The Great Thief Chapter 1746

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Chapter 1746: Conflict

It was about time. There was no chance of fighting it again.

Of course, the already killed Loatheb hadn't been looted yet. This Boss was definitely a First Clear, so the dropped items would be worth looking forward too.

“This stone is not bad,” Remnant Dream commented as she took one of them in her hand. Lu Li read through the attributes and thought they were valuable Synthetic Gems. Even ordinary equipment couldn't compare with the level of these gems.

After this stone was inserted, it could increase the Critical Damage of spells. Moreover, 20% of the critical damage could be converted into HP.

This elite dual-attribute stone that had both critical hit and life-steal was especially suited to Magic professions.

In the end, the price of 120 guild points was put forward. The Magic players all went crazy, disregarding the idea of performing a basic cost-benefit a.n.a.lysis.

In fact, this was the result of the gaming company's guidance.

Even though Magic type damage was high, if it didn't have supporting equipment and skills, then it wasn't worth paying the price.

This stone seemed to signal a b.l.o.o.d.y beginning. Hence, a second round of fierce bidding began amongst the team's Warlocks when the Enhanced Death Coil Skill Book was retrieved.

Sesame Rice Ball and Kitty Likes Meat kept going back and forth. Now, that was truly the definition of acting recklessly without any regard for anyone.

In the end, Lu Li made the executive decision to give the skills book to Kitty Likes Meat. However, after he deducted guild points based on the final scare, she had not only cleared all her guild points out but also owed some as well.

After all, she was a compet.i.tor, and Sesame Rice Ball understood that as well.

She could let it go, but not at will. Otherwise, Sesame Rice Ball's equipment would fall behind that of hers.

Kitty Likes Meat's focus on Enhanced Skill Books meant that she couldn't place it onto other things. In terms of equipment, she didn't really contest with Sesame Rice Ball. When compet.i.tions came around, she could borrow from him anyway.

Then, there were the rare materials, and Gold and Dark Gold equipment. In the very end was the main epic equipment for today – The Eye of Nerub!

This was a Long-Handled weapon mould for an elite Hunters' weapon. It seemed like Remnant Dream and Bearded Zaza were going have a tough fight.

However, neither of them appeared as enthusiastic. Lu Li thought about it then came to a realisation. He realised that by this level, Hunters no longer cared if a melee weapon was good or bad. Rather, they hoped for an elite crossbow or gun.

No matter how astonis.h.i.+ng the melee weapon was, it couldn't match up to the damage that a crossbow had when pulled out.

“This weapon adds to three skills. Are you guys sure you don't want it?”

Lu Li was speechless. Hunters who didn't even want the Eye of Nerub – how proud were you?

“What skills?”

Bearded Zaza was awake instantly. In general, only one skill level would be added to weapons or equipment. It was unexpected that there would be three skill levels on this weapon. Even if they weren't ideal, it was still a free bonus.

“Escape, Freezing Trap, and another one that is only revealed after the weapon is created.” Lu Li deeply remembered this kind of popular weapon. He remembered that in the second-tier professional league, a Hunter from Purple Lunar Paradise had a weapon like this. The third effect was for Instant Flare, and she had another item that enhanced this skill. As a result, she had a level 7 Instant Flare, which was the worst nightmare for Thieves.

Of course, the result of the bonus three skill levels meant that the weapon had no other special effects.

“Can this equipment be given to me please? I'll pay a high price for it!” Green Flag Wine exclaimed as his eye sparkled.

“You guys…”

Lu Li was a tad hesitant. There were only two Hunters in the team today; one was Remnant Dream and the other was Bearded Zaza.

Bearded Zaza, Sesame Rice Ball and Lonesome Flower were in similar situations. They were, of course, not as good as other players when it came to fighting, but they were professional PVE hunters, no matter in terms of skills or equipment. Yet, Peerless City's Vegetarian Mosquito needed both to perform well on the field. Kitty Likes Meat was also behind Sesame Rice Ball by a significant amount when it came to damage output. As for Fat Monkey and Lonesome Flower, there was no point of comparison.

According to the rule, only those who entered the Instance Dungeon were allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the auction. Otherwise, they were to stay outside and wait for further instructions. Even so, they would receive some low points and hope that one day there would be opportunities to enter into the Instance Dungeon to gain equipment.

It sounded cruel, but the whole gaming circle followed this model. Naturally, the issue of dissatisfaction existed.

However, the request by Green Flag wine was also very normal. This weapon was the ultimate dream for Hunter compet.i.tors.

Lu Li looked towards Water Fairy ,then looked towards Bearded Zaza who had a darker gaze.

He knew that if he didn't resolve this type of issue well, the three allied parties would ultimately progress towards an ending that no one wanted to see.

“How about this? Currently, the team has two Hunters bidding. Until there is a compet.i.tion, your club could borrow it for your Hunters? Does that sound okay?”

This type of problem didn't puzzle him. Ruling Sword had similar issues like this pop up in the past.

For example, there was Sesame Rice Ball and Kitty Likes Meat. They were competing fair and square. Kitty Likes Meat could borrow equipment from Sesame Rice Ball once the next compet.i.tion rolled around.

“Okay, that sounds good,” Green Flag Wine agreed. He had put forward this request in a moment of excitement, but regretted it as soon as the words came out. It was already by Water Fairy's favour that Ruling Sword had brought Peerless City along to First Clear of the Instance Dungeon. Even if nothing was distributed to them, they had no objections.

Other clubs were envious to the point their eyes turned red at their opportunity to partic.i.p.ate.

Bearded Zaza received the equipment in the end. Remnant Dream lacked enthusiasm towards this item. It looked rather ugly and was called the Eye of Nerub, which was a little off-putting.

She had already vowed to loot an Epic weapon for herself one day. If other people had said something like this, then it was nonsense. If Little Red Hand had said this, then everyone was filled with hope. It was as natural as Little Hachi Chan going to chat with an NPC.

The next item was a Brimstone Staff, which sent the Magic players into a frenzy once again. In the end, Green Flag Wine bidded the highest amount.

Desecrated Leggings were another Magic profession item. This time, Lonesome Flower purchased this T3 item for 100 points.

Desecrated Legguards were relevant for Paladins, Hunters, Shamans and Druids. Little Hachi Chan simply opened her hand out and everyone kneeled before their queen.

Finally, there were the Desecrated Legplates.

Now all three of the T3 leg Armor had been dropped together.

Water Fairy didn't seem to be interested. Lu Li didn't know if it was because she was actually not interested or because he had left Peerless City with no room for rewards just then…

The Great Thief Chapter 1746

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