The Lord's Empire Chapter 1579 - Sword

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Chapter 1579: Sword

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Zhao Fu felt slightly angry as he directly slashed out vigorously with the Emperor Killing Sword.


A clear sword hum tore through the sky as an enormous white sword light flashed out with a power that seemed to be able to slash through anything. In that instant, the th.o.r.n.y vines in the surrounding ten or so kilometers were all cut apart and fell from the air, causing green blood to fly everywhere.

After the dense vines had been cut apart, the surrounding area seemed incredibly spa.r.s.e.

Swish, swish, swish…

Countless vines seemed to be infuriated and formed ma.s.sive th.o.r.n.y vine spears that shot towards Zhao Fu with creating ferocious power and loud sounds.

Zhao Fu expressionlessly swung his sword, sending out extremely sharp sword lights that cut apart the incoming spears, which were unable to pose any resistance at all.

In the Sword Master state, the Emperor Killing Sword was definitely one of the sharpest swords in the world. Moreover, because of Zhao Fu’s cultivation, he was unable to unleash its full power yet.

Now, the countless th.o.r.n.y vines seemed to become afraid. Despite sending out so many spears, they were unable to harm Zhao Fu at all, and the ground was now covered with severed th.o.r.n.y vines.

Zhao Fu held the Emperor Killing Sword and walked forwards, and the th.o.r.n.y vines no longer dared to attack.


At that moment, a powerful aura erupted out as a terrifying might spread out. The ground continuously trembled and cracked as green light s.h.i.+ned from the cracks; this was World Realm power.

The ground continuously trembled and a large sound could be heard as an enormous treant climbed up from out of the ground.

This treant had a tree-like head with a treetop and branches, while the rest of the body looked humanoid. It had powerful-looking muscles and green skin. It was covered with thorns and gave off a powerful aura – that World Realm power belonged to this treant.

Zhao Fu’s expression slightly changed. He himself only had Heaven Realm Cultivation, and without his Nation Armament, it would be quite difficult to defeat this treant.

This treant was 1,000 meters tall and after appearing, it immediately attacked. It raised an arm and swatted at Zhao Fu incredibly quickly. The enormous green arm that attacked him at the beginning appeared to belong to this treant.


Zhao Fu unleashed his Divine Domain and an enormous barrier expanded out, but he was still slammed into the ground and opened up a large crater. Rocks flew everywhere and a trace of blood leaked out of Zhao Fu’s lips.

Zhao Fu only had Heaven Realm Cultivation and was three Realms below the treant.

Ordinarily, a difference of a single Realm would already mean an enormous gap in power, and this treant was three Realms above him. Even though Zhao Fu was not weak, he was still at a disadvantage. If he could use his Nation Armament, he would be able to instantly kill this treant.

However, this showed Zhao Fu’s weakness – he overly relied on his Nation Armament’s power. Without his Nation Armament’s power, he could not even resist. It seemed that he had to focus on increasing his own cultivation.

After all, with how the Heaven Awaken World was weakening, if Nation Armaments’ power also disappeared, what would Zhao Fu do?

Seeing that Zhao Fu had been slammed into the ground, the treant looked somewhat disdainfully and condescendingly at him as it raised its foot and stepped towards Zhao Fu as if it was crus.h.i.+ng an ant.

The foot contained immense power and Zhao Fu directly exploded out with all of his power as a black aura flame erupted around him, causing a wild gale to blow.


As the foot descended, an enormous sword hum sounded out and a black sword light containing incredibly destructive power slashed out, causing a black sword wind to erupt.

“Roar!!” the treant roared in pain as a large gash was slashed open on its foot. Blood poured out of the wound, and the treant stumbled backwards and crashed to the ground, causing the ground to tremble.

Zhao Fu gave off a powerful black aura flame as he turned into a black ray of light and shot towards the treant.

However, as a World Realm expert, the treant had immense power. Its tree-like head’s countless leaves gave off a faint light and shot out like countless green blades. Every leaf was incredibly sharp and could easily slice through steel.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and immediately unleashed his defensive barrier. The countless leaves contained ferocious power as they slammed against the barrier, causing loud clanging sounds.


At that moment, the treant on the ground suddenly attacked. It stretched out its arm and vigorously slapped at Zhao Fu, once again sending him flying.

The treant stood up again and the wound on its foot quickly healed. The treant had powerful healing abilities and right after it stood up, it immediately attacked Zhao Fu again.

Zhao Fu was only able to stop himself after flying out hundreds of meters. At that moment, the treant punched out, causing the air to explode, and a terrifying beam of light shook the s.p.a.ce around it as it blasted towards Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu was. .h.i.t by this green beam of light and once again flew out. He slammed into a mountain, causing it to crack, and Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The treant gave a savage smile as it raised its fist and rushed over, leaving large craters in the ground as it ran.

Zhao Fu felt as if his bones were going to break. He looked at the treant and felt truly furious. At that moment, he unleashed all of his powers: Divine power, Six Paths Demon Images’ power, Demon Lord’s power, Evil Spirit Abyss Flower power…


Zhao Fu raised the Emperor Killing Sword and a rainbow-colored light containing different auras rushed into the sky with terrifying power, causing an enormous sound to ring out.

The clouds swirled as countless traces of Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered and an incredibly terrifying power gradually gathered in the sky.

A sword formation giving off different lights appeared in the sky, and an apocalyptic sword intent spread out like lightning. s.p.a.ce itself started to crumble as all creatures fell into despair.

The savagely smiling treant innately felt terrified, and its expression became quite unsightly as it paused.

Zhao Fu looked at the treant coldly as he heavily lowered his upraised sword. The Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation in the sky gave off a destructive aura as it spun, and rays of fathomless sword light blasted down from the sky incredibly quickly.

The Lord's Empire Chapter 1579 - Sword

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