Master, I also have this wine. I can go and give this to you," Lu Li offered, deciding to use it here. If there was any NPC that he wanted to gain favour from, it would definitely be Garona.

A simple giving of exquisite items or enhanced skills would let Lu Li's heart stop.

"Wow, I'm grateful that you have remembered me," Garona said with a cold smile. Her reaction couldn't be blamed. After all, she didn't even receive this exquisite wine from her own student, but from someone who was completely unrelated to her.

Lu Li's eyes went straight to Water Fairy. He definitely felt that she had bested him here.

Water Fairy showed remorse through her expression. Clearly, she didn't mean for this to happen. A rich and wealthy lady like her didn't know the price of this wine, and she also didn't know that Lu Li had stored it away. 

Lu Li decided to forgive her after seeing Water Fairy pour the wine into his own cup.

Then, with the bread, wine and meat in front of them, Lu Li and Water Fairy ate with Garona. To eat with an NPC was quite a rare experience.

After their meal, Garona began to speak.

Lu Li didn't know how other people got along with their mentors, but he reckoned that after their meal, Garona was a little more emotional than before. It was rare for her to open up, since she was quite reserved and sensitive.

"How is your training with Gouge?"

Then, the half-Orc discovered that her student and the girl next to him began to act a little unnatural, as if they had done something that shouldn't have been done.

"It has been going well," Lu Li answered, with his normal expression.

Well, it wasn't like he was lying. After all, he had been investigating this skill with Water Fairy recently, so they definitely would have improved.

The part that he was guilty about was that they spent quite a bit of time together.

"Defeat these puppets. Remember to use Gouge."

Garona clapped her hands, and a few mechanical puppets walked into the room. If it weren't for her words, no one would know that these were puppets.

Lu Li had been in this tower many times, but he never did find any of these puppets. Naturally, he didn't know where these were hidden either.

He couldn't think much more, as the puppets had already moved towards him.

The Great Thief 1335 Mechanical Puppe

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