The Lord's Empire Chapter 1672 - Death Race

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Chapter 1672 Death Race

The 10,000 meter tall blood-red Orc gave off a sky-toppling aura and it coldly looked forwards.

“Arghh!” Another cry sounded out as Zhao Fu, covered with blood, stood up with a terrifying ghostly flame around him. The cross-shaped pupil and six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun, and blood continuously flowed out from it.

A 100 meter tall ghostly flame erupted around his body as a terrifying aura spread out. Intense gray light covered the surroundings, and an eerie wind blew out, causing countless trees to sway and boulders to roll.


Zhao Fu squatted down and raised his hands, gathering great power into his hands, before pressing them against the ground. The ground cracked and a ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as a formless energy spread out from Zhao Fu and covered the surrounding 10,000 kilometers.

It was as if a gate to the Underworld had been opened, and the ground in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers gave off traces of ghostly qi that gathered in the air. Soon, the entire sky was covered by ghostly qi, and the surrounding temperature plummeted.

The 10,000 meter tall blood-red Orc image’s expression was cold as it sent terrifying power into its blood-red axe, which gave off a blood-red light. A monstrous destructive power spread out as s.p.a.ce continuously crumbled.

“Arghhh…” Howls sounded out as the countless traces of ghostly qi turned into ferocious ghosts that densely covered the sky, giving off ma.s.sive sounds.

The blood-red Orc image coldly locked onto Zhao Fu and raised its axe as it swung out.


A ma.s.sive explosion sounded out as s.p.a.ce cracked and a ma.s.sive blood-red crescent containing destructive power slashed out, quickly tearing through the sky and seeming to rend the heavens and earth in half.

The ground, trees, boulders, and everything else in front of Zhao Fu were all annihilated and turned to dust.

“Arghh!” Zhao Fu loudly roared and pressed both his hands against the ground, causing the ground to crack, and the countless ghosts in the sky all simultaneously looked at the blood-red Orc image with their pale eyes.


The ghosts gave off powerful auras and wicked smiles as they flooded towards the blood-red Orc image. They gave off world-destroying power, and the heavens and earth continuously trembled as the sky darkened.


The two extremely terrifying powers collided, resulting in a shocking explosion. Countless rays of light blasted out, and everything in the surrounding 100,000 meters was obliterated. Dust covered the sky and the ground continuously shook.

The destructive aura continuously flooded out, and the people spectating from the distance felt immense chills in their hearts and looked incredibly shocked; this kind of power was simply too shocking. The people on the viewing platforms also stared at the battlefield, looking incredibly excited as they watched the battle between these two geniuses.

After everything settled, a 100,000 meter wide and 1,000 meter deep crater had appeared in the ground. The area around it had been completely leveled and was in a wreck.

Everyone looked around but could not see the two people; had the battle ended?


A rubble of rocks blasted open as Gudu stood up, covered with blood. He held his blood-red axe as he savagely looked around.


A sword hum once again sounded out as a blood-red sword light flashed towards Gudu. Zhao Fu had appeared behind Gudu. Zhao Fu’s chest was b.l.o.o.d.y and he looked heavily wounded.

Gudu held his axe and vigorously swung it, destroying the blood-red sword light.

Everyone was incredibly shocked; the battle still had not finished. However, these two people had used up most of their strength and were heavily injured, so their attacks were no longer as powerful.


Zhao Fu once again slashed out with all of his strength, and a powerful sword light sent Gudu flying. Gudu coughed up a large mouthful of blood and crashed to the ground, and he finally decided to leave the secret realm. Seeing this, Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon.

Only then did everyone realize that Zhao Fu had won, and a third genius had fallen to his hands. He had not used any tricks and had used his strength to face Gudu directly. Facing such terrifying power, everyone was completely convinced and had no objections.

Now, countless people felt even more respect for Zhao Fu. Before, many people had cursed at Zhao Fu and wanted him to quickly die, but their att.i.tudes towards him now completely changed. It was mainly because the power that Zhao Fu had revealed was far too terrifying and the fact that he was bold enough to challenge the top geniuses one by one.

In light of this, him being a perverted bandit was not as big of a deal. In fact, many beautiful women wondered how they could meet him so they could serve him.

The two Empires who had been out for Zhao Fu’s blood were now quite satisfied. If a peerless genius like this could marry into their Empires, it would bring unimaginable benefits to their Empires.

Now, they were not thinking about how to kill Zhao Fu but how to have Zhao Fu join them. After all, things were already like this, and since their Princesses seemed to like this boy, they could only use gentler methods.

They also sent people to investigate Zhao Fu’s ident.i.ty and see where he was from and how he had such terrifying power. Such a terrifying genius definitely had a shocking background, so it should be quite easy to find information about him.

However, they were left disappointed – their people could barely find any information about him; it was as if he had appeared out of thin air.

This made Zhao Fu seem even more mysterious, and everyone felt even more curious about his ident.i.ty. In fact, they did not even know what race he was.

However, from the ma.s.sive amounts of ghostly qi he had given off, it was quite likely that he was from the Death Race; it would be virtually impossible for anyone not from the Death Race to be able to use ghostly qi like that. However, that was only a guess as Zhao Fu’s aura was quite complex and no one could confirm it.

Now, more and more people were investigating Zhao Fu’s ident.i.ty, and even some higher-beings became interested in him.

Most people in the secret realm sensed the ripples from this battle, and their expressions became even more serious.

Even the Sun Elf, who had awakened ten-colored light, felt a trace of pressure, as if there was a ferocious beast chasing after him.

However, it was only a trace of pressure. As someone who had the Outlander Race’s supreme Emperor Star and the person most likely to draw out the King of Kings Sword in 1,000 years, he felt immense confidence. No matter how powerful that person was, he would not be able to surpa.s.s him. After all, he was the limits of this world and no one would be able to defeat him.

The Lord's Empire Chapter 1672 - Death Race

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