The Lord's Empire Chapter 1577 - Orc King

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Chapter 1577: Orc King

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and agreed.

Following this, the two of them put on their clothes and came out of the forest. Shou Nan’s face was red, and she had a pleased look on her face. Everyone understood what had happened.

Shou Duo’s face became slightly red as she thought of serving Zhao Fu together with her mother in the future. She also felt admiration towards her mother for being able to endure doing it with Zhao Fu for two hours.

Shou Wu looked slightly angry; anyone would not be happy seeing that someone had done it with their mother.

Shou Nan did not pay much mind to everyone’s gazes and she said loudly, “All soldiers immediately gather and notify all of my forces to immediately prepare to attack the Kingdom’s capital.”

This was what Shou Nan had requested of Zhao Fu, which was to help her family stage a rebellion, seize the throne, and make her son the King.

Now that the Orc Kingdom’s army had just suffered a great loss, Shou Nan, who was a mighty General who controlled much of the Kingdom’s forces, could stage an uprising with Zhao Fu’s help.

Shou Nan’s order caused countless people to stare at her in shock; they understood that she wanted to rebel against the throne. However, as her soldiers, countless people immediately followed her orders and started to prepare.

Shou Wu also looked quite confused; he did not think that his mother would do such a thing and he tried to persuade her otherwise, but Shou Nan calmly cut him off, “Don’t waste your breath; all of this is for you and for our family.”

Shou Duo happily laughed as she said, “Don’t worry, big brother, with sir here, you’ll become the Orc Kingdom’s new King, and our family will become the royal family.”

Seeing that no one else opposed this, Shou Wu realized that no matter what he said, it would be useless, so he could only helplessly nod.

Soon, Shou Nan’s family’s forces and related factions all attacked the capital. If they succeeded, they would all receive immense glory and fortune, but if they failed, they would die horrible deaths. As such, they were all incredibly bold and valiant in battle.

The Orc King and Ministers were currently discussing how to deal with the merchant group, and they had never expected that someone would stage an uprising at such a critical moment. They were not prepared at all, and Cities were quickly conquered as reports were sent in.

The countless Orc Ministers’ faces became pale and the King immediately gave the order to gather all soldiers to defend.

Zhao Fu stood in the sky and looked at the 100,000 or so soldiers gathering. He casually waved his hand and 50,000 Stage 6 soldiers gave off a powerful aura as they stood in the air, seeming to cause the s.p.a.ce around them to freeze.

The 100,000 Orcs looked terrified as they looked at the Stage 6 soldiers in the sky, and the slaughter soon began.

In just a few hours, the ground was covered with corpses, and blood dyed the ground red. The surroundings had fallen completely silent, and the 100,000 Orc soldiers had all died. All of them had died incredibly pitifully.

Zhao Fu easily wiped out the Orc Kingdom’s army, allowing the rebel armies to smoothly reach the capital and surround it.

Now, everyone looked quite delighted; they were just a single step away from taking the throne and taking over the Orc Kingdom.

The Orc Kingdom’s King was a barbaric-looking Orc and he said furiously, “Shou Nan, I’ve always treated your family well and yet you’re rebelling. This is disgraceful; you deserve death.”

Shou Nan’s expression was cold as she stood at the front of the army, and she gave off a powerful aura as she said, “Stop putting on an act; I’ve long since known that you’ve intended to destroy my family. Don’t try to deny it; I know how my husband died. Now, today will be the date of your death.”



“All soldiers… attack!” Countless soldiers obeyed and gave off a ma.s.sive aura as they flooded towards the capital.

The Orc King’s expression became quite unsightly and immediately gave the order to defend.


A powerful aura exploded out as countless rays of grey light spread out in the sky and an immense might descended. Sensing this power, countless people felt their hairs stand on end, and they instinctively felt fear.

A woman with a fiery figure, lean muscles, and dressed in simple beast skins appeared. She had slightly gray skin and two upwards-pointing fangs, and her long black hair was in a braid. She was peerlessly beautiful and had a primal wildness about her.

She was the Orc Kingdom’s guardian G.o.d, and at this moment of crisis, she had descended, wanting to help the Orc Kingdom.

Clang, clang, clang…

Just as the Orc G.o.ddess appeared, the sound of chains could be heard as countless chains containing great power shot out from the air and bound up the Orc G.o.ddess.

The Orc G.o.ddess’ expression fell as she tried to break free, but it was completely futile.

Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile and he pulled, dragging the Orc G.o.ddess in front of him and hugged her.

Now that the Orc G.o.ddess had been captured so easily, the Orc Kingdom lost all hope. Countless people watched on in despair and were completely helpless against the incoming army.

Just as expected, the battle concluded quite quickly and Shou Nan chopped off the Orc King’s head. Shou Nan gave a proud smile and put her foot on the head as she announced that they had won.

Zhao Fu hugged the Orc G.o.ddess and came to the palace, and there were already three Orc women who had been brought here.

One had a graceful figure and beautiful looks, and she seemed a bit flirtatious; she was Queen Shou Mei. One was a Concubine and had a slim figure and a weak aura, and she was called Shou Sui. One had a mature figure and looked quite bold and was called Shou He, and she was a Princess.

They were the three most beautiful women in the Orc Kingdom, and Shou Nan had especially caught them for Zhao Fu to enjoy.

In order for her and her family to survive, Shou Mei leapt into Zhao Fu’s embrace and said, “Sir, let me serve you!”

Because of the same reason, the two other women also hugged Zhao Fu and flirtatiously looked at him as they said, “Sir, we’ll serve you as well.”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and enjoyed the service of the women before doing it with them.

A few hours later, Shou Nan and her daughter Shou Duo had finished taking care of matters and also joined in.

Zhao Fu thought of the two things he had wanted to obtain. One of them was the Orc G.o.ddess, who was already under him. There was also the ancestor’s body, which was the corpse of a powerful Orc King.

After obtaining these two things, Zhao Fu stayed in the Orc Kingdom for another day so that Shou Nan and Shou Duo could watch Shou Wu ascend to the throne and become the new King. Zhao Fu would naturally bring the two women with him away afterwards.

The Lord's Empire Chapter 1577 - Orc King

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