The Great Thief 1680 Spirit Casting

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"So, what is Spirit Casting?" Lu Li asked, knowing his chance had come.

It was rare to find an NCP who didn't care much for his charisma. When he had blocked Prince Thunderaan's Wind Blade, it had perfectly gained Highlord Demitrian's favour.

The kindness of saving someone's life was worth more than any level of charisma.

 "Many craftsman were not human; The best ironsmiths were dwarves, runes were controlled by trolls, the forte of gnomes were jewels and the elves were experts in enchanting. Humans had learnt all sorts of crafts from these races, then gradually changed it to their own style…" Demitrian sighed with emotion.

 "Was Spirit Casting invented by humans?" Lu Li asked.

 "Of course not," Demitrian shook his head and smiled, "It was invented by demons. Humans had learnt this too."

 "You still haven't explained what Spirit Casting is," Lu Li was speechless. He couldn't wait to understand what this Spirit Casting was. It would be ideal to learn how to use it. It was amazing just hearing about it.

 "It's basically putting a strong spirit into an equipment. It's as simple as that," Demitrian said straightforwardly

 "So, do all demons' weapons come from this?" It was the first time that Lu Li had heard about this.

 "Well not entirely, only a small minority are like that. I heard that Illidan had a double-edged weapon with a perfect application of Spirit Casting. It had sealed a very strong being," Demitrian's face looked carried away.

Lu Li was just as carried away. It was a weapon only heard about in legends. It wasn't exaggerating to call it a Magical weapon.

Illidan was strong not only because of his own abilities. Warglaive of Azzinoth, Skull of Gul'dan, Cursed Visions of Sargeras, Sargeras and the Betrayal were all Magical items that gave him a lot of power.

Illidan received the Warglaive of Azzinoth from a guard called Azzinoth. The specifics of its origin were not reliable, but some people thought it could have an even greater background. The Orc Mages' Skull of Gul'dan contained strong power that tempted people into evil; It was a very long story.

The latter two objects came from Sargeras. When Illidan held it in his hand, they were true magic items.

Of course, the Instance Dungeon that dropped Egg Knives were weakened. Even so, Egg Knives were known to be the best of the best among the Epic equipment.

 "Actually, Spirit Casting isn't that amazing," Demitrian answered, "Strong spirits are not easy to obtain. If I wanted to obtain a strong wind element, then I'd need to sacrifice my freedom."

 "Is there no other way to seal a smaller spirit into it?" Lu Li asked.

 "Of course, but I would warn you not to do so," Demitrian cautioned as he worked, "There once was a period of time where casting spirits was very popular. At the time, no matter how low level the weapons were, Spirit Casters could seal a spirit into it. It was to a point of being misused."

 "Then what happened? Why would a then-popular Spirit Casting now become unknown to people?"

"That's a very good question. They found human spirits to be very special – they could multiply. It could still multiple no matter how many human spirits there already were, even if they were shared with other life forms. And it could have very good results too. At the start, people used convicts on death row's spirits. Then, they used the spirits of prisoners of war. and then it spiralled out of control. Villages were destroyed. The elderly and children… anyways nothing was left. Can you imagine what that was like?"

 "I can imagine," Lu Li suddenly felt that this was similar to the Undead Scourge.

 "Hence, the mainland started to kill Spirit Casters. More and more of them were killed – their hands were dirty and there was nothing for them to say during their hearing. Some Spirit Casters chose to hide themselves away. After over tens of thousands of years, there are probably not many left now."

 "Are you a Spirit Caster?" Lu Li was surprised.

You couldn't tell at all, but this quest's NPC was actually a hidden professional.

Dawn didn't have any hidden professions or hidden missions. But if Demitrian had a hidden profession, it seemed that it had disappeared over time.

 "Yes, I am a Spirit Caster, and also a Warlock," Demitrian admitted.

 "Azerothrian Lu, are there many Spirit Casters like you?" Lu Li was very curious. He had lived two lives already, and up to this point in this life, he had never even heard of the term 'Spirit Caster'.

 "There used to be a lot, but a lot of them have died. Like me they always hoped to live as enslaved but powerful beings," Demitrian said.

 "Stuff this, this would be faster than suicide! No wonder all the Spirit Casters are dead," Azure Sea Breeze exclaimed.

 "But did you guys know a Spirit Caster's lifelong pursuit?" Demitrian paused.

 "It seems like everyone was thinking about ways to grow stronger," Lu Li replied.

 "No, it was to create the real Demi-G.o.d and Magical item. Not these fakes and low quality equipment that you have in your hands," Demitrian proudly said, "Why should only demi-G.o.ds or even greater beings be allowed to create Demi-G.o.d and Magical items?"

"To seal in strong spirits that made equipment live. Spirit Casters firmly believe that this is the only way to forge Magical objects," Demitrian rambled pa.s.sionately.

"Then, can the one you make now become a Magical object? I mean we've put in Thunderaan's soul. I've heard that he could even defeat Ragnaros and Sargeras," Azure Sea Breeze was already daydreaming.

 "I hope more than you for it to turn into a Magical object. Pray, children, Demitrian spoke gently.

Lu Li focused on watching Demitrian forge weapons. He could help a bit occasionally, but he was destined to disappoint, because this observation wasn't enough for him to learn the mystery of Spirit Casting. He couldn't understand how you could seal a spirit into a weapon. Even if it was a game, it should still follow the logic of the system.

 "I knew there was an equipment that can absorb a certain spirit and grow even stronger and powerful. Was that equipment within the realms of the Spirit Casting?" Lu Li brought out the Book of Ur from his backpack. This equipment was already at maximum level but had become a broken equipment.

He had been holding on to this equipment. Sometimes he will let out Silly Husky from the book.

"This is a wise spirit. It still has his sanity," Demitrian saw the wolf spirit that had been let out. His eyes was full of both shock and empathy.

The Great Thief 1680 Spirit Casting

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