The Great Thief 1590 Traitor

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Indeed, Lu Li didn't need this Skill Book for Strengthened Shadowstrike. Plus, there was only one competing Thief for it – Water Fairy. As such, there was no issue of her taking the book at a low price.

"You predicted this from the beginning, right?" Wandering asked.

"What are you talking about?"

Lu Li couldn't be bothered to deal with him. He could totally ignore the resentment of a single man like him.

"For Water Fairy, you only used two Thieves in the First Clear," Wandering said, thinking back for a moment. Even though this First Clear was more suited for long-range professions, why couldn't they take more Thieves? He thought about what Square Root 3 had said previously. They couldn't be sure if Lu Li was the one to reign over Water Fairy, while Drizzle Court and Peerless City backed her, or the other way around.

"Aaah, we're done fighting. Everyone can go home now," Lu Li said as he waved his hand and announced Zul'Gurub as history.

The Thief trainer, Ed Harris, who had disappeared from Stormwind City, appeared in front of everyone again. This time, he announced an even more enticing quest, one that not only Thief professions could undertake.

However, a majority of people didn't even know how to trigger it.

Square Root 3 received Lu Li's quest guide. At first, he didn't believe it because the trigger requirement outlined in the quest guide was too outrageous.

If Hachi Chan was here, she would be very surprised that this was the one completed by her and Lu Li together. Ed Harris had some quests that would ask you to contact Yeh'Kinya of Hot Sand Harbour once you finished them.

With Ed Harris' quest, it was fairly easy to trigger the quest on Yeh'Kinya's side as only as your Charisma wasn't too low. Yeh'Kinya was quite happy for other players to run errands for him.

As to why people could still continue to do his quests even though Yeh'Kinya had turned into a Wind Snake and run off, one ccould only answer that a game was a game.

Ruling Sword, Drizzle Court and Peerless City had all thought it was Lu Li and Hachi Chan who found that Ed Harris could trigger quests after receiving the quest guide. But in fact, no one knew that Ed Harris was actually Lu Li in disguise. This ident.i.ty was originally given to him as a quest by the waitress Emma. He had been using this ident.i.ty in Stormwind City's professional hall to distribute quests.

Lu Li had always been careful with his work, and he planned to retain this ident.i.ty for longer.

He also heard about some very valuable quests from Hachi Chan. For example, types like Yeh'Kinya's where players could gain a Potion Prescription from him, as well as requests from a group of Dwarves. This way, players would feel that Ed Harris was very enigmatic. The seeds of trust had been invisibly sown in everyone's minds.

In this way, once the Outland was open and Lu Li needed rare materials to upgrade his precious ring in the future, he could then issue other players quests to help him find materials.

Was there a faster way to find materials?

To have tens of thousands of players to help him find materials only required him to pay a small fee. Those who received a quest to help him find materials would also be secretly pleased, thinking that they were a step ahead of other players.

Even players of Ruling Sword thought the same, let alone other clubs.

It seemed that Ruling Sword had also found the hidden quest. Plus, it appeared to be regarding the new Instance Dungeon of Zul'Gurub which could help players improve their combat effectiveness inside. The enthusiasm of other clubs had cooled down after Lu Li achieved the First Clear. However, no one refused an even easier way of completing this Instance Dungeon.

Lu Li was also happy to see this. He asked Square Root 3 to notify players in the guild in an orderly manner.

The core players wouldn't usually have any issues, but as more and more people knew, there was basically no way of keeping it secret.

Once, Lu Li saw an elite player from his guild with his face covered.

When he stood as Ed Harris in the Profession hall, he was the same as any other NPC, so he could easily see the player's information.

It wasn't clear if he was purely covering his face or if he was running over here for something.

However, this player with his face covered was with another swordsman who was also disguised. Moreover, the ident.i.ty of this swordsman was actually City Smoke. He was the Intelligence Chief of Glory Capital and had traded with Her Tears.

Now, he no longer traded with Her Tears. This was because no matter the trade of the Instance Dungeon guide or the subsequent trades, Glory Capital had also suffered a bad loss. On top of that, Her Tears' position in Ruling Sword was becoming clearer. No matter how dumb they were, they knew that they had been cheated.

This time, City Smoke had found a player called 'Eagle Cutesie'.

Eagle Cutesie had cooperated with City Smoke in the last game, so City Smoke knew he was someone of no principles when it came to money.

It was just that this person hid himself well, which was why he wasn't scouted by anyone. Square Root 3 recruited him into the elite group back then as he had not heard any negative news about him. Naturally, this gave him the chance to sell intelligence.

"You need to put your mind at ease. It's not the first time we're worked together."

Eagle Cutesie wasn't very sure why City Smoke had to confirm again and again.

"I know, just a tad worried. Even Ruling Sword was cheated by you," City Smoke said as he sneakily looked around. After scheming against Ruling Sword, he felt both exhilarated but also scared. After all, that instance with Her Tears made him lose 8-9 million dollars in real money.

 "I've already finished the quest. There were only about 100 or so people who were successful in the guild. I have no reason to cheat you."

Eagle Cutesie could no longer hide his contempt. He thought that this guy as a so-called Intelligence Chief of Glory Capital had no sense of boldness.

"Keep it down, someone might hear!" City Smoke hushed when he heard his counterpart's disdain.

He thought that it was quite funny that a sc.u.m who betrayed his own guild had the decency to show such sentiment to him. If it wasn't because he had more value to be used in the future, he could easily have this guy fall into such disrepute that he could hardly walk a step in this gaming circle.

 "There isn't anyone here. How can anyone hear? The NPC?"

Eagle Cutesie looked around in all directions, but lowered his voice regardless.

Lu Li was absolutely speechless. Were they sure it was okay to just scheme about him right there in front of him?

The Great Thief 1590 Traitor

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